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Progressive Web Apps: The Next Big Digital Revolution?

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The world today is a result of the various revolutions that have caused the curve to shift each time. For the longest time, these revolutions were unknown to humankind, and we lived in a world where the simplest of things satiated our needs. Eventually, when we began exploring the various courses of action, it became clear that there is so much more to the world than we see. 

One such paradigm-shifting invention that gave birth to a variety of other creations is the Digital Revolution. It may take too long to trace the journey of the digital revolution, but it’ll just take a minute to have a quick scan of our room and realize how deeply it has penetrated our lives. 

Mobile phones are a by-product of the digital revolutions and are an integral part of our lives. From the moment we wake-up to the moment we place our heads on the pillow again, this gadget is a part of our quotidian life. And we know that their popularity is a result of bettering the limitations of desktop computers. 

After looking at the change in the taste and preferences of the society, the popularity of Mobile Application was well expected. Since the curve hinted that convenience is the way we’re choosing, having things done on our finger-tips was possibly the most convenient path. If we consider the world today, we’re essentially fighting COVID-19 with the help of our gadgets; had this pandemic taken its course a decade ago, it’s hard to say that we would have been at to fight it with the same efficiency. 

Now that we understand that change is going to pave the way for a new world – let’s look at this new change that promises to revolutionize the digital world. 

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PWA – A Revolution In Itself 

We understand that the business arena today functions on the principle of being consumer-oriented. Phrases like “Customer is the King of the Market” have made it pretty clear that every change must be in favor of enhancing their experience with your product. 

Progressive Website Applications (PWA) cater to the customer’s needs and provide them with a 2-in-1 experience of websites and mobile applications on one screen. The mechanism is pretty simple; while browsing a website, if a pop-up asks you to your preference about having the icon on your mobile’s home screen, then it is a PWA. 

Let’s go through a few stats to understand how PWA is a revolution in itself.

  • According to smashing ideas – 65% of the smart-phone users download 0 applications in a month. 
  • David Brunelle, Vice President, Customer Experience Engineering At Starbucks, tweeted that the Starbucks PWA in 2x daily active users. 
  • The Twitter Lite PWA saw a 20% decrease in its bounce rates.
  • MakeMyTrip said that after their PWA launch, they witnessed a 3x improvement in their conversion rates and a 160% increase in mobile sessions. 

More often than not, we use web browsers to find the answers to our queries. Despite having the application on our mobile phones, we tend to forget and jump on to the ‘www.’ When we look at the statistics, it is safe to say that PWA is a well-rounded concept that can increase your sales, enhance the UX, get your website to rank better, and generate meaningful traffic. 

How Is PWA The Next Digital Revolution?

PWA solves a user’s dilemma between an application or a website. Due to its versatile features, it allows the users to have the optimum UX without having to switch mediums. Let’s look at a few of the distinguishing characteristics that make it the next big thing in the digital world.

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1). Cost-Efficient and Fast

We understand that development is an expensive process. And after spending hours on developing and testing an application, if it doesn’t receive an equivalent amount of recognition, then the entire process may be redundant. Right now, we function in a market where a lot of applications have made their mark. So it is challenging for any new application to enter unless it is unique. PWA save the developers from the tedious process and gives them space to experiment with their idea. If they find it successful, they can choose to develop a different medium to connect with the users. 

In addition to being cost-effective, PWAs are also fast because they do not bring along heavy data. According to logic labs, 50% of the users will close a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. PWA capitalizes on these stats and provides the users with a much faster result to their queries. 

2). No Dinosaur

Sometimes due to the lack of space, the apps and website that functions on an older version may crash mid-way. PWA saves the trouble of updating versions because they operate on a pre-cached concept and do not take up space on your devices. Also, they can function without data transmission, which means that even if you lose internet connectivity on your device, you’ll still be able to browse the content. 

3). Ultimate UX

If your website is in the form of a PWA, then your customers are already gushing over it. Think about it this way – given the rate of acceleration of technology, most users do not want to take an extra step to hop on to your website or download your application. 

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What they want is a PWA!

So, in a nutshell, a PWA is a native-like application on your home screen that doesn’t take up space on your device. It sends push-notification that enhances user engagement, and it’s reliable. These features are enough to enhance the user experience of your customers and increase your conversion rate. 

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Let’s consider a situation where a person wants to know more about Twitter. They will not directly download the mobile application, but they will use a search engine. Now, if they click on a link that re-directs them to twitter, they’ll come across a pop-up that asks them if they want the icon on their home screen. And that’s it! They can then use it directly from that small-icon that sits on their home screen without going having to download it from app-stores. 

PWA capitalizes on curiosity and the means to quench that curiosity; this avoids some steps and takes the user to the final stage, directly. Not to mention, Progressive Web Application Development is pocket-friendly, fast, and has better chances to reach a particular niche.


Author Bio: 

Chaitanya Patel is an ardent writer who generates best-in-class posts on a wide range of digital marketing tools and techniques. He also produces well-researched and factual posts on various other topics. In his free time, you will either find him spending quality time with his loved ones or surfing over the internet for technical exposure.

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