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Top 3 Lamination Types that Perfect for E-Cigarette Boxes

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The folded cardboard and the printing machine are flooded with excellent coating and lamination advanced options. These e-cigarette box printing coatings help you differentiate packaging from the competing brands. Thus, it provides a unique texture that makes it more durable and elegant.

Today, there are many different options, from standard to special finishes. They can be used in full e-cigarette box packaging or in selected locations. Few teams of experts in the field will yet help you choose the ideal type of lamination or the coating for your box project.

What is Lamination All About?

This is known to be the ideal finishing for cardboard boxes. But it is a bit costly compared to the rest of the printing options for the packaging boxes. If your new product needs to be stored for a long time, lamination can be a way to complete the packaging.

There are several types of lamination available on the market. This includes the three most popular: glossy, matte, and PET lamination. Glossy lamination is excellent for adding the packaging with transparent and glossy touch. This will enhance the whole cigarette box.

Matte lamination is quite a lot widespread use for luxury products. They are excellent for introducing packaging with elegant and minimalist effects. PET lamination has the same benefits which you can have from matte lamination. It would be giving the custom e-cigarette boxes packaging brushy and a velvety appearance.

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Let’s talk more about the top three lamination options for a perfect e-cigarette box.

  1. Matt Box Lamination

The easiest way to look at matte lamination is to watch the light shine on the surface.

Matte lamination shows very little or no light effect. This leaves a flat and frayed appearance on the surface. Matte lamination is almost soft to the touch, making it an excellent choice for packaging. Its primary purpose strives for a more interactive experience.

If you are looking at a matte lamination of, for example, a sample or prototype, it is important to note how the colors are displayed.

Matte lamination can let the colors appear extra subdue with the shallow color depth. You can use it for manufacturing luxury e-cigarette boxes wholesale packaging. This will add the box an extra refined and modern look.

  1. What are the Critical Features of Matte Lamination?

Matte lamination is a great way to create the packaging with an excellent smoother look. Especially for dark colors, less reflective treatment can reduce contrast. This will create more minor color tones.

It creates a sense of well-being and, at the same time, differs from the competition for consumers. Thus, it gives a different taste to the brand that may be looking for something new. With the rapid growth of in-store purchases, many brands have printed their packaging with matte lamination.

Mattswart is the ideal fabric for printing techniques such as embossing and metallic foil. Its main aim is to make the products on the shelves more attractive and easy to disassemble on arrival.

  1. Glossy Lamination

Unlike matt lamination, when reflecting light on the surface, the gloss has a radiant quality. Thus, it affects the intensity, better image comparison, and more vivid color depth.

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Glossy laminated bags and magazines draw attention to their own. In this respect, they may look as flashy as their sad matte counterpart. For this reason, they can borrow brochures, cover photos, perfume boxes, and bookshelves.

Glossy lamination can enhance a product that is different from matte lamination.

Is your brand looking to communicate a more transparent and more youthful appearance? If yes, then glossy lamination may be your ideal choice.

Glossy lamination enhances and brightens your colors to look more vivid and detailed.

  1. What Are the Critical Features of Glossy Lamination?

The glossy laminate has a strong surface finish that can withstand dirt and dust. If it comes in contact with surface contaminants, it can be easily cleaned for excellent protection of your product.

Gloss provides a first-class impression in a bright light retail environment. But wrinkles, scratches, or dents may be more visible from the glossy coating and the UV coating on selected parts of the print.

This needs to be in the brighter colors that reflect every subtlety of your effective laminated custom luxury boxes packaging design.

  1. PET Laminating Foils

PET laminating films, known as polyester films, are among the best solutions for many applications. Why is this a preferred option for almost all applications? Some of the most discussed key features are excellent printing, high oxygen resistance, and excellent processing due to high-temperature resistance.

In addition, this type of film also has high tensile strength, tearing, and substantial impact, which is maintained even after lamination.

Typical uses are menus and office or university identification cards. If your project requires strength and heat resistance, these films are your best choice. You will also find these great features in the matt and glossy finishes.

  1. What Are the Critical Features of PET Lamination?

  • Strong and flexible
  • Excellent scratch resistance
  • Universal laminate
  • Good thermal stability
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The answer to “what’s better” should be an introduction to “what to use for lamination?” make a conscious choice.

Everyone has their advantages and disadvantages; the disadvantages may be insignificant or small for you, depending on the application.

You can consider the script “the best of both worlds.”

For example, placing a matte laminate on a glossy label will make it easier to scan the barcode, and users can write it by hand if needed. To some, matte lamination may seem dull. However, adding a glossy laminate to the matte label can give your e-cigarette boxes packaging a glossy patina and a more complex look.

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