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TheWiSpy: Best Cell Phone Tracker App to Track Employees

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People have a misconception about employee monitoring apps, but most of them are wrong. Such as the primary purpose of spying on employees is not that the company owner doesn’t trust you, but it is for monitoring purposes. Sure there are times when it is required to track down illegal activities of workers going behind your back, but not necessarily. 

The primary purpose behind spying is to keep the company environment functioning and improve productivity. Apps to track employees are becoming an essential part of today’s time to run a successful business. The reason behind it is the rising number of COVID-19 cases that have led to a global pandemic. In most corporate offices, 50% of work is done from home.

Besides pandemics, there are thousands of small and independent businesses that are operated from home. Employers feel the need to install tracking apps on company-owned devices to know their progress of work during office time. Some people find it an additional expense but believe me, and it is much needed. It will help your business stay put and in progress as you’ll know what is wrong.

The real problem is finding the best employee tracking app with advanced functionality and which falls under your budget. It requires real effort to find such an app but lucky for you because this article will guide you to choose the best. 

TheWiSpy- What is it?

TheWiSpy is a cell phone tracker that is used among employers around the globe.  Its advanced top-notch features help employers keeping an eye on employee productivity and catch traitor in the office. It is a remote spy app, so people with freelance businesses can take advantage of it and track team members. You need to purchase the employee monitoring app and install it on the cell phone you want to hack. It is a simple and easy method; you can get much information in little time.

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TheWiSpy- Best employee tracking app:

Spying is a sensitive matter; it requires cautiousness and detailing. You can’t pick any random tracking app, first narrow down your needs and look for the best app in the market. TheWiSpy.com is known as the number one choice for business globally, and that’s because it has high-valued functions that make it unique. 

It has more than 30 employee monitoring features that you can use to track down any worker you want. The user-friendly interface makes it less hectic for the end-user to run the app. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re not well aware of advanced technology because you can use TheWiSpy android spy app. You can sit in your house and find out the current location of the teammates or figure out their online activity remotely.

TheWiSpy- price plans:

TheWiSpy is flexible in terms of pricing that means you can get a package suitable for your needs and don’t have to waste a penny. There are three price plans that TheWiSpy offers for spying.


  • Standard:


You can start monitoring your employees for just $29.99 only. That’s right, TheWiSpy offers efficient features at low prices that can bring excellent results.


  • Starter: 


Don’t rush into investing your money in a spy app that you’re not familiar with, instead purchase a starter plan for $9.99 only. 


  • Premium:


Don’t limit yourself when you can avail all advanced features for spying; TheWiSpy offers premium plans for users with 30+ features. You can monitor every single thing present on the device remotely. 

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TheWiSpy- How to install?

Step 1:

The installation process is simple; you are required to buy the license of TheWiSpy android spy.

Step 2:

Like any other app to track employees, TheWiSpy is required to download on the target device. Install the app on the cell phone through any web browser.

Step 3:

You’ll have to provide personal information to sign-up, and you’re good to start hacking.

TheWiSpy- how is it the first choice for employers:

Here are some qualities of a cell phone tracker that’ll clarify why TheWiSpy is best among all spy apps.

Remotely monitor employee’s performance:

Either it’s pandemic or independent business, you don’t have to worry about performance getting low because TheWiSpy offers remote monitoring. You can track them during work hours and record performance rates. It’ll help in the future evaluation and making things better for the office.

Real-time result:

You don’t require to wait for a daily report, but TheWiSpy’s best employee tracking app offers real-time results. Enable any feature, and you’ll get instant outcomes. For example, if you want to track the location of your employee, then TheWiSpy will present the current location in seconds.

Non-intrusive tracking:

Customers’ ease is significant for TheWiSpy team. That’s why the working of the android spy app is simple, so the user doesn’t have to go through any trouble. It has a non-intrusive tracking system that means you don’t have to root your device to start monitoring and get quick results.

Affordable price plans:

Tracking is not one time job, and there is expensive spyware that can cost you a fortune. You can’t trust a cheap app because personal data is manipulated, but budget is essential for many people. TheWiSpy offers exceptionally affordable price plans for you to choose a package according to needs and don’t waste a penny on useless functions.  

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Simple UI:

TheWiSpy offers a simple user interface for its users, which means every advanced function is easily accessible. All features are listed on the home page, where you can enable them and start tracking.

Excellent customer service:

No matter what kind of question you have, either technical or app working, TheWiSpy customer service team is here to help 24/7. 

TheWiSpy- advanced employee monitoring features:

  • Call history tracking:
  • GPS hacking:
  • Microphone surrounding spy:
  • Phone camera monitoring:
  • Multimedia access:
  • Social media hacking:
  • And many more:

Final words:

TheWiSpy is considered as number one choice for the employee monitoring app because it offers excellent results through advanced features. How can you say no to special spying functions at affordable prices? Don’t compromise on excellence; get your TheWiSpy app to track employees now. 

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