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Learn To Earn Money By Playing Games on Jeet 11 App

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In the Internet-centric world, fantasy games give you the experience of playing a sport but in a virtual manner. Fantasy games are all about players making the right use of the net to assemble their imaginary teams comprising real players’ proxies of professional sports. Depending on their excellence and statistical performance, the teams compete against one another.

Their performance gets converted into the given points. And everything happens on the basis of points totalled and complied with the roaster selected by every team manager of the game. One such game is the Jeet 11 app. In this gaming platform, players get a chance to play fantasy cricket games. 

The point system might get simplified for manually getting calculated by the league commissioner. Now, who’s a league commissioner? Well, he is the professional manager who coordinates the league accordingly.

Points get calculated and totalled using its tracking system. In sports, the team owner cuts, trades, and even drafts players. If you wish to learn further about Jeet 11 fantasy games, keep reading on. This post enlightens you about the best strategies to play cricket fantasy games on Jeet 11.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket in Jeet 11: Tips, Rules, Tweaks, Hacks, and Cheats!

Jeet 11 is a popular gaming platform where you can play fantasy cricket. In short, fantasy cricket has emerged as the prominent gameplay. In case you wish to join the fantasy cricket gaming platform, all you need is to improve your know-how and strategies for predicting the team.

Think again if you consider fantasy cricket as a wagering tool. No, it’s a lot more than that! It’s also about learning how players perform in a game & take the right calls before the starting of a match.

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You also need to learn about the players’ performance. A player might have performed excellently last year but this year they aren’t up to the mark. For this reason, you need to analyse. Only then can you select the players based on their current form. Here are the tips to play the fantasy cricket game effectively. 

Choosing the team

Now it is time to create your team that needs to include at least five players in the first:

  • Two bowlers and
  • Two batsmen,
  • One all-rounder

In terms of budgeting, there are no restrictions. And you may choose 5 players irrespective of the teams. You might have to play your game upon choosing players from the team. By the end, the team expires after your match ends. Nevertheless, you might choose the new team of around five players for the coming matches.

Choosing the captain

From the 5 players, you might select the captain & the score just gets doubled at the end of the match.

Managing your team

Unlimited changes will be made to the team prior to the deadline of the match.


The team selection gets closed at the start.

Live matches

When the match gets live, you might see the selected players that secure points depending on their performance. You may see the performance of users that you challenge. Tap on the users to see live performances.


When the tournament is on, players will get allocated points based on their performance.

What Life Skill Will Fantasy Cricket Gaming Teach You?

Fantasy gaming fans can excel and enhance their life skills by playing these games. Here are some skills you can enhance.

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Research Skills

When you make choices about players for the team, it helps you win contests accordingly. For that reason, accurate research on players becomes the main advantage. Be it cricket or football, fantasy gaming fans should perform intensive research based on the performance of real-life players, pitch conditions, and more. These aspects are decisive in a game. In addition, it also improves your insight into the gameplay. And it becomes great because of the capability of research.

Number Crunching and Statistical Proficiency 

Performing excellently is imperative to improve your fantasy gaming experience. A decent piece of information concerning the numbers will enable players to near to accurate calculations considering multiple sporting events. Hence, statistical skills happen to be the first consideration because fantasy games can augment your mathematical and statistical understanding.

Decision-Making Skills

Making well-informed decisions when you are inside the game holds paramount importance! As a matter of fact, it happens to be an important skill that gets developed during the fantasy sport. In fact, it is because of the factors such as weather conditions, player’s injury, and other impacts. Hence, it is imperative for participants to make logical decisions based on conditions & changes of real sports. So, decision-making proficiency is a strong aspect of a fantasy cricket game.

Collaborative & Socializing Skills

Socialization happens to be an important skill that everyone should learn. And when it is about fantasy gaming, you can learn collaborative skills and socializing proficiencies. In addition to this, it comes into use in every learning path of life. So, whether it is the society or workplace culture, the capability of implementing your collaboration and socializing skills help you immensely. For example, when someone manages your fantasy team, he understands the value of collaborative efforts. When communicating with family members, relatives, friends, and colleagues, you require socializing skills to present the viewpoint regardless of communication type.


Analytical Skill

Sharpening your analytical ability is also an important part of fantasy sports. A comprehensive analysis considering the fundamental aspects of the game may improve your winning chances. Here’s taking an example of the detailed analysis you take. It might keep the individuals well-informed about the consistency and form in the game.

While making an accurate analysis with regards to the performance of the real-life players, you might secure high ranks & win cash. Analytical skills improved during sports may be of immense significance in various aspects of the real-life world.

So, with these things kept in mind, you can enjoy the fantasy games on Jeet 11. Remember to follow the given rules to win the games

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