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How to Accelerate Digital Marketing Activities Using AI?

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Artificial intelligence has become a game-changer in the corporate world, bringing forth substantial changes and benefits. From financial, retail, human resource to marketing, it is transforming industries and changing how businesses function. At the same time, AI is also changing the way brands connect with audiences. The AI-enabled machines and automated systems have human-like intelligence. It can interact with customers, analyze purchase trends, and predict demand through analytical tools.

Looking at the benefits AI brings to the table, many entrepreneurs are starting to integrate AI to accelerate marketing activities. It can upscale customer-facing services by increasing efficiency and streamlining the user experience. The AI-enabled servers use chatbots to interact with customers and improve customer service. Similarly, it can hyper-personalize marketing campaigns by tailoring recommendations and suggestions on the website.

If you are doubtful about this tech innovation, have a look below. Here we are highlighting six ways how entrepreneurs can use AI to accelerate marketing activities and generate more value from campaigns. 

1. Improve Content Creation 

Today, content has become the most powerful medium to spread brand messages. Marketers invest a lot of time and effort into creating blogs since it directly influences purchase decisions. However, brainstorming topic ideas and producing unique content can pose a significant challenge. You have to analyze market dynamics and evaluate consumers’ preferences to create content that aligns with audiences’ interests. 

Surprisingly, AI-enabled devices can analyze consumer behavior and optimize content marketing efforts in several ways. It integrates automated content software that can generate new content and stories in a matter of few seconds. You have to enter a topic, and the servers will curate content automatically. If you are running short of ideas, heres a few fun topics to write about and improve content curation. 

Moreover, you can use AI machines for smaller tasks like generating social media posts. It can craft appealing content that captures digital consumer’s attention. After all, machines are pretty good at coming up with formulaic headlines that can upscale your digital marketing campaigns.

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2. Use Dynamic Pricing

Although providing discounts is a surefire way to accelerate sales, it doesn’t always work. Some customers are willing to buy products without any discount if the prices are reasonable. Therefore, instead of developing promotional campaigns, use dynamic pricing to expand the revenue streams. It is a flexible eCommerce pricing strategy that prices products at an optimum price through big data. Here, the AI-powered servers set the prices of products and services dynamically. They analyze demand, customer profiles, and various other factors to maximize sales and profits. 

Additionally, AI also facilitates continuous prediction, allowing entrepreneurs to adjust prices accordingly. Thus, you can adjust prices in minutes with the help of AI. For instance, the fare prices are lower initially but start increasing as the peak season starts. Besides this, artificial intelligence can also review numbers more quickly than humans. It can identify patterns in data and reveal pricing gaps and emerging market opportunities. In addition to attracting customers with optimal prices, you can win over your competitors with dynamic pricing

3. Personalize Marketing Campaigns 

The way consumers respond and interact with marketing campaigns is evolving. People want businesses to tailor messages according to their demographics, interests, and location, generating demand for personalized marketing. Luckily, artificial intelligence enables marketers to integrate personalization into their campaigns. It categorizes consumers’ data sets and extracts valuable insights from them. 

All the meaningful information is put into an automation engine that functions without human intervention. A leading example of AI-powered personalization could be the playlists created by Spotify. It recommends songs based on customer’s listening habits. Therefore, you can also use this technology to anticipate consumer behavior based on previous brand interactions. The AI-enabled servers will personalize communication on an individual level, improving conversion prospects. If you don’t know much about personalization, have a look below. Here are tips to utilize AI-enabled personalization. 

  • Most website visitors spend time browsing products, clicking links, and adding products to the cart. Such behavior can reveal valuable insights for marketers. The AI personalization engine can evaluate prospective customer’s behavior and retarget ads accordingly. 
  • Surprisingly, AI can also trigger personalized mobile notifications. For instance, if a user abandoned the cart, AI-powered devices can send messages and emails to remind about the purchase. 
  • Artificial intelligence can also study customer sentiments and create unique audience experiences. It generates insights from raw data and provides an accurate picture of what your customers want.  
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 4. Run Digital Advertising Campaigns

Digital advertising has adopted artificial intelligence successfully. Facebook and Google ad platforms already leverage AI and machine learning to target relevant audiences. They analyze user’s information, interests, location, demographics to capture prospective customers for the brand. Additionally, AI-powered servers also utilize audience management as a server (AMaaS) to automate the optimization of digital ads on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

In addition to testing various audiences on every ad, the servers can detect people who are likely to make the desired action. It can also recognize the most profitable platforms, allowing you to invest more resources into them. Moreover, intelligent AI algorithms can adjust and optimize marketing budgets by the hour. It enables the advertiser to obtain the highest sustained conversion rate, significantly improving the performance of digital campaigns. 

5. Leverage Predictive Analytics Model

One of the tremendous advantages of AI in digital marketing is its ability to anticipate consumer patterns and forecast sales. Artificial intelligence combines data mining, statistics, and sales modeling using predictive analytics to identify the probability of future events based on data history. It can predict the possibility of a prospect becoming a client. Similarly, it anticipates which clients are more likely to return and whether the quoted price will make a conversion. Here are some ways how you can use predictive analytics in marketing campaigns. 

  • Recommendation Engines: Predictive analytics uses algorithms to assess purchase patterns among concurring customers, display products that align with their preferences. 
  • Segmentation: Predictive segmentation can gather individuals into different groups, depending on their behavior. Having such data divided into categories will allow marketers to identify under-performing segments. In turn, they can tailor marketing strategies and make more informed decisions regarding upcoming marketing campaigns.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: The predictive models measure the frequency and economic value of repeat orders. It can help unfold the customers that bring maximum revenue to the business. Recognizing these customers lets marketers focus more of their budget on fostering repeat conversions. 
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6. Utilize Chatbots and Language Processors

Nowadays, business owners are utilizing chatbots to improve customer service. These are the natural language processing models that analyze, compile, and create human speech, enabling communication with real-time users. The chatbots can understand standard customer queries and provide prompt responses. Additionally, the bots can also make changes to customers’ accounts. For instance, if someone wants to adjust the delivery date or cancel the order, the bots will adjust customers’ accounts. Precisely, this feature is changing how business owners sell products to their customers.

Furthermore, chatbots can display product information when people type a specific keyword into the system. It also plays an integral role in voice search. Google’s AI program finds accurate results whenever someone uses voice assistance to complete a search. For this, brands must use long-tail keywords and provide content that answers searchers’ questions. These tools are making it easier to prosper in the digital marketing world.

Final Thoughts

Sooner or later, every business owner will be capitalizing on artificial intelligence to upscale marketing campaigns. From providing tailored content, personalized campaigns to top-notch customer support, the benefits of AI have become irresistible. Likewise, the predictive modeling tools facilitate the decision-making process, allowing marketers to make data-driven decisions. It is up to entrepreneurs how they wish to implement AI. One thing is clear that if you plan to run a successful business, AI-powered marketing tools are a must. 

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