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Which wood is best for your furniture?

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In every area, whether home or commercial, the furniture from wood suppliers is the most important element. Being in constant contact with the human body, the ideal wood for furniture must be mold-resistant and resistant to fungal assault. However, like an organic product, it is susceptible to decomposition and destruction. Wood has been shown to be the greatest accessible material for drilling, cutting, and sanding a piece of furniture throughout the years, compared to other materials on the market. 

Before it can be exploited, the raw wood is subjected to extensive processing. In this process, the moisture and other conflicting components are removed in order to produce a sturdy seasoned wood. The seasoned wood, which is accessible for future development, is the ideal material for our artistic furniture designs. As we explore the construction of furniture, it is important to note that today, all types of wood are employed. Wood’s quality and market worth are important aspects to consider while selecting the ideal choice from among its numerous variations.

Furniture Made of Wood 


Wood is the primary raw material used to manufacture furniture. The construction of wooden furniture begins with the raw materials utilized. Before discussing wood quality, let’s examine the sorts of wood that are used to construct furniture.

Understanding Wood Types Used in Furniture 

Before choosing furniture, it is essential to comprehend the characteristics and qualities of various varieties of wood. This can assist you pick which sorts of wood to utilize for furniture construction and the advantages of each. Let’s examine some of the most popular, all of which are compatible with Bluedot Design’s merchandise. 

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Reclaimed Teak Wood

Tropical settings support the growth of teakwood, a form of hardwood. Typically, it is obtained from trees that are over 200 years old, which gives it exceptional durability. However, teakwood is becoming uncommon in the wild; thus, furniture producers frequently employ salvaged teak wood from demolished constructions. 

Since teakwood was often used in shipbuilding, a significant amount of recovered teakwood originates from ships and other nautical constructions. Its sturdiness makes it a great material for long-lasting furniture. Using salvaged materials gives buyers an eco-friendly way to get attractive furniture while contributing to sustainability. Teakwood is extremely resistant to the elements, making it suitable for use in any environment. 

Ash Wood 

This is a moderately priced hardwood that is quite thick and robust. It is great at bending, making it an ideal material for curved furniture. It is a lovely, light-colored wood that is widely sought after. It can have hues ranging from beige to light brown, with a natural variation that gives furniture a distinctive appearance. 

In addition to its adaptability for furniture construction, ash’s greatest strength is its exceptional durability. It is frequently utilized in businesses such as restaurants where furniture is subjected to high levels of stress. Many individuals relate its look to that of oak, however, ash is slightly more robust. 

Beech Wood 

Beech is a family of eleven species that may be found in regions of Asia, North America, and Europe. It is commonly used in furniture for a variety of reasons. First, it is extremely resilient and impact-resistant. In addition, it has a tight grain and light color that may bring brightness and warmth to a space. 

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Similar to ash, beech is an excellent bending wood, making it a popular choice for furniture. It absorbs moisture, thus it is not the ideal option for highly humid settings. Many people appreciate beech because it accepts wood stains so well that it may be used to imitate much more expensive types of wood. 

Oak Wood 

There are around 200 distinct species of oak throughout the world. It is a well-liked option for furnishings for several reasons. One is owing to the circular patterns and curves of its grain. Due to its durability and attractiveness, oak veneers are commonly utilized. Moreover, oak is a highly dense wood. This gives the furniture a sense of heft, but might make it difficult to move. 

When searching for oak-made furniture from wood suppliers, you will often encounter either white oak or red oak. The former has a reddish hue, whilst the latter has a grayish hue. Due to oak’s high resistance to scuffs and damage, oak may survive for decades. 

Mango Wood 

Mango wood, a hardwood native to southeast Asia, is prized by furniture manufacturers because of its relative durability, great versatility, and low cost. Additionally, it is very waterproof, making it an excellent option for humid environments. Although the grain is extremely thick, which contributes to its strength, it is simple to utilize for handcrafted furniture. 

As these trees grow rapidly, the usage of mango wood for furniture is also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Mango wood does have a golden-brown color that will get somewhat deeper as it matures. It is one of the most adaptable styles, suitable for practically any form of furniture. 

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Sheesham Wood 

Sheesham is a prominent hardwood used in the construction of furniture. Similar to mango wood, it is extremely sustainable due to its rapid growth. Sheesham-made objects range in hue from golden brown to a darker reddish-brown. In addition, it often has natural, black streaks that enhance its beauty. 

Sheesham wood is extremely malleable, but its interlocking grains provide resilience to the furniture it produces. This sort of wood is ideally suited for high-traffic goods such as tables, couches, and chairs. As a relatively lightweight wood, it is frequently employed for bigger projects. 


There are a plethora of other materials available with wood suppliers, and this should give you the confidence to go to a home center or lumberyard and choose just what you need. Hardwoods are nearly endless in variation and can be a lot of fun to play with, especially on inexpensive boxes and other little projects.

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