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Colours, names, and other characteristics of the Among Us character

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However, it turns out that there is more to the secrets of InnerSloth’s Among Us than simply a murder mystery, with the social deduction game continuing to influence our lives and becoming a gaming habit that can be found almost everywhere at the moment.

However, even as broadcasters like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Félix “xQc” Lengyel are enthralled by the game, fans have persistently demanded an explanation for a nagging concern that has remained unanswered. After all, players are charged with impersonating either Crewmates or Imposters in the game, the idea of Among Us seems to be very straightforward. The innocent Crewmates must keep the ship working as Imposters destroy the systems and take the Crewmates hostage before they can be revealed and arrested.

The ship is inhabited by pint-sized Crewmates who come in a variety of colours to match the ship’s theme. Regardless matter whether we’re playing as Red, Blue, Green, Cyan or any of the other colours, they’re all essentially the same save for their Colouration.

In the game, there are a total of 18 characters, each with a unique hue. It’s possible to pick from these colours:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Cyan
  • Lime
  • Maroon
  • Rose
  • Banana
  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Coral

What exactly among we character dealing with here?

It is possible to play Among Us with four to ten other players at the same time, which is extremely popular. Crewmates and Imposters are two different roles in the game, which takes place on a spaceship in outer space. Meanwhile, Imposters are attempting to sabotage the ship and murder the crewmates as they attempt to complete their tasks on board. The games can be played with friends you know in real life or with strangers, and they usually last between five and fifteen minutes each.

Despite this, an increasing number of players are curious as to who these mysterious Crewmates are. Is it a group of astronauts, a group of people, or something else different?


I discovered a fascinating fact today while working at Spirit Halloween, and I thought you would like it. Our entire stock of ASTRONAUT HELMETS has been depleted as a result of the rapid surge in popularity of Among Us. You can’t even buy them online, which is a shame.

The most widely accepted opinion is that the Among Us Crewmates are precisely what they claim they are – a doomed group of astronauts who have been stuck in the frigid depths of space for an extended period. Although it’s unclear how they got there, digging a bit further into the game’s plot (yes, it has one) reveals a surprising amount of information waiting to be discovered.

Cyan is the Crewmate who has the most interesting backstory, for reasons that we don’t fully understand at this time. You’ll notice that when you scan your ID to enter the admin rooms, a picture of yourself is in your wallet if you look carefully. The endearing photograph depicts a little version of Cyan with a bigger representation of Orange and Green, respectively.

In this case, it’s possible that Cyan and her partner had a kid; yet, this doesn’t explain why every Crewmate’s wallet has identical photos. It seems to be a bit weird to carry a photograph of someone else’s family in your pocket. One interpretation is that the whole crew is linked to one another and that they are on a colonization voyage to a distant planet.

Another element of probable canon revolves around the character of Red. Red is not only featured in the advertising materials and serves as a constant reminder to keep your wits about you once a match begins, but he is also the character you follow through the Imposter lesson. Some have concluded that Red is the ultimate evil and the “real” Imposter as a result of this.

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This throws up a whole other bag of worms as to what motivated the Imposter(s) to murder board this spaceship-sized slaughterhouse.

What are the identities of these characters?

The backstory of these people is straightforward. They are humanoid beings with no arms that travel across space in spacesuits. Their employment includes doing a variety of activities in the region in which they are working, including electrical chores, oxygen-related tasks, and a variety of other jobs. When an impostor succeeds in murdering a crewmate, the player who was slain will see a killing animation. The animations may change from time to time, and there are many different variations to choose from.

The Imposters are essentially extraterrestrials who pass for average humanoids. They possess unique powers, such as the ability to sabotage certain regions and the ability to see better in the dark. Most importantly, they are hell-bent on assassinating the other members of the team. They are cunning, crafty, and manipulative because they can frame innocent people and convince the rest of the population to vote them out. Furthermore, they pretend to do duties to blend in more effectively, but their efforts never contribute to the real accomplishment of the tasks. They may also slip via vents and lock doors to conceal their presence and construct a plausible explanation.

Characters Among Us – Character Names

What are the names of all of the characters in the storyline? They don’t have predetermined names, to put it mildly. For each battle, you may choose a unique or amusing Among Us monicker to represent yourself. You may want to have a look at this fast instruction on how to alter your name to see if it can help you. Only before you begin a match can you make changes to your name. Once it’s established and you’re in the middle of a game, that’s the only thing you’ll be able to utilize for the remainder of the game.


