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History of Cannabis and Its Prominent Culture

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Cannabis also popularly known as (weed, pot, and ganja) has a history of its use. It is the most dynamic drug since the 20th century. Cannabis has also been used in Ancient Hindu Civilization, the word ‘Ganja’ has arrived from the word Sanskrit. It is commonly consumed as a source of a recreational drug. It has gained importance in almost every corner of the world because of its relaxing and hallucinating effect. 

Users of Cannabis:

Cannabis has become a common street drug where the one who sells it is known as the peddler, who sells it to the user also known as a stoner. It is consumed daily by students of the age group between (12-18), even common in adults where they smoke up in house parties, clubs, and even in the streets. Many hip-hop artists have come up with lyrics named after weed and opened up about their addiction to it.

Why Do People Smoke Weed:

The majority of teens smoke pot to get rid of afflictions including body pain, to get rid anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress. Others have their reasons to smoke, it also depends upon the friend circle around them and also how their lifestyle is.

Effects on body and mind:

Well, those who smoke regularly believe that smoking marijuana is harmless, but well that’s not the case. There are psychological and health effects,

  • Loss of coordination
  • Anxiety
  • Increase in the person’s heart rate
  • Damaged Lungs
  • Weakened Immune System
  • Paranoia
  • Lack of memory and thinking ability
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Health Benefits:

Aside from cons, there are pros i.e. health benefits from consuming Cannabis. CBD and THC which is the main reason for getting high, this CBD chemical impacts the brain which makes it feel relaxed but through an extended, not going overboard.  

The following health benefits from it are:

  • Improves lung capacity
  • Help lose weight
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Cures cancer(In most cases)
  • Relieves from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Helps reduce seizures
  • Relief of chronic pain

About 2.5% of the world population are cannabis users

53% of marijuana users are aged 12-18.           

Cannabis Social Networking:

Now as you all are familiar with the wide range consumption of cannabis, there are also social networking sites/communities related to it where stoners (potheads) connect. The reason behind this is very clear, stoners love stoners. 

Here are some top cannabis social network anyone can join, 

  • Dubai Dedicated to true pot lovers, this is one the most used app which everyone can download for IOS or Android. 
  • It is a mixture of all social sites in one place where stoners share their videos and pictures of smoking.
  • It’s also an alternative to a dating app where stoners can meet and date each other

Grassicity Forum

  • It is one of the eldest cannabis social networks
  • This forum contains all the procedures on how to grow a cannabis plant to how to roll a CBD joint
  • Also daily updates on cannabis
  • Stoners can also access its local dispensary 

 420 Singles

  • It is a dating platform for singles who wants to date a stoner, similar to tinder
  • It locates depending on the area 
  • The app’s templates are similar to Tinder where user can swipe left or right based on his preference 
  • Best for finding a smoking partner around your locality
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High There

  • It is similar to 420 Singles where you can find fellow partners to smoke
  • It is also available on Google Play Store and Apple Store

Weed Circles

  • This community is not just only for smokers and pothead but also for people who want to build their business online
  • Different peddlers and vendors join here to promote their product and sell it to different customers globally
  • A similar word to it is the cannabis industry and those who the owners are also known as ‘Canaprenuers’

 MJ Mary Jane

  • It is a replica of Pinterest where users can find cool pictures about weed just like they do in Pinterest 
  • You can amazing gifs, animated wallpaper, trippy arts, live wallpapers, and photos relating to weed
  • It’s freely available on Android and IOS

There is an even more cannabis social network other than these which lets you buy all this stuff online.


In this current generation, marijuana users have doubled because of so many factors around them. We can expect even a lot more in the coming future but still, it hinders many people’s lives, especially in India cannabis users are increasing every year. 

Famous cities like Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Kolkata, and so on. Have become a marijuana hub where children from the age of 13 smoke their first joint. In the U.S.A, it’s the same case where a lot of marijuana smokers start at the age of 11 and so on. Marijuana is also considered a gateway to all the other street drugs, which increases the chances of using other drugs too.

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New York City has the highest Weed consumers of almost 77.44% of consumption


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