Best Software to Remove DRM

Best Software to Remove DRM

With ongoing technological development, we have been surrounded by a global village where we can get pleasure out of watching programs, shows, movies and music all on our tablets, phones, and Tv instead of going to theatres. Digitalization has made our life more exciting and enjoyable. These movies, music shows, and programs are not freely accessible for you on phones and other devices all time because there is a restriction in the form of DRM (Digital rights management) which implements strict restrictions for illegal sharing of digital content.

This DRM safeguards all the digital material for, being stolen by other entities without consent and subscriptions. Besides, it does not allow playing and exchange of any digital content on prohibited and unofficial devices whether they have subscribed or not, they will not be allowed to play the content. There are many software and tools used to remove this encryption from any device after which you can watch your favorite digital content without any cost on your personal device. Hence, there are the following best software and tools to remove DRM from any movies, shows, and songs on Windows, iPhone, and other devices.

 1. TunesKIt for Windows and Apple a DRM remover

It is the most recommended DRM removal tool from Mac. It has remained at the number 1 position for the past year. It has all potential to unplug all kinds of encryptions on digital content like movies, videos, songs in Mac, and is an M4V converter so can remove encryption besides converting files from M4V to other formats. That is why all technical experts and other digital experts at dissertation writing UK give it top position;


a). High efficiency and speedy DRM removal and converter

b). It is available for both paid and rented content on iTunes.

c). It is an M4V converter to alter files into MKV, MP4, and other formats.

d). The videos remain with the same quality as the original videos after DRM removal with it.

e). It is a DRM removal for iTunes files. 

2. Aimersoft Windows DRM and file converter

If you are looking for complete removal of DRM on videos and audio on your windows, then Aimersoft DRM converter is going to be productive for you. When you get movies or shows on your iPhone and want to transfer these on your android mobile, but it is not so easy due to DRM right action on the content. However, Aimersoft offers wholesome DRM removal for all videos which can transfer the file to other watchable formats.


a). It is a DRM converter, and converter for all kinds of videos, HD content, audio and for one file type to another.

b). It is easily usable for both windows and iPhones.

c). It has an easy and simple interface for users where you can get access instantly for content and can use it for different purposes without any hurdles. 

d). It is not free; you have to purchase it.

e). It provides a maximum conversion speed of more than 5 x.

3. Requiem free DRM remover

The free most potent and powerful DRM remover software is Requiem that applies to all content such as videos, songs, iBook, and other content on iTunes. You can play the content songs, videos and movies transferred from iTunes to other android mobiles, Play stations, and other devices without any restrictions with the help of Requiem DRM remover. You do not need to worry about the quality of the content while using it because I ensure you 100% original quality content. But one drawback is that it cannot remove the DRM from purchased movies and is not available for the latest models of Mac.


a). It is free for you to download it and remove DRM from all kinds of content, especially on iTunes.

b). It can be installed on Windows and Apple devices for both.

 4. M4VGear for Informal and Quicker Substitute of Requiem

But it works only for iTunes content, especially videos for removing DRM. You will need to download iTunes first. The worst news is that it is not free like Requiem; you need to pay for this after completing your little tail provided by it for a shorter time. There is a little trial available after you download and install iTunes you can check this tool for a minute.


a). It is comfortable and straightforward to use on iTunes and windows. It provides conversion of a batch as it is actually an extract and put work.

b). There is an availability of content for all formats and a good managing DRM converter.

c). It maintains the authenticity of the content and sustains the same order of content.

d). For overall processing, there is no need to do customization of programs while using this tool.

5. Caliber

It has been suggested as the highly efficient DRM converter, but basically, it has the primary purposes of converter pf e-books. You can utilize it to remove DRM from ebooks and iBooks. Moreover, it can be used to convert different formats of ebooks and iBooks into readable formats which can be understandable for you without any copyright acts. But you will see one drawback here that you will find its interface more difficult to use. Furthermore, you will need to download an additional plug in to use it.


a). It is available for e-book fans without any costs. 

b). It offers services for all sorts of operating systems like Mac, Windows, and others. 

c). You can remove DRM from ebooks you recently purchased from different sources online.

d). The one notable benefit of this app is that you can search your favorite book in its search options. 

e). It also provides different kinds of formats with maximum diversity to allow you to read books in your desired format.

Therefore, these were topmost recommended and rated DRM removal tools and software which can help you whether you are an android or iPhone user to get unlimited access to digital content. Most of them are easier to use, but they need to be purchased, but those free ones are difficult to understand.


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