How to use Social Intranet Platforms for Improving Team Collaboration

How to use Social Intranet Platforms for Improving Team Collaboration

Creating a collaborative workplace is a challenge many businesses strive to achieve. In the quest, social intranet platforms can be an effective solution to bring employees on a common platform where they can work as one team to achieve common organizational goals. 

Unlike traditional software, modern intranet solutions encourage participation and bring transparency to an organization. Also, they allow employees to contribute to the business, even in the absence of connected culture and common boundaries.  

How can intranet software help improve communication and team collaboration?

1. One-stop Communications

Social intranet software solutions bring employees from different departments on a common platform where they communicate, share information in real-time. Earlier, people in an organization were using multiple applications to chat and send/receive files. Intranets have effectively replaced emails and chat apps. Now, employees can use only one platform for both communication and knowledge sharing.  

Using an intranet software, an organization can collaborate with remote employees and stay connected throughout a project. 

2. Real-Time Project Collaboration

Using features of an intranet platform, authorized members of an organization can collaborate for projects and work on them as one team. They can hold discussions, share information, submit work, and give/receive feedback. All these actions are performed in real-time. 

A great intranet solution allows users to work on the same document or file, even when they are miles away from each other. Their changes are visible in real-time and can be edited as per the requirements. 

In this way, an intranet software saves team members from traveling miles to join others for a project. 

3. Centralized Storage

Multiple employees may require the same file to perform their workplace tasks. Getting access to the document becomes challenging when these employees are in different parts of the world. 

However, intranets have made it a lot easier than ever to access company documentation over a network. A company can put all its files over a common platform and authorize employees to use them. Once used, these documents can be stored again over the same network. 

In the form of an intranet as a collaboration solution, a company can provide employees with a centralized system to save files, access documents, and edit them. A centralized storage platform encourages authorized members of an organization to use the software and share knowledge.

4. Employee Profiles

Intranet platforms can be a great social tool to connect employees and allow them to work together while improving their productivity. People in a company can use an intranet’s features to find other employees through their IDs over the network. In this way, they come to know about their colleagues and people who can help them in their daily tasks. 

A company can use the software to keep track of employees and their activities. 

5. Knowledge Discovery 

A report by McKinsey suggests that knowledge workers spend at least one-fifth of their workweek only to find internal information for their tasks. Apart from that, around one-third of their time is wasted on checking emails and responding to them. 

A company can save its people’s time by replacing its traditional communication and knowledge tools with social intranet platforms. The search feature of the software makes it easy for employees to look for information they require for a specific task. Also, they can use the platform to communicate with their colleagues. 


Intranets are effective, easy-to-use, and inexpensive solutions that can promote collaboration and improve productivity. Companies can use the software to encourage transparency and make employees work with each other. 

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