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Mistakes You Need to Avoid Before Launching a Website

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Several businesses have already finished moving by launching online stores and eCommerce websites for their customers. Launching a new website for your business can be quite exciting, but some business owners get caught up in the process of launching a website and end up making several rookie mistakes. 

It is integral for businesses to have an excellent website if they want to grow and stay ahead of their competitors in today’s business landscape. This is why they should try to avoid common website launch mistakes such as not considering website SEO and ensuring security. 

It might surprise several people when they hear that 75 percent of internet users determine the credibility of a business based on its website quality. So, if your business website isn’t up to the mark or fails to ensure an engaging user experience, website visitors are more likely to exit your website. 

This will, in turn, result in a higher bounce rate, which will negatively affect the SEO of your website. Fortunately, you can prevent such issues by avoiding common mistakes when launching a website for your business.  

Selecting The Wrong Platform or Technology 

Choosing the right platform is critical for the success of your business website. If the platform you selected is incapable of supporting your website, then your website will most likely end up being a failure. This is why businesses need to spend a considerable amount of time researching to find the best platform. 

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The right platform will make it easy for businesses to build stunning websites, guaranteeing a fine user experience for website visitors. There are several powerful platforms out there, which means that you can easily find one suitable for your business. 

Lack Of Website Security

There is no denying that one of the biggest challenges that several businesses have been facing in recent years is website security. However, some business owners forget to ensure that they have the right security measures when launching a new website. 

Websites that lack essential security measures are easy targets for cybercriminals and hackers. Fortunately, you can protect your website from such attacks with the help of the right security measures that include installing an SSL certificate. 

There is a wide range of SSL certificates available in the market, where you can opt for a cheap SSL certificate if you have a low budget. Once you have installed an SSL certificate, a gray padlock will appear on the website URL, indicating that it is safe and secure. It will ensure encryption of the in-transit communication that transpires between the web browser and the client-server. 

Do Not Consider SEO During the Web Development Stage 

Another grave mistake made by several businesses when launching a website is that they consider SEO only after the web development phase. This is a common mistake that several brands make. It is crucial to note that website architecture and other Technical SEO aspects must be addressed from the initial stage of website development

Businesses that fail to do this might need to make multiple website changes and related reworks after initiating SEO activities on the website. This will result in the wastage of time, resources, and money.

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Less Focus on User Experience

There are several factors, which will help you to understand the user experience offered by your website. Factors like page per session, average session duration, bounce rates, and others will help you get valuable insights regarding the user activity on your website. 

If you want to ensure a fine and engaging user experience to customers, you will need to regularly monitor the factors mentioned above with the help of Google analytics. Businesses must also make necessary changes for improving user experience when necessary. 

Less Focus on Social Media Platforms

When you are attempting to build a strong online presence for your brand, you should try to use multiple platforms, including the use of social media platforms. Most of your customers will be using popular social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. 

So, make sure to leverage the power of these social media platforms to interact and engage with your existing and potential customers. You don’t have to be active across all social media platforms, but you should find the ones that will do more benefits to your business and stay active on such platforms. 

Neglecting Customer Service

Several businesses often tend to overlook customer service when they are launching a website. If you can offer a lasting first impression to website visitors, they will surely return to your website. 

Customers who find it hard to navigate through your websites and the ones who couldn’t find what they were looking for are less likely to return to your website.

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You should include a customer support section on your website, which will allow customers to easily get in touch in case of queries, concerns, and other related issues. This will make your business look legitimate and trustworthy to your customers. 

Have A Clear Understanding Of The Market 

Several companies often come up with a strategic and detailed plan to grow their business. However, they still fail to enjoy profits even after doing so, mainly due to a lack of proper market research

It is integral for businesses to find their niche, understand what they are great at, and figure out how to find the right customer. Once you have found answers to the above questions, you will create a solid strategy to market your products to the right audience. 

Wrapping Up 

Your business website is one of the most significant aspects of your business, and it can help your business boost sales and revenue. A well-designed and easy-to-navigate business website that guarantees an engaging user experience to customers will surely succeed compared to other websites. 

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