In this case, we are introduced to the wild and wacky headcanon that some murderous species from the depths of space are lurking in that floating tin can. Long tongues and razor-sharp teeth are displayed on imposters, demonstrating that they are not like you and me at the very least. There’s no way around the fact that Imposters are horrifying monstrosities, even if you don’t get to see what they look like from below ground level.

In all likelihood, it will be a combination of the two, with the standard Crewmates being innocent humans and the Imposters being shapeshifting creatures hell-bent on colonizing the planet Earth. The Thing or Futurama’s “Murder on the Planet Express” will be familiar to anyone who has seen either of these films or episodes. Even the Season 7 episode of Matt Groening’s science fiction animation, which was a fan favourite, featured the crew of the ship being picked off one by one by a slithering alien that stalked them through the ship’s ventilation system.

At this point, it appears that we will have to make educated guesses. InnerSloth, a three-person studio, has decided to abandon plans for Among Us 2 to refocus its efforts on the first game, which was released in 2015. Additionally, the official Among Us website provides no information about what Crewmates are, so for now, it’s back to sifting through the internet in search of fan fiction about who (or what) they are up in the sky. What matters most is whether it has a real impact on your game.

Should children participate in the game Among Us?

As an engaging and sociable game, Among Us has the potential to be an enjoyable method for children to engage with their peers. Because of the uncommon cartoonish violence and horror themes, the Apple Store recommends that Children Among Us be played by children aged nine and above. However, this does not take into consideration the fact that the game is built on themes of deceit and that playing with strangers has certain hazards.

One of the most important aspects of playing the game is lying and manipulating the outcome. For children to grasp that it is just a game and that lying is not something they should do in real life, they must be of legal age.

Another essential aspect of the game is the interaction between players, which takes place via the use of text chat. If you are playing with strangers in a public setting, player names are often incorrect, and the chat is unmoderated, which means it may include hate speech or cyberbullying, among other things. It is possible to turn off the language filter in the text chat if the person whose game you are joining does not want the unacceptable language to be shown. The use of Discord or other audio and video services to include live voice chat in the game is becoming more popular, and this may provide an additional level of danger for children.

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How to make the game “Among Us” a safer environment for children

The most secure way to the game is to ensure that the chat filter is on and that your child understands how to set up the game so that they may play with friends and family. All that is required to play with your pals is that you set up the Lobby. As soon as you set up the Lobby, the setting is automatically set to “private,” which means you may share the room code with anyone you trust and they will be able to join you. You may invite people to join your game by simply switching the “public” button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to “on.”

It is within your authority as the Lobby host to boot out gamers who are behaving disrespectfully. If you’d want to try playing along with your children, you may do so while also assisting in the game’s management as it progresses. Nothing is more complicated than clicking on the “boot” symbol (literally a little picture of a boot) in the chat next to a player’s name and deciding whether or not to throw them out of the game.

Recent events have seen InnerSloth’s game creators contend with a hacker who has been sending political messages into the game’s text chat and threatening to hack players who do not subscribe to their YouTube channel. However, while the creators are working on code to safeguard the game from this kind of conduct, they recommend that players play in private Lobbies with individuals they know and trust.

Is the game In Among Us a good fit for your family?

It is true that Among Us has cartoonish violence and themes that may be unsuitable for younger children, but it also gives a chance for children to interact with their friends and family via an easily accessible and enjoyable online gaming environment. As with any site where strangers may communicate with kids, there are hazards associated with playing the game. Understanding the game settings and how to participate can assist you in determining whether or not Among Us is a good fit for you and your family.

Everybody makes these ten mistakes when playing among us game 

It is more difficult to live among us than it seems at first glance. If you know what to look for, you may simply avoid making these typical blunders.

  • Making a mistake about where you are

It is critical to piecing together the circumstances that lead to a killing that everyone provides an account of where they were and when they were there. A corpse is reported by some players without first inspecting the map, as they get caught up in the excitement of battle. It is critical to know the precise location of the event! It is common for all other crew members to inquire about the body’s whereabouts immediately after the report has been made. Providing the impostor(s) with an advantage by not bothering to recall where they were on the map when reporting the corpse, may provide them with an advantage by enabling them to lie about their locations much more easily.

  • Excessive Explanation of Yourself

When someone seems to be too eager to clear their reputation, they are often viewed with mistrust. Explain every place, every job, and every player that one has come into touch with, and soon everyone is pointing fingers at one another.” Declare your presence when there is critical information to share with crewmates or an opportunity to bluff to aid a fellow imposter. Others can accuse another player of just thinking about clearing their name and not making any effort to identify the imposter if they are simply speaking to have a clean alibi.

