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A complete Guide to GoDaddy Email Account Login

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GoDaddy has become the profound domain registrar among the other registrars in the world. With an estimated 6000 employers, it has claimed 17 million customers worldwide during 2017 in the month of May. Anyone who wants to digitize and make himself known can turn to GoDaddy for domains. The company which was introduced in 1999 are offering both emails, business, and hosting options to tons of people all over the world who want to expand their business or work. It has become the talk of the town’s talk in recent years. Moreover, it offers Webmail services for professionals.

What makes GoDaddy different from other service providers is it lets you take complete control over the website to make your presence on the Internet. There are many low-cost Web hosting in India which offers a variety of hosting types such as WordPress, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Service Hosting, etc. 

GoDaddy has become one of the largest Web hosting providers globally as nowadays; everyone wants to purchase hosting from the GoDaddy registrar. You get to access all sorts of GoDaddy products on its main page with email services. 

If you want to access GoDaddy Email Login, then you have come to the right page. Here is the detailed guide for GoDaddy Email Login.

To access Godaddy email login, you need to go to the primary main website of the brand. Off the chance, if you need to login to the GoDaddy products, then you have to visit the main page where you can use all the products.

You can endorse and utilize the domain management, hosting, or email services of GoDaddy by just accessing GoDaddy email login.

GoDaddy Email Login

Firstly you need to have an email account for GoDaddy email login, and then you can create a new email account in GoDaddy freely with a domain extension, and for that:-

  • You will need to visit the official page of the Godaddy site.
  • Now to the upper right of the screen, click on the “sign-in” option.
  • Enter your login credentials, i.e. your email address and password you are all set.
  • You can even use the “Google” or “Facebook” account to sign-in to the GoDaddy email login.
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Reset GoDaddy Email Password

Somehow if you have lost your login details or forgot the password then you can retrieve it using the steps below:

  • Open a new tab and visit the GoDaddy password reset page.
  • Next up enter your username or customer number.
  • Now enter your GoDaddy email login address
  • Explain the manual human test code (captcha code) 

This is all you required to do to reset the email password and log in. If you don’t have any information about your GoDaddy email login account, you the GoDaddy customer care number to recover your password. There you need to provide an equal amount of data to retrieve your email account and to reset the password and update the certification.

Godaddy Workspace Email Login

GoDaddy offers many services and Workspace is one of the services provided to its users for email login. It is not a free service e-mail platform but comes with a package whenever a user buys a domain. For creating an email address in this workspace, one has to coordinate it’s MX records to GoDaddy.In this way, you can log in to GoDaddy’s workspace email account and use the company’s interface.

As this workspace is suitable and preferred by people using a slow hosting platform, they find their email set up by their host to be unreliable.

To login to GoDaddy, workspace webmail go to  https://sso.secureserver.net/?app=email&realm=pass&

You need to type the e-mail address which you have created for the domain and make sure you are not utilizing the email address that you have used to si into GoDaddy site.

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In case you forget your workspace password, you can request a new password using the steps below, but the process might take some time to come to effect.

  • Access your account manager as we did before
  • In the account manager, “Click items” and then go to” workspace mail”. 
  • Presently select your account that you have to change the password for and click Edit. 
  • Type in your new password and re-enter to confirm and submit. 

MS Office 365 Login with GoDaddy

GoDaddy has collaborated recently with MS Office 365. You can log in to this account easily and more rapidly with this platform using the step below:

These are some of how you can access your GoDaddy Email Login account. As some users sometimes face login issues which gives them a hard time, especially when the user is an expert.

Given below are some steps to avoid such login problems if you ever find it challenging to log in at times and these steps will help you overcome 

  • Try to check that there is no problem with the two-steps authentication process in case you have enabled it. 
  • Try to enter the right email address and password. 
  • You can try resetting the password via this link below
  • https://in.godaddy.com/help/reset-my-godaddy-password-8   in case you believe that your account is locked.
  • Ensure you do not enter any other credentials apart from the GoDaddy account. 
  • If none of the solutions mentioned above doesn’t work, you can also try to request access to your account from the site. 
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These are some of the potential ways that you will have the option to access a GoDaddy email login into your account.


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