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7 Steps to Upgrade Performance of Your Windows PC

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Computers always have played a great role in every person’s life. Whether you are a student, businessman, employee, teacher, banker, or belongs to any other field, the computer is your need. You can’t deny the importance of computers in your life. The smartphone is also a type of small pocket computer that we can use anywhere anytime. We can say that there will be at least one computer in every home today.

As the technology is growing, there has been the latest computers and laptops in the market that provide high performance. Nowadays, optimize pc is important as you will need to run software that requires more storage. Speed up laptop if you are a content creator, video editor, etc., and want to use software’s best performance.

For gamers, gaming laptops have been introduced that can allow users to experience high-performance games. Unfortunately, there can be one problem in both normal and gaming PCs and laptops and that is slow-down performance and heating issues. Today, we are going to discuss steps you can do to speed up laptop and how to improve computer performance.

Before we discuss the steps to upgrade performance there are some questions that we think we need to answer so you can understand things better. People often ask the following questions: 

  • Does upgrading from Windows 7 to 10 increase computer performance?
  • Will Windows 10 make old computers faster?
  • Will upgrading to Windows 10 delete my files?

Let’s answer these questions briefly first and then we’ll move forward. 

Does Upgrading From Windows 7 To 10 Increase Computer Performance?

Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 will definitely have positive impacts on performance. So, the simple answer is “Yes”. The reason is Windows 10 is more optimize and has more security features that can boost a pc performance.

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If you have received Windows 10 update and still not updating your system, then it’s the right time to do it. One of the reasons for this is there may have been some security issues and vulnerabilities on Windows 7 that can lead you to lose your confidential data.

Since Windows 10 is more optimized and has the latest features and is more secure, it will definitely increase performance.

Will Windows 10 Make Old Computers Faster?

Well, it totally depends on your computer’s specifications. Windows 10 is well memory-optimized but If there is 2GB RAM and 256GB HDD then definitely no. Windows 10 will not make your old computer faster in this case. However, if there is good enough RAM like at least 4GB and at least 512GB HDD then it may increase performance. 

Will Upgrading To Windows 10 Delete My Files?

A few years ago, when the windows 10 update arrived on Windows 7 first time then they mentioned that the data will be secure and not delete however it is better to make a backup. However, if now you upgrade to Windows 10 then all the files on the root folder that is normally “C Folder” on your computer will be deleted. However, the files saved in other folders most probably will remain there if you do it carefully and properly.

Any careless step will cause you to lose all your important data. So, it is recommended to back up your important files on a portable device so you don’t lose anything important.

7 Steps To Upgrade Your Windows Pc Performance:

There are many ways to make an optimized pc and speed up your laptop performance.  However, we are going to discuss the top 7 here. 

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  1. Defragment Of Your Hard Drive: 

A fragmented hard drive means that the file you are looking for isn’t located in one area of your computer’s memory, but rather is split into pieces and contained all over.  This can slow down how quickly a computer accesses a file. It’s a good idea to defragment your hard drive at least once a month or so.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Programs: 7 Steps to Upgrade Performance of Your Windows PC

Unused programs take up space on a computer’s memory and make it difficult for the operating system to efficiently allocate resources. When you uninstall a program, make sure you check how much space it was using on your hard drive before deleting the program’s folder(s).

  • Close Unneeded Windows & Background Tasks: 

Many times when we are working with one window open, others remain open which slows our computer down as we try to switch between programs. Closing unneeded or background tasks can often speed up how quickly your computer responds to commands from its keyboard or mouse, especially if you are running many open programs at once. 

  • Use VPN While Browsing The Internet: 

While browsing the internet, we often download malware or virus unintentionally that enters our pc and slows it down plus steals data secretly. To stop this, we can use VPN windows so it will prevent harmful files to download. There are many VPN download pc options. You can download VPN for windows easily and make your browsing safe and secure. However, we recommend you to use VeePN free trial to try all the features before purchasing.

  • Use SSD: 

While most laptops and computers come with HDD, it is recommended to also use SSD as it can boost up your computer’s performance. Once you install SSD on your computer, you will see a clear difference. If possible, use only an SSD of at least 512GB. However, it is expensive compared to HDD. So, you can decide which one is within your budget.

  • Upgrade Hardware:
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Installing more memory (RAM) for your computer is quick and easy.  Adding more RAM will allow your computer to access information that was previously stored in the hard drive faster than ever before. A new hard drive is another upgrade that’s cheap and easy to install.  Adding a new hard drive will allow your computer’s operating system and programs to access information much faster because it has more room for these files to be stored in memory.

  • Improve How Quickly Webpages Load:

 If you have a faster computer with a good graphics card but still find yourself waiting too long for web pages to load, there are other factors that come into play such as how efficiently websites are constructed and how close you are to your ISP’s servers.  The closer you are to the server, the faster how quickly it accesses information online will be. You can improve how quickly webpages load by using a proxy server, VPN, or any other program that re-routes how you connect to the internet in order to get closer to where sites are hosted.


Computers are an essential part of everyone’s life doesn’t matter which field they belong to. However, performance issues sometimes can make your life horrible.

You can optimize your computer’s performance in a number of ways including VPN. Download a free trial of VeePN for windows and prevent your computer from harmful files that can secretly enter your computer and spy on you. With the security layer of VeePN, you no longer need to worry about viruses and can boost up your computer performance. 

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