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The Top 20 Flutter app development companies in 2021

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In this day and age, where application development is a market of more than $12.2 billion, Flutter, launched in 2017 by Google, has effectively and positively shaped the four years it has stayed in operation. Quick, fluid, and adaptable, Flutter is Google’s SDK to create appealing and consistent user experiences across platforms from a solitary codebase. 

Flutter makes genuinely intuitive apps to edge out the competition with its gainful, extensible, and open development models. An ever-increasing number of organizations continue receiving this new innovation and offering Flutter development administrations, so we’ve aggregated a rundown of top Flutter development organizations that can help you track down the ideal Flutter app development partner for your development initiative- 

1. Radixweb 

With more than twenty years of software development experience, Radixweb drives this rundown by a wide edge in all quantifiable elements like pivot time, cost, quality as well as support and maintenance. Acquire first-rate Flutter app development services and administration capacities to craft app solutions that sport improved highlights, features, functionalities, intuitive UI, and a profoundly captivating UX. With Radixweb you gain access to an elite item that meets and exceeds all your enterprise prerequisites, project requirements, and business objectives. 

2. Droids On Roids 

Coming at number 2 on our list and Dispatched in 2011 in Poland, the organization offers full-stack portable, web, and backend administrations. A portfolio containing in excess of 130 tasks shows the organization’s skill and capability. The organization offers Flutter (cross-platform) along with local development administrations. The organization’s examples of overcoming adversity remember projects for Lifestyle, Mobile Commerce, Fintech, Healthcare, Energy, among other verticals. 


inVerita has a strong spotlight on building web (.NET/Node.js/JavaScript), versatile solutions (Flutter app development, Native portable development, React-local development), QA, and furnishing clients with group extension administrations. Most importantly, inVerita esteems relationships with representatives and clients and has customers remaining with them for quite a long time. inVerita has been exploring different avenues regarding Flutter a great deal to test the presentation proficiency of their Flutter apps. 

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4. Chili Labs 

Established in Riga, Latvia, Chili Labs assists organizations with having a worldwide effect by means of innovative solutions like custom software and portable applications. The organization covers the accompanying administrations, however, isn’t restricted to UI/UX plan, Android and iOS development, and Flutter app development. The organization has a rather boutique aptitude which is incredible for those businesses who are searching for professionals who truly know a great deal. 


All through its run, the organization has developed its reputation. With 250+ developers, it has worked with medical care, monetary organizations, car, aviation, land, gaming industry, education, and the travel industry. From plan to coding, KITRUM gives full-cycle versatile development, including Flutter development benefits, just as will assist you with employing Flutter engineers to join your team

6. TechAhead 

Established in 2009, the organization gives UI/UX plans, app development (counting cross-platform Flutter development), enterprise development, and quality affirmation. TechAhead’s Flutter app development team has involved experience in creating smooth and proficient cross-platform apps. By building cross-platform applications for quite a long time, the organization has created huge aptitude in Flutter development. 

7. itCraft 

itCRaft is an award-winning IT organization that gives a full scope of portable and web app development administrations Healthcare, IoT, Logistics, Media, Telecommunication, and different businesses. Flutter is one of the primary advancements itCraft has practical experience in. To guarantee customer satisfaction and the capacity to change requirements or supplant a few highlights in the app, the organization utilizes an Agile Scrum technique. 

8. Binary Studio 

With 14 years of age and huge development experience, Binary Studio has numerous customers and partners across the globe. The organization furnishes Flutter app development benefits along with other cross-platform and local development administrations. 


Miquido is a Google ensured software house that predominantly has practical experience in app development for protection, banking, and web-based business. Up until this point, the development organization has finished around 100 different tasks, among which you can track down those built with Flutter. 


The organization assists businesses with creating different software solutions, including Flutter versatile applications. They strongly accept that Flutter is turning into a great decision for cross-platform app development. 

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11. Nextapps 

This Flutter app development organization endeavors to convey top-notch advanced items that connect businesses with their clients. Nextapps help new companies and corporations to create inventive items and build long-time business relationships with their customers. 

12. Intelivita 

Intelivita, a well-known Flutter app development organization, its service administrations for their customers, and incredible user experience earn it a place on our list. They follow the Agile development procedure to work with fast item delivers with soundness and excellent code. It gives versatility solutions to improve business interactions. 

13. PixelCrayons 

PixelCrayons one of the main Flutter portable app development organizations in India and covers a wide exhibit of cross-platform app development administrations like custom worker side APIs, Migration and up-gradation administrations, QA and testing administrations, and so on. PixelCrayons engineer’s team can make cross-platform apps for various industry verticals. 

14. BR Softech 

BR Softech is a well known Flutter app development organization. On the off chance that you are searching for local app development utilizing Flutter, you are in the opportune spot. BR Softech furnishes with devoted Flutter local app developers to their customers. 

15. ConcettoLabs 

Concetto Labs sports an incredibly experienced group of Flutter developers. It is an organization known to make expressive, versatile, intuitive, and successfully flexible web apps. While its Flutter app development portfolio is still in a nascent stage, ConcettoLabs has been climbing the ladder at a rapid rate. 

16. MyAppGurus 

MyAppGurus has made around 80+ apps utilizing Google’s framework alone; all conveyed inside time and quality. Exploiting estimable Mobile App UI Design and highlight, the developers at this organization are known to convey the best outcomes. 

17. I-Verve 

I-Verve, the main Flutter app development organization, works as cohesively with new companies as with established businesses and assists them with accomplishing their business objectives. On the off chance that you are searching for high-performing app development, Flutter app development with I-Verve can be the correct choice. 

18. Cleveroad 

Cleveroad is a high-qualified software development organization with workplaces in Ukraine and the USA. The organization is experienced in iOS and Android development, web development, and Flutter development. 

Cleveroad has numerous astounding accomplishments and awards and was positioned as one of the best versatile app development organizations. Other than various Clutch rewards, Cleveroad is an individual from the Norwegian Ukrainian Chain of Commerce (NUCC).

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19. Ekreative 

This solid Flutter development organization with over 11 years of experience has effectively conveyed various activities in different specialties like medical care, specialist organizations, diversion, etc. Their Flutter developers are genuine professionals that can bring any client’s plan to life. 

20. Magora

Coming up at the tail end of our list and yet beating many that didn’t feature, this organization has expertise in creating advanced Flutter development arrangements and coordinating them into full-fledged B2C and B2B arrangements. This Flutter development organization with a group of 120 capable experts who endeavor to comprehend customers’ needs to convey high-value arrangements that will accommodate their partner’s business requirements.

In summation 

Flutter is the aftereffect of long periods of lessons found out about portable app development, state the board, app design, etc. Flutter’s foundations lie with Google, and that in itself gives it the believability of being related with a behemoth. 

But is it enough to be a Google product for Flutter to be deserving of your business? Drawing from my experience, the answer is an unquestionable yes. It is safe to say that Flutter is, beyond question, Google’s best-conveyed application development framework.

For an app to be effective today, a delightful design, smooth animations, and an intuitive interface are prerequisites, and thanks to Flutter, all these qualities can now be efficiently included in app development on the framework.

Armed with our list of the best Flutter app development companies in 2021, we have made sure that your choice of an app development partner is not only aligned with your objectives but also fits your unique requirements.

Vinit Kariatukaran

Author Bio:-

I am Vinit Kariatukaran, a mobile developer with extensive experience working with a leading Flutter app development company, passionate about developing and designing innovative high-reach mobile applications that work well. I endeavor to keep myself abreast of all the latest technological changes and updates to improve my offerings continually.

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