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What is the best milk for diabetes?

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People like to drink milk, whether it’s cow’s milk, almond milk, soy milk, or rice milk. But people with diabetes can’t drink all kinds of milk.

The American Diabetes Association has announced that people with diabetes should follow individualised nutrition plans. So, you should figure out what is the best milk for diabetes, and it will help you maintain your blood sugar levels.

Have you heard that milk can help people with diabetes?

Your blood sugar level affects both the kind of milk you drink and how much of it you drink. Even though it affects glucose levels, milk is suitable for people with diabetes because it has things they need for a balanced diet.

Because they have diabetes, some people may be more likely to get osteoporosis. Because milk has calcium in it, it can help keep bones healthy.

On the other hand, cow’s milk has a lot of carbs, so diabetics should watch how much milk they drink. Some kinds of milk, like skim milk, may be better for diabetics who don’t have trouble digesting lactose because they have fewer carbs.

Keep in mind that the fast absorption of the carbs in low-fat foods and drinks like skim milk could cause a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. So, you need to monitor your blood sugar to know if skim milk is good for you.

Several studies have found a link between cow’s milk and more people getting Type 2 diabetes. A study1 done in 2011 on more than 82,000 postmenopausal women who did not have diabetes found that those whose diets were low in full-fat dairy products were less likely to get the disease.

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Another study that looked at this link found that eating more dairy products during adolescence had very low chances of getting Type 2 diabetes.

It is unclear whether eating full-fat dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and butter lowers the risk of diabetes. For example, a Swedish study from 2014 found that people who ate more dairy products with total fat had a lower chance of getting diabetes. Scientists found that eating a lot of saturated fat from cow’s milk made it less likely that a person would get Type 2 diabetes.

Based on these results, people with Type 2 diabetes need to consider more factors than usual when choosing which milk is best for them. Instead of fats, you should keep a close eye on how many carbs you eat.

Milk and children with Type 1 diabetes

Some studies have found that kids who drink milk are more likely to get Type 1 diabetes, while others found the opposite to be true. According to research done in Finland in 1998, if the siblings of children with Type 1 diabetes drank a lot of cow’s milk, they seemed more likely to get the disease themselves.

Which milk is best for diabetics?

There are safe alternatives to cow’s milk for diabetics if you want to stay away from it because of the different information. Note that none of the milk below has any extra sugar added. These are the best milk for diabetes with no added sugar to them. It is just another way to get more carbs in your diet and cause your blood sugar to rise quickly.

Almond milk

Several kinds of almond milk sold in stores have sugar added to them. But there are still 2% carbs in sugar-free almond milk. Almond milk is good for diabetes patients as it has a lot less than low-fat cow’s milk, which can have up to 5% carbs.

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Linseed milk 

This is a different way to get low-carb milk. Flax milk that hasn’t been sweetened is an excellent choice for diabetics because each serving has only 1.02g of carbs. Linseed milk is a healthy alternative to regular milk and this Almond milk is good for diabetes patients because it doesn’t have any lactose or cholesterol.

Soya milk 

Diabetics can also drink unsweetened soy milk instead of dairy milk, which is safe for them. It has 4.01g of carbs, which is more than flaxseed or almond milk but still less than the amount that could cause a dangerous rise in blood sugar.

People with diabetes and Dairy Products?

It is safe to drink milk and eat other dairy products. Even if you have diabetes, you can still enjoy some dairy products. These are some of the options:

Greek Yogurt 

Generally, fermented dairy products like Greek yogurt that are high in probiotics are better alternatives. Probiotics have a good effect on the gut microbiota and raise glucose and insulin levels in the body. In a 2017 study, researchers found that when people took probiotics, their glucose and insulin levels dropped when they were fasting.

Lite cheese

If you choose string cheese, cottage cheese, or ricotta, you can add protein to your meal without adding more fat. Blood sugar wouldn’t rise quickly from small amounts of carbohydrates.

Lactose-free cheese 

One of the essential things for diabetics to consider is the dairy that goes into their food. Alpha-linolenic is a type of omega-3 fatty acid found in higher amounts in milk from cows that eat grass. 

Diabetics should be careful about what kinds of milk they drink. You need to consider a few simple rules to choose the best milk for your needs.

Think about these two nutrients when choosing milk:


Adults between the ages of 19 and 51 should take in 1,000 milligrams (mg) of calcium daily. Many dairy products have more calcium than a glass of low-fat cow’s milk, which has 300 milligrams. Read the labels on your milk and other dairy products to find out what’s in them.

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Carbohydrates have the most of an effect on blood sugar. People with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes need different amounts of carbs. 

Remember that there is no “safe” percentage of carbohydrates for diabetics, as this varies a lot from person to person. Talk to your specialist about what you eat to find out what works best for you.

Possible dangers of drinking milk for diabetics?

People with diabetes should know that milk can be dangerous. For example, it has a lot of trans fats, which have been linked to a higher risk of heart disease in diabetic people.

Milk sugar is made when milk carbohydrates are broken down. You shouldn’t drink too much milk if you don’t want your blood sugar level to rise quickly.


People with diabetes should watch how much milk they drink. Even a tiny amount of milk daily is good for you because of its nutrients, so you should not stop drinking it altogether. After reading this article, you may have an idea about what is the best milk for diabetes, and hopefully, this proves helpful too.

Before making any changes to how much milk you drink, you should talk to a registered nutritionist. They will help you make a diet plan with the best milk for your condition.


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