How to Gain Weight from Foods Quickly And Safely

How to Gain Weight from Foods Quickly And Safely

Doctors often tell people to gain weight for those people who weigh too little and bodybuilders and athletes must also gain weight and build up strong muscles. A person who is underweight can face serious health issues like malnutrition, osteoporosis, infertility and complications during surgery and weakened immune system. While gaining weight can be tough there are some foods which will help in gaining weight.

Foods to gain weight quickly


Milk contains a lot of carbohydrates and fats in it. Drinking milk helps to gain weight by adding proteins and carbohydrates to it as milk contains a lot of food nutrients which help in building muscles. Milk also contains vitamins help in body building. Drinking milk after exercise that is skimmed milk gives energy to the body after the workout and boosts up the energy-level of the body.

Protein shakes:

Protein shakes are also important in weight gaining of body. Protein shakes are also rich in fats, minerals and proteins and drinking them after workout gives a lot of energy and helps in weight gaining. But pre-made shakes are sugar added and added with preservatives so the levels should be checked before buying.


A cup of rice contain 200 calories in it. Rice is a wholesome food it contains lots of carbohydrates in it. Eating rice adds carbohydrates to the body and adds weight to the body. Rice can also be eaten with other vegetables and supplements.

Red meat:

Red meat also helps in adding weight to the body and helps in adding protein to the body. Streak contains both leucine and creatine and helps in adding weight to the body as they helps in gaining weight to the body. When there is checking on the limit of taking red meat then leaner streaks of meat should be taken for resisting heart disease. As leaner streaks of meat are more helpful for heart than fatty ones. Red meat on leaner amount helps in resisting the weight losing problems in older women of 60-70 years of age they also resisted heart diseases.

Nuts and Nut butters:

Nuts and nut butters are also important for gaining weight as they contain fat inside them. Nut butters contain fatty acids and fats inside them. Nut butters should be full of nutrients of the nuts itself and should not contain any added sugar in it. 

Whole grain breads:

Whole grain breads are a rich source of carbohydrates and they help in adding weight to the body and some of them even contains seeds with them for extra advantages.


There are a number of ways by which we can gain weight by eating foods which are rich in fats, vitamins and proteins. Carbohydrates rich diet are also important for gaining weight and foods like nuts, rice, milk are wholesome food that are rich in all of these nutrients and help in gaining weight. Milk is more important among them as they help in body building and muscle developing for the body builders and athletes. These are very helpful foods as they help in building the body and helps in gaining weight in the body in a easy way. These foods are very important for gaining weight as they are wholesome food and help in adding nutrients to the body and also helps to fight diseases.So we must eat these food as we need to gain weight and remain healthy both at the same time. So we can have these foods as these are wholesome foods like rice, nuts, breads and milk.

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