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How Can Outdoor Lighting Enlighten Your Home with Lesser Carbon Footprint?

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There are so many ways of making your home eco-friendly. You must consider energy-efficient lighting seriously and find out ways to invest in eco-friendly home features. There are several environmental benefits of outdoor lighting. Let’s find them!

Those who have eco-friendly homes wonder whether or not they should have outdoor lighting. The answer is yes! The biggest environmental benefit of outdoor lighting is that it can enlighten your home’s outdoors in an energy-efficient way. Many turn on their indoor lights so that their guests can reach the front door safely. A lot of energy is consumed as your indoor lighting has to continue illuminating until your guests arrive.

You can choose programmed outdoor lighting with motion sensors. This feature makes them a better option. Having motion sensor lighting is better for the environment than having a lighting system that remains ON the whole evening even though you don’t know the exact time when someone will come.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting for Eco-Friendly Homeowners

Several great environmentally friendly reasons to consider while using outdoor lighting and other outdoor fixtures like floodlights, downlights, steps lights, and others. However, there are several practical benefits of using these lights as well.

Consider a situation where your guests are coming after the sunset, and they step out of the car, walk down the illuminated walkway to the front door of your home. You have your path lighting installed, and your guests are easily guided through the entrance using these lights instead of a front porch light. How excited and confident you would be and how comfortable they would feel while walking on the pathways; they don’t have to worry about tripping or falling. Therefore, low voltage walkway lights create a heavenly and safe atmosphere if you creatively plan and design them.

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Everyone dreams of having a beautifully designed and elegantly decorated house with bright and beautiful lighting. Eventually, you might be planning for a small lighting investment in your outdoors so that you can highlight your architecture, trees, pool, and other places. You might be planning to get the job done by yourself. You can get involved personally, but you would still need professional help to beautify your home with sensational outdoor lighting.

You must know why you should go for outdoor lighting and what exactly happens when you install them. Let’s discuss!

Advantages of Outdoor Lighting

  • It illuminates your house and eventually improves the beauty and overall appearance of your home.
  • You feel good as your home looks no less than a beautiful resort.
  • You feel confident about the security of your house after installing outdoor lighting.
  • Ultimately, the value of your house increases as the architectural beauty, and exterior design gets visible and easily noticed with bright light.
  • Using colorful lights makes the building design even more beautiful in the evening or when the sun goes down.
  • Outdoor lighting reduces insects and other dangerous animals like snakes etc. It also minimizes the chances of burglars or intruders getting inside your home.

Though outdoor lighting is necessary, appropriately planning lighting within a given budget and getting the most out of it is impossible without professional help. Designing and implementing outdoor lighting by yourself can be risky. Moreover, you cannot avoid outdoor lighting as it could risk others’ lives as your family or friends can, unfortunately, get injured because of poor lighting inside your premises. So, don’t hesitate to consult outdoor lighting professionals.

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How Professionals Plan, Design & Install Outdoor Lighting?

Professionals can make expert recommendations of outdoor lighting. However, you can also make your lighting plan and take feedback from professionals. Together you can make a unique outdoor lighting plan for your house. Below we have discussed some ideas through which you can prepare a master plan for your outdoor lighting.

  • The most important part of your house where your friends, family, and guests get an impression about you and your house is the front dooryard. It is connected with a walkway to the front gate; therefore, it is the only place to enter and get out of your house. It would help if you began with lighting up the walkway by adding low voltage path lights. You can also choose traditional dome hide LED bulbs and prevent glare.
  • Steps are the next important element that needs focus. People install step lights that reflect or shine in all directions, even into your eyes. This makes walking difficult and risky. So, use linear LED strip lights as they push light to the steps. This way, you can prevent mishaps which can sometimes be fatal.
  • Some people choose lanterns which are a crazy selection. Visible candle-shaped bulbs and clear glasses increase glaring, which can be harmful to your eyes. Make sure you select frosted shades and add dimmers for a dream sensation.
  • Avoid using bare bulbs. Always use dimmers in pendants. It is necessary for your eyes.
  • Many people choose spotlights as they find them suitable for catching burglars. But these lights can cause light trespass and disturb your neighbors.
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 Outdoor lighting for residential buildings is essential and inevitable. Take professional help to plan and implement your outdoor lighting. They keep focusing on the safety and security of your building, taking care of light pollution.


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