  • Making up tasks that no one else has

There are a variety of jobs to do in the game, including common, quick, lengthy, and graphic activities. Common duties are tasks that either every player has or that no player has at any one time. Faking common jobs that aren’t allocated to any other crew members is a mistake that is made in the same way as faking visual chores is. Both mistakes are grounds for quick suspicion. Remember which typical chores are mentioned when you play as an imposter so that you don’t end up making phoney progress at a task module that would otherwise go unused throughout the game.

  • Defending Another Impostor in an Overly Aggressive Manner

Although Among Us: Red and Blue Accusing Each Other is still a team game, the ability to assist teammates is critical to achieving victory. However, it is crucial to avoid protecting an imposter teammate to the point of becoming overzealous. If there is substantial proof to the contrary, it is preferable not to vouch for them; this is particularly true if there is more than one witness to their mistake.

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When defending an individual who is guilty by a majority of players, it will seem suspicious and may result in both impostors unwittingly disclosing themselves. When playing imposter, it’s crucial to assist a teammate, but if there’s too much concrete evidence against them, it may be advisable to vote with the majority to blend in with the crowd.

  •  As A Ghost, you’re not keeping busy

Newer players will often be focused on keeping track of their crewmates who are still alive, following them down, or just waiting for a kill to occur to progress. However, just because a person has been slain does not imply that they are no longer a part of the game. It’s critical to continue to execute chores as a ghost since it may still be used to help the unsuspecting crewmates win the game in their absence.

If you are playing an imposter ghost, remember to assist the surviving impostor by locking doors to imprison others in a room or sabotaging lighting to make traveling more difficult for the rest of the crew.

  • Making a Visual Task Look Real

While faking tasks is a reliable method of misleading other players, there are certain disadvantages to doing so. Visual chores are the most difficult to impersonate since they are accompanied by little animations that play when they are finished, and impostors tend to avoid them altogether. When a crewmate is watching and there is no animation to clear a player’s name, it is likely game over for that player. Continue to do additional jobs that crewmates will not be able to simply check as finished with a glance while acting as an imposter.

However, while playing as a crewmate, gamers often make the error of accomplishing a visual job on their own instead of with their teammates. Make certain that another crew member is present while you are conducting a visual job. Having a witness present while performing a visual job might help a player get a leg up on the competition early in the game.

  •  Not convening special meetings in an emergency

Emergency meeting buttons are not only useful for snitching on another player when they need to vent, but they may also make the difference between winning and losing the whole game. To win, impostors simply need to reduce the crewmates to an equal ratio; this means that one imposter can win if there is only one other crewmate remaining, and a team of two impostors can win if there are only two crewmates still alive.

Recall that math is essential at all times. Immediately convene an emergency meeting if there are just four crew members and two impersonators. It just takes a double kill for the impostors to secure an automatic victory if the game proceeds. Having at least one suspicious participant expelled increases the likelihood of a successful outcome for everyone. The odds of their winning will have been significantly reduced if it turns out to be an imposter.

  • Taking the initiative to do tasks on your own

It is critical to complete duties as quickly as possible, but it is as necessary to maintain a high level of caution at all times. Some players get overconfident about one or more aspects of the game, whether it’s keeping an eye on others or fulfilling assignments.

If a crewmate leaves the group to attend to their own business, they are a certain target for assassination. Choose duties in a room where someone else is already working to enable at least one or two crewmates to be near to one another; this will allow crewmates to vouch for one another or to have a witness to assist in identifying the murderer. Keep your group together to prevent misunderstandings.

  • Not Paying Attention to the Progress Bar

It is possible to disable the progress bar in public lobbies; nevertheless, it is most often updated in real-time in these areas. Monitoring a putative crewmate while they are doing duty is critical to filtering out impostors from the ranks of the crew. Probably, an imposter is not there if a player approaches a task area and then departs after the progress bar (located in the upper left corner of the screen) has been updated. Alternatively, if they just stand about a job area and then walk away without progressing the bar, they may have only pretended to be doing their assignment rather than truly performing it.

  • Not Checking To See If The Conditions Are Clear

This occurs to even the most skilled players, whether they are amateurs or professionals. When playing the imposter, players might get overzealous in their pursuit of a kill and attempt it when another crewmate is in their range of view. Alternatively, they may be seeking a clean way out to vent to a room where a cunning crewmate has been hiding.

Avoid rushing and instead give yourself some more time to confirm that the target is alone. Keep in mind that there’s no need to hurry out the door; instead, take a glance around and choose the room with the least amount of activity. Nonetheless, when the lights are turned out, the field of view is reduced, and it is better to take advantage of the sabotage since the lights are only turned off for the crewmates and not for the impostors.

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