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How To Correct Photo Perspectives Using inPixio

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You may use inPixio to edit your images and give them a more professional appearance. Thanks to its low price and wide range of useful features, it is ideal for new and seasoned photographers alike. 

Using inPixio Photo Studio 10 is a breeze because of the user-friendly interface and quick access to all the information you require. However, you can always outsource photo editing services and skip the time and effort needed to edit a picture. 

A cloud service or a cable is not required to transmit photographs and videos between smartphones and computers using inPixio. You may add eye-catching photo effects using its editor and send your creations to friends and family via email or social media.  

How to Correct Photo Perspective Using inPixio

Sometimes, awkward angles ruin a good picture. It might be that the object looks disfigured, leans backwards, or appears smaller or larger in the picture. With inPixio, there is no need to panic as you can correct such issues. 

There are two ways to correct a photo perspective: manual or automatic adjustment. If you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can also outsource photo editing services

Today, we will learn how to correct photo perspectives using inPixio. 

How to Find the Photo Perspective Tool in inPixio

Add the picture you want to correct. Then, in the photo studio, find the correction tab. Click on it, and then select the perspective tool. You can fix the picture in one click with the automatic correction or do it manually just the way you like it.  

  • Automatic Photo Perspective Correction

There are numerous automatic modules you can use to correct the perspective of your photo in inPixio. Just play with the various options, and find out what works best with your picture. 

  • After clicking on the perspective tool, select “Horizontal and vertical line integration” to automatically correct the perspective. The level of the picture is then automatically corrected. 
  • You can also change the amount of correction that a picture needs. For a natural look, we will suggest a lower level of automatic correction. 


Horizontal and Vertical Mode

There will be many instances where you won’t need horizontal and vertical correction in your picture. Sometimes, the capture needs adjustments to the object’s size in relation to the horizon, and sometimes, it only needs some adjustments.  

  • To horizontally correct a photograph, select ‘Horizontal line correction’ after clicking on perspective. If the building appears skewed towards the left or the right, this option will correct that. 
  • To vertically correct a picture, select ‘Vertical line correction’ after clicking on the perspective tool. If the building is leaning backwards or in the front, or it seems bigger than actuality, this option will clear that up. 

Automatic correction might be insufficient if your photograph was taken at an angle or too near the subject. Manually correcting these images will yield the best results.

  • Manual Photo Perspective Correction

Often, you will need to manually use photo perspective correction of an image to give it a more natural feel. To do that, you need to do the following:

  • Make your way to the photo studio after adding your photo. Then, click on the perspective tool and select ‘Manual correction with guides’. 
  • Next, you will need to draw the lines you want to correct in the picture. To do this, be sure to use zoom to draw the line accurately. 
  • This setting will straighten the lines you draw right away, and you will see a straightened image. 
  • Next, find the settings menu on the manual correction guide. Then, click on ‘Manual transformation’. 

Here, you can play with different settings such as vertical perspective, horizontal perspective, rotate, scale, horizontal offset, vertical offset, and aspect of the picture. Manually change the sliders to how you like your photo to be. 

Cropping a Picture in inPixio

The object’s angle will change significantly after manually or automatically using the photo perspective correction option. Therefore, you will need to crop the image to make it feel more natural. To do this:

  • Find and click on the ‘Crop’ tool. Then, manually crop the picture. 
  • Then, click on ‘Crop’ on the lower right side to confirm your cropping. 

There are many crop formats you can select when cropping your picture:

  • 1:1 will give you a square image.
  • 3:2 is the best for prints. 
  • For social media usage, such as uploading a story, you should use 9:16. 

You can also do photo perspective correction of a picture with the help of the crop picture. Here’s how to do it:

  • Select the ‘Crop’ tool. 
  • Then, play with the angle of the image so that the photo perspective of the image is corrected. 
  • That is it!

However, remember that just cropping will work only with specific images. You will need to use the automatic and manual correction options for most images. Or you can also do away with the process and outsource photo perspective services and let the professionals handle it for you. 


Voila! You are done and have a perfectly fantastic picture with no perspective issues.

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