09 advantages of using fiber optic cables

09 advantages of using fiber optic cables

When it comes to installing the wire or cable to get the maximum speed and coverage, fiber optics is the one that strikes first. Every cable has its characteristics and uses for different purposes. Similarly, the decision matters over the use and requirement in a particular situation.

If you are looking for the fastest bandwidth, coverage and unlimited signals spread – fiber optics is the most compatible choice ever. Here is some definite pro of the fiber optics cables that you should know:

#1. Highest bandwidth

 Random cables like copper or other cable are designed with limited bandwidth coverage. Instead of cat6 plenum cable 1000ft, fiber optics offer the unlimited and highest bandwidth. It is because of the thickness, design, and cable arrangement that make it more sustainable and compatible to carry maximum data for the transfer. Usually internet connection and for satellite data broadcast fiber optics suits well.   

#2. Long-distance coverage

No matter how long the data transferring is required. With the fiber optics, it is unlimited coverage even from long distances as well. When it comes to transferring data from long distances, signal strength, cable type, and frequency matter a lot. The simple copper cable carries the signals for just a few feet, but for the optical cable, the distance can be into miles without interruption.  

#3. Durable and environment resistant

Optical cable design and material make it durable and strong to face environmental hazards. Fiber optics have better immunity to sustain the rain, humidity, and moisture. But the copper cables cannot stand in the severe weather changes and interrupt the signals. Moreover, the fiber optics do not carry any electric current so there is no EMI interference as well. That’s why the area where the weather conditions go beyond the normal – fiber optics are priority choices for unlimited data or signal coverage.    

#4. Cost-effective

Cost is an important aspect that cannot be neglected while installing cables for data coverage. Fiber optics is an expensive cable type as compared to copper cable and others. But in the longer run, it has low maintenance costs that make it the preferred choice among the others. Due to the safe interference and low chances to get damaged, turning fiber optic is cost-effective in a longer period.  

#5. Fastest and safe connection

While cabling, safety is an important aspect that cannot be neglected. Fiber optics design and cable construction make it a more reliable and safe one. There is no electric current involved in the data transformation. It turns them into a safe and protected network and easy to handle.

#6. Lighter and compact size

Fiber optics are thin in size and shape as compared to a random cable. The thin structure makes them lighter in weight that is easy to carry and install. The structure is more protective than a random cable and cannot cause disturbance or damage while handling and installation. They can manage the pressure and forced to stand strong.    

#7. Reliable data transferring

Due to data protection, fastest transfer, and immunity towards the environmental hazards, fiber optics offer reliable data transformation. It provides stronger Ethernet connectivity than a random copper cable. For the satellite signals, cable connections, internet connectivity, and other signals transmission devices – fiber optics is a reliable choice. It offers flexibility with connections that with the change in the need it offers the modification.  

#8. Lightning speed

Other than the simple copper cable, fiber cable offers the power speed for the signals transmitting. In the fiber cable data movements usually in the shape of light that allows it to transmit signals more rapidly than an ordinary cable. Other than copper cable, fiber cable carries signals with high speed and overall it is 31 percent lower than light speed. With the fiber optics, the chance of signal breakout and failure is less than a random cable choice.

#9. No power loss

When it comes to the signals transferring, a more reliable source is fiber optics. It is because of its design, material, formation, and characteristics. It will not allow any power loss or failure of signals while carrying them. It stands for environmental changes, physical pressure, and handling as well. The chances to lose power with the fiber optics is less than simple copper cable. You can enjoy the best TV and internet connection ever. 

Final consideration!

By increasing the need for high bandwidth, speed, and unlimited data connection – companies prefer to rely on fiber optics other than copper cables. Especially, where the environmental concerns are involved fiber optical can stand and did not lose power at all. It offers unlimited signals coverage with the flexibility of modification.

Moreover, the installation is depending on the requirement of the user. At offices, homes, or other commercial places, the requirements are different. Fiber optics available in different sizes, with different bandwidth support and users, have a variety of choices to pick the right one as per the need.           


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