Learn How to Grow and Care for Your Beard Styles

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Beard growth is genetic, and it’s difficult to get it to grow around your face the way you want, which is why many people just leave their facial hair alone. Professionals teach no beard style training classes or techniques, so beards tend to grow how they want and for many of us that means looking like a bushy mess for far too. Let’s face it: your dad is who taught you how to shave when you were in his house. Now that you’re on your own, it might be a good idea to learn about trimmers to take care of your facial hair.

There’s no right or wrong way to style your beard, and there’s no singular rule on how to make beards look good. You should use your head and focus on the hairstyle instead of letting it grow without styling. A nice beard is crucial to being a man, but you should be sure to keep in mind how to trim your beard and how to be inventive with various other beard styles options.

To keep your beard looking good, you need to know how to maintain a defined neckline. This prevents you from having a neckbeard and shows you are serious about this beard grooming thing. It’s pretty straightforward: Take two fingers and place them above the line of your Adam’s apple, then push down.

Imagine the shape of a U-shape connecting to your ear’s back and meeting at the base of the U. When you’re styling your beard, you’ll want to use a guard on your razor so that you don’t cut yourself. You can also use an electric razor or even a hand to trim the ends of your beard.

  • Avoid Mistakes When Trimming Your Beard Styles

Looking for a good, mess-free trimmer? We have one of the best in stock. With a built-in vacuum and collecting up to 90% of hair, this product is a must-have for all men. Save time on cleanup by purchasing the wide brush head – which promises to sweep in your dirt too!

  • Debunking Three Beard-Growing Myths

The three common beard styles misconceptions might be a little misleading. You can still make your case for whichever man-growing technology you like; just do the research first.

Myth 1: Beard-growing foods and vitamins help grow a thick and healthy beard

Some fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of vitamin C and amino acids. In addition, some protein is needed to grow hair. Hair thinning only happens if you’re not getting enough protein in your diet, so it’s important to get those nutrients. 

Of course, no food or vitamin makes the beard grow faster. (Many dermatologists suggest taking biotin supplements to strengthen hair and beard growth. However, the jury is still unsure whether it speeds up growth. So, this remains a myth)

Myth 2: Shaving often will make your facial hair grow thicker

Shaving does not cause hair to grow any faster, and the prickly sensation is because when you shave and leave your skin alone for a long time, your hair inevitably grows back.

Myth 3: Gray beards tend to be coarser

Our hair follicles are naturally less densely packed when we age, leading to smaller and darker beards. Gray beards have the same structure as any other beard; it just looks coarse for a few reasons. This takes us to…

  • Keeping Beard Styles Soft (And Avoid Itchiness)

If you don’t feed your beard, it will become a brittle skeleton and scratch everything it touches. This is how beard itch can happen. 

Regularly using beard oils, conditioners, and balms can help to prevent stubble from becoming dry and brittle. Make sure you use the best balm for your beard for a smoothing and conditioning effect. These products are gentle for the skin, hydrating whiskers, and combating dryness.

  • The Beard Brush

Depending on your beard type, your brush can help distribute oils throughout it. It can also remove any tangles and knots you may have while brushing or growing a long beard. Beard styles are harder to care for than other hair types and often require special brushes such as ones with mini bristles to get through all the tangles and knots in them.

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