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How to Make Your Company Stand Out from the Crowd

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You didn’t enter the market to be just another brand around town. You want to be THE market leader in your field, right? 

So, how do you make that happen in today’s business environment that’s becoming increasingly competitive? It’s easier than you think if you follow the right strategy. From embroided polo shirts to your logo and a Facebook page, you can turn them all into powerful weapons to get to the top. 

These are tried and tested methods the experts use. 

Audit and Edit Your Look

You operate in a society driven by visual impact. Simply think how you would rather click on a social media post with a video or an image, rather than one containing text only. This proves what an expert you need to be at using visual stimulation to impress your audience. And it applies to all areas of your business:

  • Logo: Perhaps it’s time to rethink your logo so it’s more easily distinguishable from your competitors’? It should also suit your niche audience and look impressive whether small or large. 
  • Workwear: Your team is a prime asset when it comes to impressing role players, especially clients but also potential leads. Dressing them in embroidered shirts displaying your new logo and even contact details make them walking business cards. Strangers can see their professional look and clients will appreciate the neat attire. It’s also how you spark pride in your team’s attitude, so they’ll go the extra mile for your brand while wearing those outfits. 
  • Fleet: If your company has vehicles that travel through town often, don’t miss out on this marketing opportunity. Locals who see the fleet often will start recognizing the brand and even take a photo of your details. They’ll know who to call the next time they need your type of product or service, without even going online and searching for your competitors. 
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Customer Service is Always a Selling Point

These customers you attract through your logo, wear, or other means, are your potential team of ‘word of mouth marketers’. But they’ll only talk about you favorably if they know their friends and family will get excellent service from you.

Quality customer service is still one of the best ways to impress, so if you can get it as close to perfect as possible, you’ll be the one everyone starts picking from the crowd. To get this right you can focus on:

  • Prompt service
  • Informative feedback
  • Friendliness
  • Handling complaints with respect to the client and proving you’re willing to implement change 

Know Your Audience’s Needs & Pain Points

The reason why customer service is so important is that your true focus should be the audience’s point of view. Your company will rarely flourish if you only talk about how amazing your company is.

Customers want proof that you’re meeting their needs. Even mentioning your product or service’s top features will make no impact if you don’t connect it to a common requirement people have or a pain point they would appreciate someone solving. 

For example, you may advertise how fast your product solves a problem while your audience’s real need is saving money, not time. Until you mention the benefits the client is really after, consumers won’t even notice you. 

So, instead of simply adding to the noise of marketing that proclaims businesses’ self-involved messages, think about your client. Can you take time to research their true needs? Build your messages around that theme and you’ll sound different than others and start attracting the attention you want. 

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Talk About Your USP

Of course, there may be multiple companies solving the same pain point. Now you need to make sure you’re the one the audience picks. This is where a USP comes in. Including unique selling points in your marketing along with messages relating to people’s real needs will make people linger on your marketing a little longer. Humans do like getting the best deal and being part of the winning team, so mentioning why you’re better than the rest is a good marketing technique. 

A USP can be anything from being in the business for longer than others or using the latest technology for service delivery. Find something others can’t honestly state on their websites and make sure everybody knows you CAN.

Another approach is to invest time to attain a USP. Perhaps you need to acquire new skills and master something truly difficult that will benefit your clients. Add this fact to your communication and you’ll gain more respect. 

Last Tip: Limit Your Customers’ Risk

You’re in business to make money but think of your customers’ interests and you’ll be well rewarded.

Customers love buying new products or trying out services, but they don’t necessarily want risk involved. You must show them you’re worth trusting to give their hard-earned money to. A dynamic way is to provide a proper product or service guarantee or warranty that will cover them for a long time. 

The idea of security you provide can make them pick you rather than a competitor with no safeguards in place. 

There’s a lot to do. Where will you start?

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