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GameFAQs: What is GameFAQs & its Alternatives

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GameFAQs is a leading website that offers plenty of game cheats with favorite games reviews for game lovers. The board hosts Walk-throughs and FAQs for game lovers. GameFAQs has a database of over forty thousand games and thousands and hundreds of cheat codes. This community was created by Jeff Vesey in November 1995. Later on, it was purchased by CNET Network in May 2003. The data available in the GameFAQs are submitted by its regular users and management team.

Firstly the users have to get registered in the GameFAQs to make content contributions and take part in the ongoing discussion. This gaming software is currently owned by Red Ventures. The system in this website covers the 8-bit Atari platform through modern consoles as well as computer games and mobile games.

According to Alexa, GameFAQs.com Website was one of the highest-trafficked English languages among the 300 language websites. The website editor Allen “SBAllen” Tyner Reviews the submissions submitted by the users. The site also hosts an active message community that has separate discussion boards for each game in the site’s database and it has a variety of boards.

Welcome, and the Game spot is the CBS website. From 2004 to 2012 most of the game-specific boards were shared between these two websites. GameFAQs also runs an annual martial character along with the daily poll, tournament contests, etc. The welcome site was reviewed by the Guardian and Entertainment Weekly on a positive note

History of GameFAQs:

GameFAQs has a history of frequently asked questions archive which was started by a gamer and programmer. They collected all the questions and online guides and compiled them in one centralized location. In the initial years, the site had 10 pages and 100 FAQs and guides which were updated regularly. 

In the following years, the site reached its growth on a high level. With its design and the content to support and accommodate the support of tables. In the year 2018 on 6th February, the site GameFAQs changed its domain name from GameFAQs.com to GamesFAQs.gamespot.com. The main features of this site GameFAQs  are: 

  • Game-search engine
  • Contributor recognition pages
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Advantage of playing Game

  1. Expands a Child’s Memory Capacity 

Games frequently rotate around the use of remembrance This not just identifies with games whereby kids need to recollect perspectives to settle the game, remember basic arrangements, or track account components. 

  1. PC and Simulation Fluency 

This is something that is vital in light of the fact that we live in a world that is overwhelmed by innovation. Playing on games through the web permits kids the permit to become accustomed to how a PC functions and hence it turns out to be natural to them. There are sites, for example, Cartoon Network games, which furnish little youngsters with fun and energizing games that likewise instruct them to use the mouse and console appropriately, also perusing, username and passwords, and general web route. 

  1. Assists With Fast Strategic Thinking and Problem-Solving 

Most games expect kids to think rapidly. Also, they need to use their rationale to think three strides ahead to take care of issues and complete levels. This is incredible in light of the fact that it is something which helps youngsters in later life as they foster their rationale, their exactness, and their capacity to think and react quickly and outside of the case. 

  1. Creates Hand-Eye Coordination 

Games that expect youngsters to utilize a gamepad or a console and the mouse to work the games can help foster dexterity. In addition to the fact that this gets them more tuned to how a PC functions, however, it likewise assists with creating dexterity since youngsters need to take a gander at the activity on the screen while utilizing their hands to control what’s going on simultaneously. 

  1. Expertise Building (for example map perusing) 

A lot of games contain certain perspectives which assist kids with explicit abilities. For instance, a ton of secret and experience games contain maps which kids should peruse. This clearly helps their guide understanding abilities and down-to-earth thinking. Additionally, there are games, for example, football the executive’s games, which acquaint kids with overseeing accounts and general tasks on the board.

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How to register GameFAQs Online? 

Follow these simple steps to register online at GameFAQs. 

Step 1: Visit the official website of GameFAQs or Click the link below 


Step 2: After the page is shown click the register button. 

Step 3: Create a user name and password with your email address. This name will be shown with your messages. Type a strong password. 

Step 4: After filling all the details in the Register form in GameFAQs. Click on a new account button. 

Step 5: For verification on the email address. Click on this link https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/

Step 6: Now the registration of your account is successful

Hope these simple steps for registration in GameFAQs are easy for you. Now if you want to login in to the GameFAQs. Then follow these methods given below.

How to login in  GameFAQs Site? 

Step 1: Visit the official website of the GameFAQs down below


Step 2: Then click on the login button. 

Step 3: Enter GamesFAQs Username or Email ID and your GameFAQs password. 

Step 4:  After this fill in all the necessary information login details and click on the login button. 

Step 5: Now the login is successful. 

Features of this Site GameFAQs:

GameFAQs analyses a huge grouping and features a segment that you can find on the site. The site has message boards that are plain. It has an HTML mark up which includes a blog and italic tags. To prevent the use of lewd phrases and keep the forum safe for all the readers. The forum uses a word filter which prevents this. 

The users with level 15 and higher are enabled with the friends list. The usernames are highlighted in yellow on message boards which helps to find someone in the friend’s topic on the board. 

One of the features it has implemented in its board. It provides the ability to send private messages to anyone as long as the person sending the message is 10 or higher than the account citation is needed. 

The users in GameFAQs receive ‘Karma’ every day to visit the board. As new karma increases the new features are also made available for the users. It has the facility of visiting high-level boards, edit and view post history, the ability to post more messages per day, using different styles and fonts with message display options and search topics. 

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The registered users on this site can also add favorite boards to the list on the main page and track specific topics which was a feature added to the site in 2006.

Alternatives of GameFAQs:

Here are some of the top five alternatives of GameFAQs. If you are finding it difficult to search and optimize. 

  • Gametionary
  • GameRankings
  • GameSpot
  • IGDB
  • MobyGames

All these alternatives of GameFAQs are known to be a complete database of games with a complete game searching system. It is dedicated to providing most of the classic and new games. It collects the data from most gaming websites that use its search system. These game sites have a simple user interface that offers the content more simply. Each one is categorized properly. These alternatives also give all the gaming platforms. The information about PlayStation, Wii U, Xbox, PC, 3Ds, or any operating system or gaming console. 

All these gaming platforms offer games news reviews, previews, download links, trailers, and much more. 

GameSpot allows users to take part in the blogging area freely. The user can display their point of view in the form of blogs and reviews. It has a Semi-Automatic moderation system that allows the volunteers to deploy the system which contributes. It is regarded as one of the largest sources of information all over the Internet. GameSpot also has a wide range of information for all the game consoles and gamers for all the operating systems. It gives the users about free news and information about games from the Internet.

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