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How do you clean a fabric couch?

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Your couch is one of the most important parts of your living room. It’s where you relax, spend hours watching TV and chilling with family and friends. Just like any other piece of furniture, your couch can start to look worn and dated if you aren’t taking good care of it, and not cleaning it regularly.

Cleaning stains and dust from a fabric sofa set is easy, it can be done by anyone. But it requires some time and physical effort to make all the stains go away. In this article, you will get insights into a few tips to clean your fabric couch easily and efficiently. 


Steps to clean a fabric couch 

1. Brush the Fabric

To begin your cleaning process, first, brush your couch to remove all the dust and other debris sitting on the fabric. You can simply use a soft bristle brush or a nylon-tipped mop to clean all the dust and dust. Make sure to brush the entire couch properly from all directions.

If you have pets, this will also help you to get rid of all the pet hair and make your couch look clean again. If you don’t have a brush, a vacuum cleaner can be used as a replacement to remove any loose particles that might be on the surface of your couch. Once you have brushed the couch, use a damp cloth to wipe away any remaining dirt and grime. 

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2. Apply some baking soda or vinegar

Next, once you have properly removed all the dust and other debris, now it’s time to remove the stains and spills if any. The best way to remove any stains from a fabric sofa is by applying baking soda or vinegar. Apply baking soda or vinegar directly onto the stain or spill. Let it sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing with cold water and blotting dry. 

Try brushing some baking soda onto your fabric surface and then covering it with vinegar, if your couch has a lot of spills or stains and you want to do more than just remove dust. Leave this mixture overnight, and rinse off in the morning. The baking soda and vinegar together will help break down and loosen any stains and spills that have gotten into the fabric. 


3. Wipe down the couch and let the fabric dry 


Lastly, wipe down your fabric couch with some cleaning solution and let it dry. You can prepare a cleaning solution at home by mixing some dishwashing liquid, vinegar and lukewarm water. Put this solution in a spray can, so you can apply the mixture evenly all over the stains. 

You can also buy a chemically-made fabric conditioner, but frequent usage can damage the fabric of your sofa. Hence, it’s best to use a homemade solution. 

Once you have properly wiped out all the stains, you can keep it in the sun, so the fabric can dry quickly, or you can let it dry normally inside the house. This cleaning process will help you to deep clean your fabric couch and will remove all stains and will provide extra protection against wear and tear. 

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How to make your couch look new and clean? 

1. Vacuum and brush regularly

A lot of people forget about cleaning and taking proper maintenance on their sofa sets and other furniture. Vacuuming is the best way to remove all the dust and dirt that accumulates on the surface of the fabric over time, which can cause discoloration.

Moreover, it will allow you to get rid of any pet hair or fluff that has managed to sneak into your couch. Vacuuming your couch regularly and brushing it once or twice a week will keep it clean and look new. 


2. Treat with conditioning agents

Treat your couch fabric with conditioning agents to prevent damage from spills, food stains, pet hair, and other substances and protect its surface over time. Conditioning will increase its longevity and make your couch look new for years.

If you have a fabric sofa then use a fabric protector spray to protect it from stains and spills as it makes them waterproof over the years making it look fresh and shiny. This will also keep termites and bugs away from your couch. Make sure to buy a good quality conditioning agent with less chemical composition. 


3. Cover it with a throw blanket or slipcover 

The easiest way to protect your couch from stain marks or dust and dirt is by using a throw blanket or slipcover. A throw blanket gives an aesthetic look to your couch and makes it look new and shiny for years. Although, a throw blanket won’t cover your entire couch, just the major areas. 

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Using a slipcover will cover your entire sofa and will keep away all the dust or pet hairs. It is extremely effective and will help you to keep your sofa looking new and clean for a longer period. Also, you don’t have to worry about the size of your sofa, you can easily avail custom-made slipcovers from almost every online shopping platform


The Bottom-line

Maintaining your sofa sets to make them look new and clean. It is extremely essential to prevent any signs of damage and maintain the quality of the fabric. It will increase its lifespan and will enhance the appearance of the living room making it look clean and tidy. 

Furthermore, it also prevents dust, dirt, pet hairs and other debris that can degrade the quality of the fabric. These are some beneficial tips that will help you to maintain and clean your fabric sofa sets. A clean and tidy couch will make you feel comfortable and provide a healthy environment.  


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