How much do properties in Malta cost?

How much do properties in Malta cost?

How much do properties in Malta cost?

Malta is one of the most preferable holiday destinations in Europe; it’s a great place to enjoy all year long, with its sunny climate and beautiful beaches. Nowadays, Malta is also a very popular place to buy property because it offers a lot of exciting opportunities. Many luxury holiday homes are available here at affordable prices, so there is no need or excuse not to buy a property in Malta. The truth is that property in Malta can range from inexpensive, to very expensive. In fact, properties in Malta are usually quite affordable compared to other countries in Europe, and their prices continue to go up year after year. Find and buy your next home by searching the latest properties for sale in Malta.

The average price of a property in Malta is 35,100 euros per square metre, according to some recent statistics. As well as this, the average price for homes in Malta ranges from two and a half million euros for villas in Gozo, or anywhere between 900,000 and one million euros for apartments or houses in Gozo. If you plan to rent it out too, then you can expect an annual rental income (before costs) of approximately 15% – 20% return on your investment.”

Property prices vary across Malta and with the type of property. At the top end, the average price of a two bed apartment in the EU is €1,180 per month. In Malta, that rises to €1,259 for an apartment. Of course, if you want to buy a house in Malta or other properties like land plots or villas on Gozo or Comino then prices are likely to be considerably higher as well – but there are reasons why one might consider purchasing property outside of urban centres if they’re looking for a slice of paradise with a sea view.

The property market in Malta is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in Europe, with prices soaring. Home to just under 0.5 million people, the Maltese islands are a popular and welcoming holiday destination, with weather that is mild throughout the year.

Apartment prices in Malta are all over the place, with some areas, like Sliema, being much more expensive than others. As far as homes go, there’s a huge range between old farmhouses and condominiums at the top end of the market to simple one-bedroom apartments on the low end.

Malta has been a popular destination for the British and Irish for many years and gained popularity with the Russians over the last decade. With a relatively new currency, a favourable exchange rate, low tax rates and an excellent climate, it is easy to see why Malta has become such a sought after country for investment.

You’re probably wondering how much properties in Malta cost. Well, it really depends on what you’re looking for. Good quality, if somewhat isolated and with a mortgage of up to €125,000 you can expect to pay between €500K and €700K for your dream home in Malta.

The cost of property in Malta is relatively high compared to its European neighbours. Prices are particularly high in the capital, Valletta, which boasts some of the most valuable properties in all of Europe. i found an affordable property for sale in Malta in a block of flats located in the capital city of Valletta, these properties are very good value for money and include one bedroom apartments, two bedrooom apartments, three bedroom apartments, four bedroom apartment and five bedroom apartments.

The cost of property in Malta is one of the lowest amongst Eurozone countries. What’s more, owning a property in Malta can also be a great investment allowing you to live rent free as a tax-free homeowner and still keep your earnings from renting elsewhere.