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Top 9 Cannabis Strains For People Having Chronic Pain

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With the rapid emergence of medical marijuana, it’s closely taking the position of pain-alleviating medications. It is a revolutionary advancement transforming people’s lives, especially those suffering from chronic soreness and aches. Much to patients’ knowledge, marijuana can ease some kinds of chronic pains, including the ones closely associated with inflammation and nerve damages.

News and reports hint that chronic pain has become a significant reason behind affecting people’s lives more than life-altering ailments like diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. Chronic pain is a common concern of long-standing disability.

Thus, people having chronic pain can now go beyond options like NSAIDs and opioids. And medical cannabis has made it possible to craft a different story for patients living with body soreness. With the following cannabis strains, it is possible to treat inflammation and pain without risky side effects.

This is why you should always buy cannabis from a trusted mail order marijuana dispensary. In this way, you can reduce the risk of using cannabis that are low quality or may make you unwell.

1. White Widow

A potent marijuana seed banks is White Widow. It is also ideal for newbies. This strain is your perfect bet if you wish to relax cannabis strains that help you reduce pains and aches.

This Indica-dominant hybrid is excellent for reducing couch-lock effects. Patients with chronic pain and insomnia commonly use this strain. It can be perfect for alleviating anxiety effects.

White Widow comes from the crystal resin and white buds and can help you feel energized and deliver a sense of euphoria. This way, you feel happy when you drift off to sleep. To get the best quality strain, you can have a look at barneys farm seeds. Here, you can get all types of seeds for cannabis germination like regular seeds, autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, and mixed seeds. 

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2. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel happens to be the Sativa cannabis strain. So, this means that it offers ample energy for the whole day. It’s the potent THC strain and leaves you with an uplifting and mindful high. You might not just experience pain relief but even feel energized and happy throughout the day.

Patients with pain can be interested in consuming Sour Diesel. Many medical marijuana dispensaries avail and sell them frequently. It’s a top medical marijuana seed banks that are in demand in today’s world. You can consider purchasing this strain for relieving pain and anxiety.


ACDC happens to be the most prominent medical marijuana strain people use for reducing pain. However, ACDC is high in THC content and CBD too. CBD reacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain to alleviate the pain. A majority of patients state that they do not experience intoxicating effects. It has THC, so it is still great to try a tiny amount, especially when it’s your first time trying medical marijuana.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain helps you relax your body and mind while giving you enough energy to become social.

4. Blueberry

Blueberry happens to be another marijuana strain that got established in the ’70s. It has become famous as a perfect strain for people suffering from depression and anxiety. It’s powerful for relieving pain too.

Despite containing a higher high THC strain, the Blueberry strain comprises a high CBD strain. By taking away some THC effects, it leaves you relaxed. The fact that Blueberry is a Sativa strain is no denying. After all, it helps calm your mind and body, thereby healing the pains and aches and protecting you from long-term complications.

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Despite being a Sativa strain, Blueberry does not leave you couch-locked or sleepy. So, you can also use it during the day. But always ensure that you don’t have anything planned for the day.

5. Harlequin

If THC-dominant strains are not something for you, here’s recommending the high-CBD strains – Harlequin. It happens to be a Sativa and is a popular pain-eliminating strain. Regardless of being a Sativa, it gives you a calming and soothing experience. You can get a clear head. The best part is that it doesn’t give you a sudden energy burst.

Being a popular variant, it works pretty effectively for pain-relieving. The CBD makes the strain powerful. Using it can melt your pain gradually. Owing to the higher content of CBD, its effects are mild. Given that the strain includes a minimum amount of THC, you must not use it before operating a vehicle or working.

6. Northern Lights

If you are concerned about Indica strains for relieving pain and anxiety, ‘Northern Lights’ is the next choice for you. The strain is a popular variant, and it has won awards like the 90 High Times Cannabis Cup, thereby gaining global recognition. It offers a couch-lock and body-numbing impact on your body.

Besides, the strain offers mental relaxation and serves as a perfect strain for unwinding after a tiring and hectic day. This strain can even put you to sleep, so people with insomnia can try their hands on Northern Lights and enjoy the perks. 

7. Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush has high CBD content, and hence it can put you to sleep and help with nerve pain. It’s perfect for people who prefer consuming medical marijuana before going off to bed. As a beginner strain, it can be considered a great introduction. It’s an ideal option for those who do not want to experience the taste of Indica strains. 

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8. Cataract Kush

Calling Cataract Kush potent cannabis strains is an understatement as it is an amalgamation of OG and LA Confidential Kush strains. It might offer fantastic and quick pain-alleviating effects. This strain has a grayish-black look and crystal blankets and is not suitable for beginners!

9. Master Kush

Master Kush, initially called High Rise, is one of the fan-favorite Indica strains for people with sleep deprivation. It can be considered an excellent addition to chronic pain. You must use this particular strain of South Amsterdam carefully as it is a tetraploid strain with 2 chromosome sets. In 1992 and 1993, this strain became the proud holder of the Cannabis Cup. 

Final Takeaway

Identifying the most efficacious cannabis strain for pain management can be a different challenge. Check out a knowledgeable Denver dispensary to get any of your burning questions answered. Professional and knowledgeable staff can help you identify different strains and perhaps guide you in the right direction. If you’re ever in doubt, talking to your doctor is also essential. But with the above names in the list, finding the right strain becomes a seamless job. But ensure that you purchase one with the proper knowledge and expertise.




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