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The Marquise Cut

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If you are planning to ask your love of your life to marry you, you want to give her the best engagement ring 

possible. You want to look into the marquise cut diamond is a very nice one for an engagement. It is also a 

very gorgeous ring to get for your spouse for an anniversary other special occasions throughout the year. The 

marquise cut is a popular one and at Rare Carat, you will be getting the best prices when you purchase your 


The Marquise Cut

The marquise cut diamond has a round middle and pointed top and bottom. They cost less than a round 

diamond of the same carat. This can mean a savings of 10 to 25%. When you want to see a radiant stone that 

shimmers in the light, you want to get the marquise cut diamond. It is just so beautiful and alluring that your 

lady will just love it. This diamond has a VS2 velocity and a D color,. It also have a very good polish as well 

as a very symmetry. When you want to impress her, make sure that you get a setting that she will adore for 

the ring. Since she may need to be involved in this part of the process, you will really make her happy 

because she will know that she is getting the best diamond from you.

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About Rare Carat

When you shop at Rare Carat, you will get the best prices and a 100 % guarantee. You also get a lifetime 

warranty from the manufacturer. You will also be impressed with the lab grown diamonds. They look just 

like the natural diamonds, but they are not mined in the ground, they are grown in a lab. You will see that 

the quality is very high, and you can’t tell the different between them. They cost a fraction of the cost of 

natural diamonds which makes them extremely popular for many customers. Be sure that you consider this 

when you shop with Rare Carat and get the best deal possible so that she will love you even more than 


Customer Service Throughout Rare Carat Is The Best

Since the customer service members at Rare Carat are specially trained, they are very knowledgeable to say 

the very least. They know their field very well and they are able to give the best advice to customers. If you 

have any questions at all, you can ask them. They will give you the answers that you need to make an 

informed decision. Be sure that you mention any problems or issues to them, and they will take care of them 

very easily. they want you to be a happy and satisfied customer.

Pricing Is Very Reasonable With Rare Carat

You will experience the best prices in the industry with Rare Carat. Be sure that you understand that 

purchasing the lab grown diamonds will be a lot cheaper than the natural ones. You will get them for 1/3 to 

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1/4 of the price of the natural diamonds. Delivery is at no cost to you and your order is 100% guaranteed. 

You will also get free returns and resizing. Rare Carat is the place to shop for your diamonds and the prices 

will tell you that.


The marquise cut diamond is an awesome one for an engagement. If you picked this as the ring that you will give to your beloved, she will be very pleased. It’s a beautiful 

diamond that you will want to put in an awesome setting. Shopping with Rare Carat is easy and memorable. 

You will truly enjoy your shopping experience and recommend them to other people that you know that are looking for diamonds too. Make sure that you know that you are getting the best when you shop with Rare Carat.

When you visit the website at rarecarat.com, you will get to see all of the options that you can pick from. 

Since you will want to spend some time doing this, set aside the time that you will need to pick the best diamond. If you are having any troubles at all on the website, you can use the chat line to get the help that 

you need right away. Their phone number is 866-720-4858 and their email is help@rarecarat.com. You want to shop right away with rarecarat.com because America has chosen them as the best place to buy diamonds 

from and you will also see that is true.

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