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StealthSeminar vs. EverWebinar: Which Is the Better Automated Webinar Software?

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One of the best ways to maximize conversions is to hold a webinar. Although making one is not that complicated, you can make the process easier with an automated webinar system.

The question, however, is what webinar platform should you use, given that so many are there in the market?

To help you select the best option, we’ve drawn a face-off between two favorite tools: StealthSeminar vs. EverWebinar.

Free Trial

A free webinar trial is a great way to compare the performance of StealthSeminar and EverWebinar.

Fortunately, the former offers a 30-day period free of charge, no credit card needed. As for the latter, it only comes with a 14-day trial for $1.

StealthSeminar wins this category. Not only does it allow you to host an evergreen webinar for longer, but it costs zilch, too.

Software Cost

StealthSeminar offers a monthly fee of $69.95, while Everwebinar only has an annual plan of $499.

In terms of fees, the winner of the Stealth Seminar vs. Everwebinar debacle will depend on the customers’ needs. Everwebinar is best for long-term use as it only costs about $41.50 a month.

However, if you feel uneasy paying for a system that you might not use for the entire year, go for StealthSeminar. Its monthly pricing also includes streaming and set-up fees, which may prove to be more economical in the long run.

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Hybrid Automated & Live Feature

It’s essential to have a software that can combine live and automated webinars. This is especially crucial if a troubleshooter is not available during the time of your live forecast.

As this is not available with EverWebinar, only Stealth Seminar can help you out with this concern. With its hybrid feature, you can get your presentation started on time, even if some of your speakers are not around.

Live Webinar Functionality

Although automated webinars are better because they lessen the chances of mistakes, it wouldn’t hurt to run a live webinar now and then. If you wish to reach more customers, it’s a must to share your presentation via YouTube live hybrid.

Since only Stealth Seminar has this feature, it’s safe to say that it’s the obvious champion in this category.

Screenshare Support

Say you’re hosting your first ever post. The jitters come in, and you can’t seem to navigate the tools no matter how hard you try. Instead of screen sharing, you end up ruining the entire video itself.

If you don’t want this scary thing to haunt you, you need support — the likes of which only Stealth Seminar can provide you. Compared to other webinar platforms, it includes screen share support so that you don’t have to think about anything else!

Automated Webinars with Live Chat

Although an automated webinar is ready-made, you can make it feel like you’re there with the attendees. You can do this with the live chat feature, which allows you to converse with clients and even answer their burning questions.

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Unfortunately, Everwebinar doesn’t have this option. So again, Stealth Seminar emerges victorious in this category.

SMS Reminders

While your registration page may be full, your attendees may end up forgetting about the schedule. This is why you need to remind them so they won’t miss out.

With Stealth Seminar, you don’t have to undertake this tedious task. It has a fantastic scheduling feature that sends text reminders to every customer. That way, each one is reminded that the webinar will start today!

Multiple File Types 

It’s important to save your automated and live webinars in your file type of choice. If not, some of your clients may not be able to watch or replay your video because of compatibility issues.

Comparing Everwebinar vs. Stealth Seminar, it’s clear that only the latter comes with this feature. Again, this makes it a better choice because you can save your marketing video in MP4 or AVI formats (or whatever video format you like).

Event Customization

You don’t want your evergreen webinars to look alike in every single session. As such, you need a program that can customize your events as needed.

This is all possible with Stealth Seminar. With this, you can customize the entire online experience through:

  • Marketing webhooks
  • Custom CSS
  • Embedded widgets for date and time
  • Worldwide language support


If you want to increase your sales, you need to look over your webinars’ statistics. And while both the 2021 StealthSeminar and Everwebinar platforms have webinar dollar stats, this is where the similarities end.

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For one, only Stealth Seminar provides other related statistics, such as attendee active response and UTM parameter tracking. With these latest figures, you can readily capitalize on your sales funnel.

Winner: StealthSeminar

The more superior Stealth Seminar wins this face-off. With its affordable cost, advanced features, and excellent support, it’s the best platform for all your webinar needs.

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