5 Must-Try Sparkling Wines From Around The World

5 Must-Try Sparkling Wines From Around The World

Anyone who enjoys a good glass of fine wine will invest in the best brands. Sometimes, all one needs to forget their stress and life pressures are good wine. But what are the best brands in the market? It is important to carry out good research if you want to settle for the finest quality. What’s more, all you need to have is enough cash to indulge because the chances are that one or two bottles will not be enough. Sparkling wine can be refreshing to the mouth and soul. The list below captures some of the best wine collections any wine lover should consider whenever they can afford it. 

Note that they are not in any particular order of superiority but a few of what you should consider when you crave sparkling wine. Choosing the best sparkling wines depends on your affordability and preference. Fortunately, there are several options available in the market from different producers and distributors. Check the liquor near me to know what champagne or sparkling breckenridge bourbon options would be great for you and your friends. 

1. Sorelle Bronca Brut Prosecco Superiore

Most people love drinking sparkling wines, which are commonly known as champagne. They are often used on occasions as celebratory drinks. Some people prefer it for daily meal accompaniments as well. Regardless of whether you enjoy a nice glass of sparkling red wine or are a white wine person, the Sorelle Bronca Brut Prosecco Superiore is an excellent choice. This bottle should be one you have in the house at all times. 

It makes a great starter just before meals, considering how pleasant it is in the mouth. The Italian brand is an excellent choice for people who want to enjoy a good drink as they enjoy their delicacy. Sorella is a perfect choice since it comes with unique flavors and herbal tastes. You can find it anywhere in the world because renowned companies distribute it. The wine is three-star rated, making it a decent choice for people. What’s more, it is affordable considering that it is about 20 US dollars. 

2. Gimonnet Gonet Cuvée Or Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Brut

This is another excellent choice of sparkling wine that is perfect for anyone who loves sparkling wine. It is a bit pricier than the first brand since it goes for $55. Anyone who reviews and tries different brands understands that this perfect wine from Cote des Blancs is one of the leaders in this category. The wine has several distributors across the world, showing how popular and preferred it is. 

Anyone who is into sparkling wine probably knows which brand not to miss. Gimonnet is not only tasty but also classy and refined. It is one of those wines that you must have in your wine cabinet. Ensure there are several bottles for when you want to enjoy a quiet dinner meal with friends or have a great time with family. It works for different occasions, from casual to formal dinners. Serving your guest with Gimonnet makes you appear like a sophisticated host with excellent taste.

3. Marfil Brut Cava

At only 15 dollars, this sparkling wine from Spain is a perfect choice for you and your family. This is a blend of white grapes macabeo, xarel-lo, and parellada. It has an excellent taste that is not obvious for everyone. Usually, the wine starts with a solid and crisp bubbly taste that reveals cirrus and currant, making it very refreshing. 

Being a great brand, this wine has several distributors in different states. You can find it in Virginia, Columbia, and Maryland, among other locations. Consider ordering it online if you miss it in your local wine shop. When choosing wines that offer great value, then you can be sure that Marfil does just that. 

4. Loosen Bros. Dr. L Sparkling Riesling

Germany is also not far behind when it comes to producing quality sparkling wine. They also have their own named Loosen Bros. Dr. L sparkling Riesling. This affordable wine brand is perfect for everyday use, especially with meals and casual events. You can relax with friends and enjoy a glass of wine or include it as part of your dinner drink. It is also distributed across the country and beyond. 

Are you a bubbly character and wonder what brand of sparkling wine will work best for your personality? This German brand is perfect for people like you. There are several distributors of the wine in different countries, including the likes of Vintner. It is also available in Maryland, Washington, and Virginia. The brand is rated as a two-and-a-half star, making it relatively affordable. So, consider having a few bottles in your house for when you need them.

5. Gruet Blanc de Blancs

This two-star wine is perfect. It is from New Mexico and is quite affordable since it goes for $19. With its origin being French since its producers are a French family, Gruet Blanc de Blancs is a perfect choice for everyday use. This blend is excellent and can pass for a perfect American sparkling wine brand. 

It embodies the real spirit of the American dream considering that producers have a different origin yet are doing excellently in America, the home of everyone. You will love the crisp apple flavor with a tint of ginger and lemon. It is easy for you to drink a few glasses without being overwhelmed since the wine has a small alcohol percentage level of only 12 percent. Various labels distribute Gruet.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best wine to drink is the easiest thing to do to check the different options available in the market. Sparkling wines are perfect when used as an accompaniment for dinner or brunch. These wines are characteristically known for their bubbles and are often referred to as champagne in other regions. They make excellent choices for events and special occasions and work well for everyday use, especially dinner.

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