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09 Essential Software to Use When Planning a Taxi Business Start-up

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Before startup, an Uber-like taxi app, make sure all the requirements, such as documents, approvals, contracts, and vehicles are ready. After that, you can receive and prepare taxi fees, infrastructure and other support services needed for taxi operations.

It is highly recommended that you create on-demand taxi startups, which can be used to provide central visibility of the vehicle, locate and connect drivers. It will usually consist of three parts, a central Dispatch System, driver software, and custom software.

Customers can download taxi business software and use it to book taxis, contact drivers, pay and rate services via the internet or mobile network. The automation of the services through software helps to perform interference through minimal inspection and dispatch.

Drivers also need software (on a mobile network) that can handle the minimum requirements such as taxi booking, registration start/endpoints, accept payment, customers, and places related to customers and routes. To get information about

Central departments can monitor the movements of all taxis and coordinate with drivers for any travel changes, cancellations, or drop-in fees. Make sure the operational software system has the facilities to meet the needs of most operational aspects when it comes to startup costs and plans. Add better features to create an excellent taxi booking software for your taxi business startup

#1. Out of town software

Not only should your methodology be smart, your application needs to be strong enough to impress your customers. For those who move from one city to another, adding an outstation ride facility can be a big help. Give them a few stops for a walk or a tea break. Let them determine their ride type and charge per kilometer accordingly or whatever suits you. You can also add one-way or round-trip options.

#2. Custom trip request software

Well, this will be a very central feature your customers will love in your Uber-like taxi app. In this feature, customers can leave their special request drivers to add a connection to their car. For example, a customer with a small child may ask the driver to add a child seat. Or, for any physically impaired person, consumers may want a wheelchair in their ride. This feature allows your customer to enjoy your ride.

#3. Membership software for regular customers 

Often, customers are accustomed to starting a taxi software solution, where they feel more comfortable traveling. In this case, you can ask your regular customer for a small amount to buy a prime membership plan. Or, give them some free rides in a limited geographical area. Prime membership features can increase the productivity of your start-up business. 

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#4. Carpooling software

How can we forget about facilities like carpooling? Carpooling is currently one of the best features every taxi service companies provide. This is a ride-sharing feature where your customers share their booked rides with multiple riders going to that location. With this feature, your customers can save a lot of money and your service will not be harmed. Whatever ride charge will be distributed to all riders.

Adding this feature to your online taxi app startup can make your taxi service more popular in the market and increase the number of customers. This will also allow you to clean your carbon footprints. The green and cleaner option has always been considered more popular. The world appreciates companies that know how to give back to the community.

#5. Rental software for different locations 

This is a feature that can be very useful for most taxi companies. Many places get frequent traffic. For example, say the traffic between train stations and airports is much higher than anywhere else in the city. You can have a feature that ensures that you set a price set for these specific locations that will help users be more comfortable renting your services. They won’t have to pay any additional or variable charges for these locations.

So, if travelers who follow the same route every day come around, they don’t have to worry about the extra cost because the route they are on has a fixed price regardless of the day. Any other variable whether it is at any time is included.

#6. Change destination software

This is a feature that your customers will like for you. Often when a ride is booked, the player reaches a certain destination, but his plans change in the middle. Unfortunately, most taxi booking applications do not have these features that allow you to change the destination after the tour begins. In these cases the rider cuts the sorry figure and has to pay to get to the place he did not intend.

With a later changing destination, you can now make sure your customers can update and modify the destination they’ve already added to the app. This means they can happily reach where they want to make decisions even after the ride begins.

#7. Rider’s software

  • Booking

Allow your valuable riders to book a cab in advance, whether it’s scheduling an office fee, doctor’s appointment, or for some other reason. With the advanced booking feature, riders will never be late and wait for the cab. To book a taxi in advance, riders just need to select the time, date, and destination.

  • Extra Request
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It is easy for travelers to request car seats for newborns, special arrangements for the elderly, disabled and children, and female passengers for female travelers. This feature meets the special needs of travelers without compromising the quality of service.

  • Save the destination

How about if travelers just need to choose a place they want to travel to? Again and again, without entering the full address, they select the address from the saved list and book a ride. Travelers can be saved at their frequent travel destinations such as home, office fees, doctor cutters, and other destinations to protect the destination.

  • View map

With the map feature, users can easily view routes and know the distance between their pick-up and drop-in location. This allows passengers to constantly track and check if the driver is the right way.

  • Feedback and rating

With the feedback and rating option, travelers can easily share their feedback and ride experience with you through the app. Passengers can rate the driver and share their experience whether it is a comfortable ride or not. Ratings and feedback help future riders decide if they want to confirm/deny the ride or change the driver.

Travelers need not worry though the cash is low. Provide your riders with multiple payment options such as e-payment, net banking, debit/credit card, and other payment options. At convenience, travelers can use any payment option and pay securely.

#8. Driver’s side software

  • Real-time request

Taxi drivers will receive riders’ requests in real-time, and at their convenience, drivers can accept or reject requests within a limited timeframe before sending them to another best driver.

  • Ratings and reviews

Not only the rides but the drivers can also share their opinions and rate the passengers. Drivers can share their experiences with the player and share their feedback. This allows other drivers to easily handle customers.

  • My goal

Like Uber’s Destination Trip, allow your taxi drivers to return to predefined routes only when they arrive at their passengers’ requests.

  • Emergency Contact

All drivers can save emergency contacts in the app so that whenever drivers have a problem, they can click on the emergency contacts, so they will receive a text message with the selected number location. It also promotes customer safety along with the driver.

  • Referral Code

Allow all drivers to earn more by sharing the referral code with other drivers and privileges. There is an “Invite Friend” button to share the code with friends.

  • Driver Dashboard

Drivers track their constant trips, performance, passenger experience and feedback and other details to get useful insights for reviewing and improving their work.

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#9. Admin panel software

  • Assign trips

When a customer is unable to request a ride due to network or technical issues, the business manager may assign trips to drivers. Administrators can also provide trips to drivers in areas with high request rates.

  • Admin Dashboard

If desired: On, on, next, pending, canceled, and completed, management can follow every single trip. On a single platform, the admin can monitor all trips to the scene. This will help the administrator keep track of all activity on the user and driver applications.

  • Consumer complaints

To maintain a loyal customer base, the administrator needs to know if the customer has a complaint or special request. Each feedback is recorded and used as a source for market research to improve the customer experience.

  • Rent management

This is one of the most important features of a business manager. Management and strategy of rental pricing according to region, time, fuel prices, and other parameters associated with it. Rent management is essential to reach and maintain a profit margin.

  • Driver commission

With this feature, administrators manage commission rates based on their drivers’ work experience, professionalism, passenger feedback, and performance. Commission rates may vary depending on the group of drivers.

  • Admin Report

The operator prepares quarterly and annual reports about his taxi business and checks the total travel statistics for the specified period. Whether the manager wants to generate a report with a few clicks on the vehicle management, customer management, invoice issuance total number or action plan and maintenance plan, drop board, the report has been generated here.


If the taxi business is doing well, it will not only bring about faster returns, but will also help your company eventually grow. This is essential for starting a taxi business successfully. In turn, some important aspects like the practicality of the taxi business, business planning and execution, financing, vehicle acquisition, advertising, and the creation of effective driving staff need to be considered. If these steps are well executed, the taxi business can not only be profitable, but can also bring fame to the owner.

Author  Bio:-

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading Ride-hailing app development. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.


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