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Beauty Treatments You Should Have Tried Already—Expert Advice

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you feel about yourself today? Chances are, there’s something you would like to change, even if you have a good self-image. If we as humans are always trying to push the limits and raise the bar in our careers, relationship, and hobbies, it’s only natural that we’ll follow the trend with our looks.

Do a quick browse online and you’ll find multiple beauty treatments to consider. Which ones are the ones you should try? Are they worth the expense? No, they’re not all fads or money-making schemes. However, you might consider them an investment when you find out how many facial treatments and porcelain veneers cost, since they work AND carry additional benefits.

You’re one step away from feeling even better about yourself if you try one of these. 

Permanent Makeup

The options for permanent makeup are quite diverse. Which of the following will you try this year?

  • Covering a scar
  • Adding blush to your lips
  • Permanent eyeliner
  • Microblading on eyebrows

Apart from improving your look, something like scar covering for a more natural skin tone can do wonders for self-confidence levels. 

Also, you’re helping your body, your budget, and the environment:

  • Fewer harmful beauty products on your skin mean you’ll look younger for longer
  • The initial capital investment will be offset by saving money on makeup each month
  • You no longer buy items that could produce by-products during manufacturing and fewer makeup containers will end up in landfill
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Porcelain Veneers

This isn’t only a beauty treatment. It can also help people who feel self-conscious about their smiles because of defects in teeth. Whether it’s a chipped tooth or blemishes on the surface of teeth, porcelain veneers can fix it instantly. It’s even a solution for missing or misshapen teeth. 

Thanks to modern innovation the veneers will be the same color as your own teeth, creating a perfect look when you smile for the camera. 

The bonus here is that the veneers help to protect the teeth underneath, so you’ll be able to bite into an apple for years to come!

Chemical Peel

Skin is a major concern for many people, but there are procedures that can help fix or at least improve many conditions, blemishes, and more. With a chemical peel you can treat your skin if you have issues with:

  • Skin tone
  • Lines
  • The texture of the skin
  • Acne

You can be left with better and younger-looking skin, with fewer breakouts than before. So, once again, apart from beauty benefits, you may be helping your skin improve after years of battling a condition like an acne. That means less stress for you, a positive body image, and fewer skin products, some of which could do more harm than good. 

After a chemical peel by a professional, your skin will glow more than before and it’s bound to feel more hydrated. 


Sclerotherapy is the big word that simply refers to a treatment for varicose veins. A health professional will inject a substance into your blood vessels. This substance is designed to help the vessels shrink. 

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This is good news for anyone feeling a bit self-conscious about the spider veins often found on the legs. Added to this, some people experience less pain and discomfort connected to this condition after undergoing the procedure. 

This treatment may sound invasive, but most patients only experience mild discomfort. You will need to consider multiple treatments—perhaps three or four—for the best results. Just know there’s a healing process involved, and the treated areas may look a bit worse than usual for the first few weeks. But once it’s healed, you’ll love the results. 

Laser Hair Removal

You can try laser hair removal for unwanted hair in many places. Perhaps your upper lip? Or are you tired of shaving and waxing your legs? You can treat them with a laser too. 

Here, once again, you’ll enjoy multiple benefits. For starters, you’ll love how smooth your skin looks and feels without those pesky hairs. In addition, there are fewer expenses on shaving creams, shavers, and wax.

Hair may grow back but it takes a while and clients often lose around 10 to 25% of the original amount of hair per treatment. So, after about five treatments you may find your skin in that treated area is completely hair-free. 


Surprised to find this on our list?

Yes, acupuncture can work for your face as well as it does for your tired muscles. After facial acupuncture you can expect to see more glowing skin, thanks to sparking a natural process of improving skin health. 

You will need more than one session, with anything from five to 10 sessions usually giving clients the results they’re after. 

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And don’t worry—it’s painless!

What Will You Try?

There are many beauty treatment options on the market and perhaps you have more information on this topic? You’re welcome to share. 

These treatments are worth every cent. You could feel even better about yourself in a few weeks’ time. Perhaps that’s what you need in 2021?

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