Flyff Universe Class Guide: How to Choose the Suitable Class in Flyff Universe

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When players first come into the world of Flyff Universe, they may be confused about the different classes in the game. Because there are a total of 13 classes to play in the game. And all players will begin in a class called the Vagrant Class. In the process of training, players can level up their characters and change their first class at level 15 and the second class at level 60 until level 120. So, how to choose the suitable class for your character in the Flyff Universe, you can read this article and find out the guidance. Players can use Flyff Universe Penya to get more XP for their characters in order to reach the requirement of choosing the next classes in Flyff Universe. 

Vagrant Class

The Vagrant class is the starting class for all players who first come into the world of Flyff Universe. Vagrants are melee fighters with three skills. After reaching level 15, they have access to advance to one of the four main job classes, which can be got by completing a specific quest. When you complete the related quest, your stats will be reset and make your character adjust to their new classes. 

Mercenary Class

Mercenary plays as melee fighters with the chance to use a sword or an ax. Their skills have more damaging attacks or self-improving buffs. Compared to other classes, they have the most HP stats in the game. The mercenary class owes the most points in defense among all the first classes in Flyff Universe. Someone who likes becoming a tanker can select this class. 

Assist Class

Assist Class plays as a support class in Flyff Universe. They have access to cast heal and cast buffs to other characters or just themselves. They are supporting characters that can cast and heal spells for an offensive attack. They are the first class that gets an AoE attack at level 28. Assist abilities to contain healing, hammering the ground to attack the foes, raising stats temporarily and resurrecting dead players. When you reach level 60, assists can be Ringmasters or Billposters. 

Acrobat Class

Acrobat Class plays as the ranged attackers in Flyff Universe. They usually use a bow or yoyo to attack their enemies from a long distance. Acrobat’s main stat point is DEX for faster attack speed and for critical hits. The bow range is farther than the yoyo, which relies on Dex for the attack. However, yoyo has a shorter range than the bow, they can push the foes away with strength. 

Magician Class

Magician Class plays as spellcasters with slow but powerful attack spells. They are willing to master their elemental spells which mostly increase the damage towards enemies or use the none elemental spell that can directly damage the foes. There are two different kinds of weapons for Magicians in Flyff Universe, one of them is staves which are a two-handed weapon that will make more damage, and the other is wands which are a one-handed weapon that provides more defense because they have access to equip a shield in their empty hand. 

Players who are first playing Flyff Universe have known the first tier of four classes in the game. And after reading specific information about each class, you can make your own decision that how to choose the suitable class for the development of your characters in Flyff Universe. While in the process of leveling, you will need Buy Flyff Universe Penya to collect rare materials for crafting nice gear for your character in order to complete more quests in the game.

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