Antler Wedding Bands For Men: Understanding The Reasons Of The Popularity

With a multitude of materials used in men’s wedding bands, the grooms of today can explore those possibilities before buying. If you thought that wedding bands are only available in metals, here is the twist. The antler bands are made from zirconium, Damascus steel, and titanium where the inlay is antler. Some of the reasons people have started buying the rings are their durability, beauty, and natural appeal. You need to find out whether the place from where you buy the antler rings sources the natural shedding of the animal. The color of antler rings can also vary. Therefore, you can get all sorts of colors from gray to tan.

Here is what you need to uncover about antler wedding bands for men.

  • The antler bands are among the trendiest options available in the market.
  • The method of crafting the antler wedding bands allows them to make a bold statement.
  • You will find the antler wedding bands spectacular and they are scratch-resistant.
  • The addition of base metals to these rings helps in improving the luster. 
  • The dynamism associated with antler rings makes them compelling for the groom of modern times.
  • The buyers need not express doubt about the longevity of the band as the bands are made using single pieces of non-spliced and laminated antlers. 
  • The bands come coated with ring armors for protection against damage. 
  • The price of antler bands can vary based on whether it includes metals, such as titanium or gold blended with antler can cost less, and mixed with dinosaur bone can cost more.
  • The demand for antler rings is pretty high as they are one-of-a-kind pieces for men’s wedding bands.

What you need to know

The antler wedding bands are hypoallergenic, so it does not matter whether you have sensitive skin or an allergy to nickel. Be sure to ask the seller that the antler inlays are protected from water-resistant material. However, they are not waterproof, so the wearer needs to be careful before entering the swimming pool. You can wash the band after using it in the swimming pool but if you dive headfirst, take the band off to protect it from the chemicals in the water of the pool.

Titanium antler wedding bands

The buyers can easily be taken for a surprise with the versatility of antler and titanium wedding bands for men. Previously, the antler and titanium bands were available for omen but the massive popularity has made them suitable for men who are to tie the knot. If you are all set to enter a whole new world with a variety of rings for the groom, you are sure to derive a lot out of your choices. 

Affordability is the key

Although the price range of antler wedding rings can vary, they are not outright expensive. While the black tungsten and antler ring is affordable, blending it with a precious metal may make it priced on the higher side. 

Above all, the antler wedding bands for men are exceptional in quality and grooms can use them for a lifetime without worrying about the degradation of quality. Moreover, you can get countless designs when buying antler rings. 


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