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Khel Bro – A Perfect Platform to Enjoy Traditional Board Game Digitally!!

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KhelBro is a premium platform of HTML5 high-quality games. The games on this platform are specially compressed and optimised to work on low-end devices. Plus, the plus point of this gaming podium is that all games also work on uncommon browsers and patchy internet speeds as well. These games also cherish you with entertaining features and it is for people of all ages. 

On Khelbro there are several classic games of popular categories: 

  • Action
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Strategy
  • Sports & Racing
  • Puzzle & Logic

Apart from this, this portal also has a strong portfolio of multiplayer games including: 

  • Ludo
  • Chess
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Carrom
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Archery
  • Quiz
  • Chinese Checkers and many more! 

Among all the classic games on the platform, Ludo is an eternal favourite of all. This platform serves as a bridge between traditional and modernism. It is not only a gaming stadium but also works as a social media platform for friends and family to connect, play and complete online. Here players can enjoy diverse Ludo titles:

  • Yodha Ludo
  • Khelbro Ludo
  • Ludo Classic

As we know technology has changed our way of living and communicating, like this it has redefined our way of entertainment. So, in today’s digital realm, the traditional board game Ludo has found a new home. The KhelBro Ludo App Download is evidence of this statement. With this app, players have a more modern and convenient way to enjoy this age-old game online.

Popular Gaming Titles of Khelbro Application!!

The platform is a gaming zone with various popular titles like: 

  • Escape Run
  • Tower Twist
  • Bubble Wipeout
  • Cricket Gunda
  • Ludo With Friends. 
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Plus, the platform always accepts any suggestions around new games that it should add to make it more entertaining. Plus, it also welcomes game developers to work with the platform. If you have the skill to develop a new entertaining game then you are always welcome to drop a mail to their department at “ info@khelbro.com”. You will get a positive response early, and if all goes well according to the platform rules your developed game will be on the platform for users to play. The company works on the mission to make accessing games fast and easy. They continuously remove the friction of app installs if any.

Who can play Ludo and other classic games on Khelbro?

KhelBro is a skill-based real-money gaming platform. This platform is accessible to our users only in India. If you are an Indian citizen then you are always free to use this portal by clicking on https://www.khelbro.com, and can start playing anytime. Plus, this gaming podium also helps you to compete for real cash in different Tournaments and Battles. They have various options to encash their winnings such as Bank transfer, Paytm Wallet, Amazon Pay, Mobile Recharges, etc.

How to Download the KhelBro App on your device?

If you are a traditional gaming lover then you must have the KhelBro app on your device. It is easy to set up this gaming app on your mobile, tablet or any other device. Here are some of the easy-to-follow steps to download this app for your convenience: 

  • First, write the KhelBro app name on your device’s app store.
  • Search the original “KhelBro” in the app store. 
  • Click on the app icon and select the “Download” or “Install” option.
  • It will take a few minutes to complete the installation on your device. 
  • Once the installation is complete, open the app and start playing your much-desired game.

Features Of The KhelBro Ludo App 2024!!

It is a Ludo gaming online application that allows users to play their favourite traditional indoor game Ludo from their locations and at their convenience as well. In addition to playing on the site, players can also download its app on their Android and iOS devices. This online gaming platform has become popular among those who are in search of a fun-filled online gaming experience. In this Ludo stage, you can start your game as a single-player or in multiplayer format. When you play as a single-player then bots will be there to accompany you. The platform boasts of lot of useful features for Ludo players: 

  • Availability of Various Types of Games: In addition to the various Ludo versions and games on the application, players can also play Standard Ludo, Quick Ludo, and the recently released Ludo game Battle Ludo.
  • Thrill Playing with Friends: It is not only a platform to play games but also to enjoy with friends and family. Here players can Invite other people to join in a Ludo game. Additionally, you also have a chance to compete with random players from all over India.
  • Easy to use gaming platform: It’s easy to navigate the platform even a non-techy can access this application easily because of its intuitive design.
  • Attractive Visuals: The app’s graphics are eye-catching to enhance the Ludo gaming enjoyment. 
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How to earn with the KhelBro app?

As you can enjoy playing the Ludo game on this platform, you can also earn through various types: 

  • Earn free PayTM cash on this platform along with Sign Up Bonus

  • First of all, register or sign up for the app.
  • Enter your mobile number and also tick the option to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • You are then asked to enter the Khel Bro Referral Code.
  • It is required to get ₹10 sign-up bonus into your Paytm account. 
  • You will get an OTP on your mobile number to verify. 
  • Enter into the platform and go to the dashboard.
  • Click on the wallet to see ₹10 Bonus in your KhelBro wallet. 


Now is the time to play, select a game of your type and start playing using your Sign Up Bonus. Earn more with a win and withdraw your money in Paytm Wallet / UPI.

  • Earn money with the Khel Bro Refer & Earn program :

This is another way to earn money through this platform. 

  • Go to the main menu and more options to click on the Refer & Earn in the app. 
  • Copy your Khel Bro Referral Code and share it on WhatsApp, social media or share it with your friends.
  • When any of your friends signs up in the app using your referral code your friend will get ₹10 in your Wallet. Plus, you will also some points. 

Final words of KhelBro Ludo App 2024!!

This app is for Ludo lovers to have fun and become addicted to playing Ludo on the web. Its user-friendly platform and visually appealing program provide a wide array of Ludo game possibilities to players. Thus, downloading and accessing the KhelBro app on your device is the best option for playing Ludo online with your friends and family. Moreover, this platform also gives you a nice chance to earn something along with entertainment, enjoyment, and an incredible gaming experience.

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Download the app and enjoy and earn together!!

Frequently Asked Questions!!

  • Can I play Ludo with my friends on the KhelBro app?

Yes, this is a great way of entertainment using this Ludo app and you can invite your friends to play Ludo with you. Plus, you can earn by referring to the app with friends on social media. 

  • What are the games available on KhelBro?

KhelBro is a platform offering many diverse traditional board games to users. You can play Chess, Classic Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, and Carrom over there. You will get an electrifying gaming experience with different preferences.

  • Is it safe to download the KhelBro app?

Yes, the app follows security measures to protect its users. So, it is safe for users to play on this platform with their buddies. 

  • What’s the KhelBro Referral Code?

It is a unique code provided to KhelBro users when they sign up for the app. Plus, this is the code that users can share with their friends, and when their friends sign in using this code, both the referrer and the new user earn some rewarding points and Paytm cash as well. 

  • Does the KhelBro platform have in-game chat features?

Yes, this is the fantastic feature of the platform that includes an in-game chat feature. It allows players to communicate while playing with their opponents. With this feature, this platform also adds a sense of social element to the Ludo gaming experience.

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