10 Most Successful Business Ideas That Conquered the Whole World

10 Most Successful Business Ideas That Conquered the Whole World

Do you know that most of the most famous businessmen and entrepreneurs of our time began their journey from scratch? Moreover, their future success was ensured not only by hard work, perseverance and self-confidence, but also by very original plans and business ideas. 

And then you just learn about the most successful ideas for creating a business that made their authors billionaires. Nowadays many people start eCommerce marketing agencies and they could also become rich.

Learn how these top 10 made it to the list of the giant startups of the world:

1. Amazon

Now, this is unlikely to surprise anyone, but one of the most profitable business ideas in history has been the sale of books over the Internet. When in the 90s the World Wide Web began to gain popularity all over the planet, many people did not even know about the promising possibilities of its use. But the American entrepreneur, immediately noticed a promising niche and organized one of the largest online stores in the world – Amazon. Soon, e-books began to be produced under the same brand. Today, Bezos fortune exceeds $ 18 billion.

2. Ferrari

Next, you should talk about the famous Italian businessman Michel Ferrero. As you probably guessed, it was he who created the company Ferrero, which today is famous for its sweets around the world. It all started with the fact that Michel began to use traditional chocolate for making unusual confectionery forms and products. Then chocolate butter was invented, which was a novelty for its time. After that, the family business of Ferrero began to develop at a rapid pace. Today, Michel owns the largest confectionery brands in the world, and his fortune totals about 17 billion dollars.

3. Ralph Lauren

One of the most successful business ideas was the creation of the company Polo Ralph Lauren. So, the American fashion designer and entrepreneur Ralph Lauren decided to put his company logo with the image of a horse on ordinary T-shirts and shirts. As a result, such exclusivity allowed to increase the cost of goods by four times. Today, the Polo brand produces clothes, perfumes, and furniture. Lauren’s fortune reaches $ 8 billion.

4. Public Storage

The next successful idea for creating a business is to install automatic cameras for storing things along the freeway. Its author is an American Brad Hughes. Today, his company Publics Storage is the largest organization in the United States in the provision of services in the field of storage of goods and goods with 2000 branches throughout the country. Hughes’ fortune totals about 5 billion dollars. At the same time, Brad is one of the country’s most generous philanthropists. But here the most successful business ideas are just beginning.

5. Binny Bears

Have you ever wanted to release a series of your teddy bears? But the American Ty Warner was not only able to realize this idea, but also managed to earn billions of dollars from this. The essence of this plan is that quality-made bears ( Binny bears ) are made in a special design, receive personal names, and are issued in limited quantities. Moreover, these toys are collectible. Tai’s fortune is $ 4.6 billion.

6. Red Bull

It is worth noting that for many years non-alcoholic beverages have been one of the most successful products in the field of trade. Understanding this, entrepreneurs Dietrich Mateschitz and Kaleo Juvidikha have developed a unique recipe for cooking “energy”, which includes caffeine and various vitamins. Today, this drink is available worldwide under the Red Bull brand. Successful implementation of a business idea with this cocktail brought Yudvikha and Mateschitz 3 billion dollars each.

7. Geox Shoes

Once an Italian named Mario Moretti Poligatto decided to go for a walk in the mountains of Nevada. As a result of this trip, he had a great idea to create comfortable shoes with a “breathing” sole. Mario decided to make holes in the sole of the hole with a special membrane that does not allow moisture to pass through. Thanks to this, the legs do not sweat and the person is always comfortable. Moretti originally proposed this idea to Nike, but she rejected it. Then the Italian created his own company Geox shoes, the successful operation of which brought him $ 3 billion

8. Dyson LTD

Englishman James Dyson was very tired of cleaning his home. He believed that the vacuum cleaner sucks out the dust too slowly. He logically suggested that if this process will occur faster, then with the cleaning will have to “mess around” less. Curiously, he learned the skills of engineering while studying at an art school. Thus, James developed a model of the vacuum cleaner, which sucks all the dust at a speed of 300 km / h to supersonic. The implementation of this business idea made Dyson richer by $ 1.7 billion.

9. Riegel

The famous brother’s Paul and Hans Reigeli from Germany were so fond of chewing candies and sweets that they decided to create their own company for their production. The brothers came up with several hundred of the most diverse tastes and forms of their products, which conquered the sweet tooth from around the world. Today, Reigel’s fortune reaches $ 1.5 billion.


10. Starbucks

But the American Howard Schulz was very fond of coffee and firmly decided that an invigorating drink should be available always, to anyone and anywhere. So Schulz systematically began to equip almost every street in America with small coffee shops. Today, his company is known under the Starbucks brand with a total of 12,000 coffee houses. Such a business has made entrepreneurial Howard the owner of $ 1 billion.
As you can see, business ideas are very diverse. Or maybe you have an original and promising plan that will make you known to the whole world?


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