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Alexandria’s genesis: Can your eyes turn purple?

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Alexandria’s genesis is a genetic disorder that arises due to a gene mutation. There is no proper evidence about this disease. Some scientists consider it to be a fallacy.

People suffering from this genetic disorder are assumed to have been born with purple eyes by birth or their eyes turn purple immediately after birth.

This disorder came into being after 2005 but not much is known about it.

What are the symptoms of Alexandria’s genesis?

1. It is assumed that people with Alexandria’s disease have-

2. Purple eyes immediately after birth or by birth.

3. The color of their eyes deepens with age.

4. Body hair is absent. They have no hair in their pubic region, eyebrows, and body.

5. Their skin is pale in color.

6. Their body produces nobody waste.

7. Menstruation does not occur in females, but girls with purple eyes have a high fertility rate. Shocking right? Giving birth to babies and having normal pregnancies without undergoing the pain of menstruation.

8. They have a perfect body structure. They neither lose nor gain weight.

9. They have a really strong immune system. They rarely suffer from any disease.

10. The color of their eyes has nothing to do with visibility. They can see the world just like we do.

Why do purple eyes occur?

Even though there is no evidence proving the Alexander Genesis real, there are several conditions that can cause a change in eye color. They are as follows:

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a). Effect of Melanin

Melanin is a protein that determines the color of the iris. Melanocytes present in our body secrete melanin. Melanin reacts with sunlight and causes sun tan. When babies are born, the melanocytes present in the eyes of the babies are not fully well developed. So when the baby grows, their iris color changes. Most babies are naturally born with brown eyes. But some Caucasian babies are born with grey or blue eyes. So their eye color may change with age.

b). Heterochromia 

Heterochromia is a condition in which a person’s eye color differs. For example, one eye is brown while the other eye is black in color. The reason behind this is still not known.

c). Eye tumor

Tumor of the iris is usually asymptomatic. This can change the direction of the iris and cause cancer. Eye tumors can cause changes in eye color. So it is assumed that the color of the iris may change into purple.

d). Albinism

Albinism is a genetic disease or disorder in which the patient’s body emits zero or low amounts of melanin. This medical condition can lead to purple eye syndrome.

e). Inheritance

Caucasian people have blue or grey eyes. So when the babies are born from a grey-eyed mother and blue-eyed father chances are the baby can be born with either of the eye color or a mixture of both. 

f). Fuchs uveitis syndrome

Fuchs Uveitis syndrome is a condition where inflammation of various parts of our eyes occurs. Experts believe that this condition can cause an alteration of eye color in some cases. The inflammation can cause the eyes to become blue or purple.

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g). Is it a boon or a ban?

Having a perfect body or not having to undergo menstrual pain but the absence of a biological process is itself a ban. Scientists state that a normal human being can live up to 130 years, so the life span theory of purple-eyed people is discarded.

Also, no female can ever conceive without a menstrual cycle because that violates the law of nature. Excretion is one of the most vital metabolic processes that occur in human beings. The absence of body waste and a perfect body contradicts human physiological processes and scientists consider it to be a myth.

h). Is Alexandria’s genesis real?

Honestly, there is no answer to this question. There is a war of theories trying to find out if it is real or a lie. Many scientists state that such conditions can occur due to mutation and evolution. We all have evolved from a single cell organism after all. But there is no evidence to prove this disorder. We can expect proper evidence proving the existence of this disease in the near future.

Rumors in support of Alexandria’s genesis

1. Actress Victoria Taylor was rumored to have purple eye disorder because of the color of her eye. Her violet eyes made people believe that purple eye disorder exists. They assumed that this disorder occurs due to genetic mutation.

2. It is believed that a girl named Alexandria existed in England. She had purple color eyes and pale skin.

3. Some believe that Alexandria’s genesis occurred because of lightning. The lightning-caused people to have purple eyes and pale skin. But these are just beliefs and have no proper evidence to support them.

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Why do scientists consider it to be a fallacy?

There are certain reasons why scientists consider it to be a lie. They are:

1. No women can be fertile without having a menstrual cycle. 

2. Excretion is a vital metabolic process essential for survival. The absence of body waste can lead to the death of a human being. So, it is considered that no such disease or condition exists.

3. The assumed lifespan of people with purple eyes is the same as a normal human being.

4. The rumored actress Victoria Taylor’s violet eyes have nothing to do with purple eye syndrome or mutation.

5. Lightning can never cause purple eye disorder and pale skin in human beings. These are just myths passed from one generation to another

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The final word

The debate is still going on whether Alexandria’s genesis is real or a fallacy. But scientists are providing solid evidence to discard the beliefs or myths. Experts consider it to be a fallacy. According to them, no such condition can occur due to mutation. To consider it real or myth depends completely on us. But we should know about this disorder. Some relate this symptom with witchcraft and black magic. I believe that purple eye disorder does not exist because there is no scientific reason behind it.

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