Getting your Health On: Promoting your Nutritionist Business

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Nutrition is the key to life, especially in today’s hectic lifestyle where we’re running from one place to the other, trying to get our checklists done and dusted. As the want for a longer, healthier life increases, so does the demand for nutritionists and nutrition businesses. 

And as with anything, increased demand leads to an increase in competition, leading you as a nutritionist to work towards promoting your business if it’s to fare well in the industry. Now, if you’re someone who’s well versed in their nutritionist field but doesn’t have as much of a knack for marketing, then promoting your business successfully can become a problem. 

No need to worry, there are many business owners that need a little helping hand when it comes to successful marketing, and you’re in the right place.

Here are proven promotion strategies to take your nutritionist business to the top:

  • Be an Instagram Expert

Luckily for you, the nutritionist business attracts a wide variety of people – of different genders and ages, the customers are vast, and so you’ll find a good deal of them from the younger generation. And if there’s one place the youngest of us like to be, it’s on Instagram.

Believe me, Gen Z spends hours scrolling away on their phones, checking out different accounts, and getting updated on the latest Instagrams stories, and if you’re to see your nutritionist business succeed, then you need to get on the app! 

The key to winning at Instagram is to put out attractive content that makes users want to engage with and share your profile, steadily building your following and introducing you to a new and ever-expanding customer base. 

I know what you’re thinking: what if I’m not good with graphics, am I going to have to increase my expenses and hire someone? Not at all! This is where you use PosterMyWall to promote your small business by making use of its many Instagram post templates to populate your profile! The best part is that you can customize the templates, adjusting them to suit your nutrition business and its brand identity. Oh, and it’s all for free!

  • Make Posters Galore!

Posters are fun and informative, making them the perfect marketing tool to promote your nutrition business. Designed right – and put up right – they can take your business from a couple of customers a week to a couple a day, all in a matter of weeks! 

The best posters are those that attract without being overwhelming – no one likes information overload. And for designs just like these, you can check out PosterMyWall’s range of health posters. Designed to appeal to the health sector clientele, these posters are crafted in a way that combines both visuals and text spaces in a way that’s convincing and appealing. 

Simply pick a design you like, customize it to your needs and liking, and it’s all yours to put up! Really, you can do all that – and more – without spending a nickel with PosterMyWall’s poster maker feature. 

And of course, be smart about where you put up your posters – places where there’s decent footfall and a digital version for your social media profiles is a must.

  • Get on the Directories

You might think they’re outdated, but professional directories still hold a lot of authority in the nutrition industry. Not only do they hold a mark of respect, but it’s a given that a name in a directory is one that is authentic and reputable – and there’s no one that doesn’t flock to reputation. 

The first step is to do your research and select local directories that hold a good name in the industry. Once you’ve made your selection, work on building your proposal and apply to have your business’ name included in the directory. Be involved in the process and make sure that your contact details and address is accurately mentioned – one misprint could put all your work down the drain!

And of course, once you’re in, don’t forget to talk about it on your other platforms – whether that’s social media or print advertising. 

  • Build a Website 

One thing’s for sure: selecting and trusting a nutritionist is a tricky business because it’s our health and bodies that we’re dealing with. And naturally, when customers are making their pick, they’re going to go for the one that seems professional and well-versed in their field. 

Well, what’s something that adds to that professional touch? A website, of course! Not only will a website serve as a go-to place for all of your existing and potential clients to know about your services, but it’s also a great place for you to display customer testimonials, give an insight into the company’s story, and introduce the team. 

Just be sure to go for a professional when getting your website built – it’s an investment that will surely pay off. And of course, be as involved in the creation process as possible since there’s no one that knows your business quite as well as you, and your involvement will make the final product shine. 

So, if you’re a nutritionist looking to set up shop or promote an existing business, then marketing should be at the top of your priorities. With these tips and tricks, you’ll soon see success, and your nutritionist business will take off like never before! Happy, healthy, and nutritious days ahead! 



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