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Get Hostbillo’s Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting that Is Perfect for Your Business

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Reseller web hosting is the easiest way to begin your hosting business without making much investment. You, as a reseller, can buy web hosting plans from a principal web host. Then, you can resell them at a higher price to your end customers. As a result, you earn a profit. Your web host takes charge of everything related to the web hosting server. And at the same time, it makes you to resell the services from anywhere around the world. Further, you can discover the two main kinds of reseller plans in the market. They are Linux Reseller Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting. And, there are lesser web hosts who offer Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting. Windows, being a popular and influential Microsoft product, has also come up with great benefits for the web hosting industry.

However, because of license cost and lack of availability, users often take a step back from purchasing Windows Reseller Hosting. Therefore, we have come up with this article to highlight the top-notch web hosting company – Hostbillo. This company provides the Best Windows Reseller Hosting with world-class services. 

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About Hostbillo Hosting Solution

Hostbillo web hosting company is well-recognized worldwide for rendering excellent hosting solutions. All its web hosting solutions come with the cheapest pricing and high-grade facilities. The company offers a wide range of Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting plans to accommodate varied web businesses’ needs. It further provides enterprise-grade hardware and progressive technology support. This helps boost web business performance. Also, you can efficiently manage web traffic at every stage of the business process. Check out below the incredible features that Hostbillo provides. 

Features You will Get with Hostbillo’s Windows Reseller Hosting

100% White Labeled System

You get 100% white-labeled services at the company. With these services, you can resell the web hosting services by legally putting your brand on them. Thus, you work as the main web host for your end customers. 

100% SSD Storage

Hostbillo offers 100% Solid-State Drive data storage rather than Hard Disk Drive data storage. SSDs facilitate the fastest business website speed and enhance overall performance.

Web Host Manager

You get a Web Host Management tool, commonly called WHM. With the help of WHM, you can easily operate, manage and administer cPanel accounts of Windows Reseller Hosting.

Free Website Builder

Hostbillo lets its customers build decent and engaging business websites by providing an extremely user-friendly Website Builder. You will not need to possess any technical expertise to create an attractive and effective website with this tool.

Plesk Panel

With the Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting, you also get a Plesk control panel. This control panel lets you execute straightforward and quick administration as well as management of your web server.

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One-click Installer

You also get a very famous one-click installer named Softculous. This installer lets you install as many applications as required for your online reseller business. Also, you can install multiple applications, software, or programs with just a single click in no time with this installer. 

Why Choose Hostbillo Best Windows Reseller Hosting Plan?

Hosting Plan

Let us provide you with insights into the reasons why you must consider purchasing the Hostbillo Windows Reseller Web Hosting plan. They are not only cheap but offer some of the most excellent features –  

  • The web hosting company renders its customers 7-day credit back assurance with every Reseller Windows Hosting plan. It makes you rest assured that you are making a safe money investment.
  • You acquire a service level agreement that ensures a 99.90% uptime network. Also, your website receives redundant power with the Windows Reseller Hosting. 
  • You get access to a hassle-free environment and acquire easy data migration services. The company makes you easily migrate your web business data from one webserver to the other.
  • You also attain access to an affiliate program at Hostbillo with your Windows Reseller Web Hosting Plan. It enables you to obtain the best knowledge to create or generate more profit.
  • You will acquire a free SSL certificate for your business website. The SSL certificate lets visitors feel safe and secure while accessing your site. 
  • You can scale up the resources or upgrade your hosting plan anytime. You can do this as per your web business demands. 
  • Hostbillo offers 24/7/365 technical and customer support via experienced and proficient experts. You get the opportunity to connect with them over various communication mediums.  
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Benefits of Having Windows Reseller Web Hosting Services

Here are the key benefits that you acquire from Hostbillo’s Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting –

Comprehensive Administrative Access

Hostbillo Web Hosting Company lets you have root access to your web hosting server. With the root-level control, you get the freedom to manage and run the hosting server based on your web business necessities. 

Unlimited POP3 & IMAP Support

The company provides unlimited POP3 & IMAP support with the web hosting plan you pick. This enables you to create and administer unlimited web hosting accounts without hassle. 

Custom-Built Control Panel

At Hostbillo, you get the Control Panel, which is custom-built as per your needs. The control panel lets you easily handle the resources according to your online business.

Robust API

You obtain the best and most reliant Reseller Hosting from the company. Hostbillo renders a user-friendly and robust API. This lets you house the web hosting accounts with utmost ease. 

Advanced-Data Security Measures 

The company provides advanced security measures with Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting plans and packages. These measures include malware protection, data encryption, DDoS protection, etc. Thus, your web business acquires protection against unauthorized access and other security threats for complete data safety. 


Windows Reseller Web Hosting plans let you have prominent support to run Windows-based applications effortlessly. Further, it provides GUI and a user-friendly web hosting environment. You can visit Hostbillo’s official website to grab further insightful details about the Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting.

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