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How Artificial Intelligence(AI) Can Transform your WordPress Website

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Website owners who are leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are enhancing their revenue models and diverting greater amounts of relevant traffic. If you are looking to maximize the returns of your website development efforts, you must convert your website to WordPress and integrate the available AI features.

One can predict user behavior, include Machine and Deep Learning elements that make your webpage exciting, and also gather the attention of collaborators to increase partnerships. High-speed browsing, surreal UX offerings, and innovativeness at its peak are few additional perks of including AI on your website.

We have curated a bunch of reasons why you must hire a WordPress developer to upgrade your website with AI elements:

#1.  Automated Customer Service

Losing out on clients due to longer wait times in generating customer responses? This negatively impacts your business, leads to a loss of clients, a drop in brand value, and eventually a decrease in monthly revenue. AI-powered chatbots are what you need.

These chatbots help customers navigate around your site and find answers to generic questions. eCommerce websites have the most to gain from these chatbots. The quicker customers find their answers and get their queries resolved, the higher probability of them making a purchase. Websites that generate a fairly decent amount of traffic can boost their sales with such arrangements.

Irrespective of the time of the day, you would be automatically resolving most of your customer’s questions. Few chatbots that you can use are It’s Alive, Chatfuel, Landbot.io, and Manychat.

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#2. Textual Content Correction

Some plugins and features such as Jetpack and After the Deadline significantly improves the quality of your website’s textual content. They perform consistent spell checks, grammar corrections, and alternative verbiage options all across your website.

Several brands and individuals lose out on prospective clients due to poorly polished content. If you’re English is not good but your services are, these plugins can help erase the former problem. Besides, this is an assured way to maintain content quality on your website and also showcase the reliability of your professionalism.

Even better, few plugins help spot and correct styling errors, cliché text, and biased lingo.

#3. Individualized Experiences

How cool and effective would it be if you could automate the process of recommending your website visitor’s products based on their past search history? Several customers can leave your website if they are not able to fulfill their search intent. AI assistants ensure that customers are shown increased amounts of relevant information, as per their search intent.

This gives you data about customer behavior and thus you can easily predict what lures them more. Personalizing content and product-search for users have an increasingly successful trend for eCommerce websites.

When a visitor feels you are catering to their precise needs, they spend more time on your website, contribute to the ’word of mouth’ factor, and try to return a favor in the form of a purchase. The Bibblio plugin is one exceptional plugin to include this AI element.

#4. Voice Search Ability

The fact is that a satisfied visitor will revisit your website multiple times. Including the voice search feature will simplify their navigation and overall user experience. Above all, this element provides great results for websites that have most users accessing the website via smartphones. This makes an easy-to-use and thus faster possibility of fulfilling their purpose.

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It’s been several years that application owners have used and harnessed the benefits of this feature. There is no reason why it won’t showcase the same success rate on websites. Above all, internet users rarely expect to stumble upon the voice search feature on a website. If it is strategically placed and optimized for lightning-speed results, businesses and their customers are in for a treat.

#5. Boosting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

AI elements carry out frequent checks for SEO on the content, URL, meta descriptions, titles, alt tags, etc. of your website. Of course, human intelligence is a top contributor in this field. But if you merge human intelligence with AI, your SEO results have a 5x chance of establishing greater outputs.

Plugins such as Automatic Alternative Text and WordLifthave noteworthy effects on your website’s SEO game. If you ever decide to convert your website to a WordPress powered domain, make sure to use these plugins. They help you link to Creative Common (CC) images and gain a higher degree of relevance to your content.

Besides, these plugins also suggest sections of your website’s content to users based on their previous searches. Most importantly, these plugins will add highly relevant alt text to your visual content. This makes it simpler for Google’s algorithm to rate your content and reward your website with a higher ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).


AI helps make your website intuitive, engaging, and interactive. It also helps publish error-free content along with possibilities of higher client-retention. Make sure you give serious thought to placing chatbots and voice search features to simplify your client’s navigation needs.

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