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7 Copywriting Tips for Absolute Beginners

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When you’re a beginning copywriter, it can feel like there are a million and one things of which to keep track of. Don’t worry; here are the top 7 copywriting tips to enjoy!

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is writing as a form of advertising, be it to get a person, group, or company to purchase a good or service. To “Lampshade” the idea, this article is a form of copywriting. Its purpose is to get readers to visit The Word Counter’s webpage and use its services.

Tip 1 Keep Track of Word Count 

Often – though certainly not always, companies hiring writers want them to meet or exceed a specific number of words. The Word Counter can help you get the word count you need, tell you the keywords that show up, check grammar at a basic level, and more. 

Tip 2 Remember Transitions

When writing, transitions are your friends. They also show up with the acronym FANBOYS – For And Not But Or Yet So. They also show up in order of importance, such as first, second, next, additionally, furthermore, last, and finally. Don’t forget the words “another,” “as a result,” “as well as,” “besides,” “both,” “consequently,”  “equally important,” for example,” “for instance,” “in addition,” “in fact,” “in the same way,” “likewise,” “moreover,” “not only… but also,” “similarly,” “than,” “too.”

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Tip 3 Remember who the audience is  

When copywriting, your goal is to sell something to your audience. Writing to convince someone to buy goods and services is a bit different than writing about your hobbies or a text to your friends. But who is your audience typically going to be? In this case, the audience of this piece would be people who are just starting as copywriters. 

But in an ideal world, who would the audience be? There is a lot to unpack with that question. But it can be lots easier if you think in terms of the following types of demographic data: 

  • Age 
  • Gender 
  • Location 
  • SEO terms
  • Married/ single
  • Nationality/ race
  • Job & Income level 
  • Housing (apartment, house, etc.)

So, what does that mean? Use language that you think they’d want to read and that will help them be willing to decide to purchase the good or service being advertised. Keep in mind that in doing so, you’re not to talk down to them. Use humor, if appropriate, to your audience. 

Tip 4 Remember the Reporter’s Questions

The reporter’s questions of 

  • Who? The question of ‘who’ talks not only about who the audience is but who the company is. 
  • ‘What’ asks about the product and includes such questions as ‘what is the product,’ and ‘what are its features.’
  • When? While all advertising aims to make the consumer decide to act now, there may be a special reason why they need to act sooner rather than later. A sale or a limited-time offer may encourage the audience to act more quickly than they ordinarily would. 
  • Where? Not everything can be found at online stores such as Amazon or even the local grocery or hardware store. Maybe this particular product is available using the number on the ad or the company’s website. 
  • The question of ‘Why’ answers the question, “What need does this serve?” For instance, if the audience is looking to protect themselves against identity theft instead of actual theft, they’re going to pay attention to different ads.
  • How? ‘How’ can answer not only “how to use this product” but also “how will this product improve my life.”
  • ‘How much’ answers the cost, unit size, time to ship, and other numerical-based questions. 
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Tip 5 Be informal – but not TOO informal

Writing that is too “stiff” or formal is a major turn-off for most people. Dry prose can put your audience to sleep. Write as if you’re talking to a good friend. Assume the person reading the article knows nothing about the product or service you’re promoting. But at the same time, it’s best to avoid industry jargon or too much slang because that may cause people to decide against purchasing. 

Tip 6 Use the logos, pathos, and ethos triangle 

  • Logos are logical arguments based on facts, reasoning, and numbers you present to use the good or service. Logos arguments might cite the high number of positive reviews, the benefits of using the product, its cost, or case studies that say that X ingredient in the product is healthy. 
  • Pathos relies on the emotional response. Messages like ‘you deserve this” or stories that incite or convey specific emotions are pathos’ strong suit. Quite a lot of political advertising is centered around pathos. 
  • Ethos in the persuasion triangle focuses on personal stories, anecdotes, client testimonials, track records, and awards. It relies on the trustworthiness and reputation of a company whose products you investigate or the person you wish to hire.  

Tip 7 Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite 

It may sound trite, but rewriting is one of the most important skills any writer can have. Learn that nothing you write has any permanence. As a writer, you must be willing to ruthlessly cut apart your words, move them around, and try different variations. You might write a sentence a dozen times before getting it “just right.” 

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