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Best Practices For Website Design For Better SEO

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This is a common problem for companies that invest in website redesigns.

Companies spend a lot of time and money to create the best possible website. It is obvious that a company’s website represents its brand on the Internet.

Once the website is launched, even your best intentions may be a joke and your traffic may drop. Even losing 10% of your website traffic is a problem for B2B companies, which often have low traffic because they are connected to one industry.

This is a very common problem. However, it can be avoided if you consider the possible causes of traffic declines. These include, but aren’t limited to:

Modification in URL

Content added regularly

New sections and pages

Technology advancements

Structure of internal Links

Modifications to the domain name

Modification of the protocol (HTTP-HTS).

Before you start a redesign, it is important to have a plan that will help you transition from your current website to the new one. This checklist will show you how to redesign your website so that SEO-related problems are avoided.

301 redirects.

This is the most important and crucial task on your to-do list. Permanent redirects that preserve up to 99% of your link equity are called 301 redirects. This method requires that content remains on the same URLs throughout a website redesign.

Certain CMS platforms let you safely redirect content while retaining all external and internal links. WordPress, for example, allows you to design pages and keep the same permalink structure. It is recommended that you keep your old website up for a while if you are not using a CMS that offers this feature. This will allow you to verify that all links work properly.

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Content optimization.

Google published the list of requirements for quality content last year and defined low-quality content with the following features.

Inadequacy in EAT attributes (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness).

Inadequacy of the purpose of this page

Website maintenance can be problematic

Broken links, low-quality content, and content that does not function (low-quality images and videos) are all examples of content.

This is a common mistake during website design and can have a negative effect on SEO. Before you launch a new website, it is important to run content quality tests. You should check the content volume, resolution, and quality of images and videos (if any). Many CMS platforms have a media archive that you can use to update your content. To ensure you have all the information necessary to optimize your website’s content, create copies of your website content.

Update internal and backlinks.

Broken internal connections can also be a source of concern when redesigning a website. If you have a blog that you often refer to in your previous entries, your internal links may need to be modified.

You may get the same issue if you have numerous languages versions of your website available on your server. In any case, make sure to provide a link back to your main blog page.

Broken internal links aren’t the sole source of frustration. Broken backlinks can also result in poorer search engine ranks and poor SEO performance.

There are several SEO plug-ins for content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress that will assist you in determining the quality and relevancy of your backlinks.

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It is critical to ensure that these plugins have been thoroughly tested before launching your website. You will need to put the website into maintenance mode to resolve the issue.

Final Suggestion

If you are a B2B company and you want to publish a revamped website, you may tell Google of your plans. Google provides Webmasters Tools, which include the Change of Address Tool, among other things. This enables you to store changes to your domain for up to 180 days after they have been made. After this period, the updates to your website should be indexed. You’ll get an additional 180 days to make any changes to your website without risking a drop in website traffic.

Quality Guest Post offers SEO services, as well as traffic preservation. If you follow these guidelines, your website redesign will go smoothly.

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