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Best Real Estate Application to Do the Search for Perfect Home Easy

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Buying and selling property is now easier than ever with smartphone applications filled with all the essential features. You don’t have to visit every property, as there are photos available to inspect it online. Also, there is more transparency in each deal with a very little role of the broker.

The majority of the real estate applications serve the same purpose of listing and buying estates. However, few stand apart with a clean UI and better searching and sorting. Here are the top applications you can download to find the perfect house in the UK.

1. Zoopla

Zoopla is a well-known application with an enormous user base. You will find plenty of listings within your budget and the preferred neighborhoods. Its innovative GPS features provide access to nearby properties on the map in case you wander around a neighborhood.

For the sellers, Zoopla gives you value reports about your existing properties. You can manage the important details anytime you want. The feature to save and share properties is also available.

2. Rightmove

With over 130 million visits each month, Rightmove is one of the most widely used apps by house owners and buyers. It provides a better insight into the neighborhood with nearby stations and schools. It is available for both the major platforms, Android and iOS. 

The option to save the properties and share them with family and friends is available here as well. The developers have done a great job in creating an optimized mobile application. 

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3. AroundMe

Install the AroundMe app if you are wandering a neighborhood with no idea about the nearby shops and amenities. It will display the services, restaurants, and shops in the area. Also, you will get a map that contains distances and reviews about those places.

The user interface is simple and easy to understand for first-time users. It is instrumental for the buyers to explore the locality before moving in. Use it to get the idea of the distance you need to travel for basic amenities if you decide to buy a home there.

4. OnTheMarket

OnTheMarket is another smartphone application that helps users to find the perfect home. It features properties as soon as the agents list them. And not only the ones in the UK, but it displays the properties in the overseas markets as well.

Its clean and simple interface makes the job extremely convenient for the users. You will find images of the house listed in high quality. Also, the nearby amenities are mentioned. You can contact the dealer directly from the app.

5. Love Your Postcode

The most well-established agents use this app in the UK real estate market. The customer service is top-notch, one of the primary reasons for the positive reviews. The company has done a great job with the marketing strategy, and the results are quite evident.

You can quickly contact specialists and real estate agents with the help of it. Their representatives provide a free valuation of the property the very next day. 

6. Mortgage Calculator 

Your budget could be the deciding factor on which house you decide. Therefore, it is essential to work on it before you sign a deal. Mortgage Calculator is a simple iOS application that allows you to check the mortgage and related costs for you to take loans of affordability.

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It gives you an idea of the future installments if there is any rise in the interest rates. With just a single click, you get to consult an expert mortgage advisor for any query or information. 

7. Nestoria

Nestoria could be your best bet if you are looking to own a house overseas. It provides access to properties in over 40 countries with numerous language options. If you like a property, just press a few buttons, and you are in contact with the seller.

There are plenty of filters available to narrow down the search. You can subscribe to the newsletter through emails for properties that might interest you. After finding the right property, your next task is to find the direct lenders in the UK to apply loans for bad credit with no guarantor to fill the funding gap during the mortgage.

8. Placebuzz

Placebuzz is an all-in-one real estate marketplace where properties from different sites and applications are listed in one place. You don’t have to install individual apps to check almost every property on sale. 

The Google Street View is built-in for the convenience of users. Also, it will notify you of any property that matches your preferences is available.

9. Knocker

Also known as Tinder of real estate, this app displays pictures of properties based on your location. It takes properties listed on Zoopla and uses their location for other details. It is a fun app that can help you find a house near your favorite café or restaurant. 

The application is free to download on iOS and Android devices. The option to save interesting properties is also available.

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In the end, it will take a serious amount of effort to find the perfect home. You are going to make a considerable investment in it. Therefore, it is recommended you go through other listings before deciding on one.

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