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08 Critical Mistake to Avoid on Your WordPress eCommerce Website

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Creating a flawless eCommerce website and getting regular visitors is a daunting task. Its proper maintenance demands you to know about every plan and strategy. However, there are possibilities that you may wind up making some WordPress eCommerce website mistakes.

And if you previously had committed these mistakes, at that point things are harder for you now. Hence, there is a need to look after the errors on time. It is because of the reason that these will not hamper the eCommerce website more. Another critical reason is that the competition is fierce outside. It is tough to stand out. The statistics say that eCommerce businesses are rapidly increasing. It is estimated that globally, the digital buyer’s volume will reach 2 billion in 2021.

One avoided mistake can decrease your chances to be on the list of the best online stores. So, be cautious while handling everything. Considering all, here, in this article, we are presenting to you the eight basic errors you might be making in the WordPress eCommerce site. You can go through them and know where you are lacking and improve accordingly.

Also, you can hire the best WordPress eCommerce development company for the same. The proficient developers of the company will find the mistakes and sort them on time. 

Common Mistakes in WordPress eCommerce Development Website:-

#1. Selecting the Wrong Theme

The theme is something significant for the eCommerce website. It gives the new vision to your business. So, somehow if you choose the wrong item, then this is going to impact your whole online store. This mistake can increase the bounce rate and decrease customer retention in the long run.

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So, while opting the theme ensure that the design of your eCommerce website must look good and get along with your business profile. The theme is a very appealing feature while designing the website. Always add the customization features in which you can do the modification according to your business. Opt for a unique layout that makes you stand out in the competition.

#2. Your Store is Not Compatible with all Devices

In the vast competition, online compatibility is the utmost demand for eCommerce business. So your site must be flexible in working with mobile, desktop, laptop, etc. Also, it works efficiently on every platform.  

Nowadays, almost 60% of searches are initiated from the mobile device. If you don’t add this feature, then you are going to suffer in online purchase. Your customers are not able to buy the products quickly, and they will find the same level of difficulty as a physical store. This is a hint for you to increase the sale with the feature of compatibility and give the best customer experience. Never make this fundamental error while designing.

#3. Not any Social Proof of Reviews

Social proof is very imperative to turn your visitor to lead and lead to customers. Generally, new users check reviews on social media or google whenever they want to make a purchase. Adding social reports and case studies can win their confidence of the users. Sometimes you don’t add the reviews on google, and this will affect the image of your business. Make sure that you collect the reports from the customers and add some videos that can build a good impression on the clients. 

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However, a detailed video from a real customer can be a powerful endorsement of your business. Try to add the name, photo of the client with details of the organization. This will improve sales. Social proof helps shoppers to make up their minds about purchasing a particular product. Complicated Checkout Process

#4. Complicated Checkout Process

In an eCommerce website, your customers have to go through different steps and have to check out in various ways on different screens. This can be very non-productive. For that, you need to ensure that you give a trouble-free and smooth checkout process. This is the best idea for your business. Most importantly, when your customers are making online payments, you need the seamless check out method as this assures them of safe transactions.

#5. Poor User Experience

User experience is something that tells the perspective and emotions of the user while using the site or application. It must be the prime objective of your business. If you do not satisfy your users, then you should not expect new visitors to visit your online site.

For better user experience, make sure that you add an enticing design that works correctly and is simple to understand. This will save you time and effort.

In an eCommerce website, you can improve the user experience with some factors like:

a). Improve navigation

b). Appealing Call to action

c). Select the right colours

d). Make the content attractive

e). Add high-quality images and videos

#6. Not Adding Useful Images

If you don’t add the useful images then sometimes your visitor feels not interested or not enticing. Pictures are essential as pictures speak louder than words. You can also add various images of the product that show the right results of the product.

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Always use the HD pictures where the user can feel connected with a natural emotion they can easily relate to. This helps to improve the overall user-experience to your website. Inaccurate Web Hosting

#7. Inaccurate Web Hosting

Slow loading speed gives the worst mistake, and this is the major mistake that you ever make. Buyers like online stores with faster loading speed. In that, your store’s hosting plays a huge role. Don’t ever choose the shared hosting as this will affect the rate of the website. Always opt for the cloud hosting option.

#8. They are not following the eCommerce Design Standards.

For an online business, you have to follow some standards; for example, shopping cart, zoom option, contact details in header or footer, etc. If your eCommerce website does not support this, then users don’t find it a smooth website.

Make sure that you add the grids, buttons which will answer the visitors in the first click. Please give them a clear path to reach the product and hassle-free shopping. Add the maximum languages so that new visitors from different regions can easily understand the factors with ease.

Wrapping Up 

Above, we have discussed eight different mistakes in the WordPress eCommerce Development Website that you generally do.

By eradicating these small mistakes, you can fulfil all your desired business goals. We hope this article will help you to raise the profit in your business and give you comprehensive knowledge.

If you have any queries !! Feel free to ask in the comment box.

Thank you for reading !!

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/251666/number-of-digital-buyers-worldwide/

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