How To Achieve Impactful PR & Marketing For Photographers

How To Achieve Impactful PR & Marketing For Photographers

Quite Great PR work with some of the most talented creative people in the arts and have worked on exciting photographic campaigns from steampunk to street photography. As a PR company with over 25 years of experience, we know how to attract the best and most worthwhile PR and marketing, with our extensive connections within the media as well our personal and detailed concentration on our clients, their needs and realistic ambitions.  We want to get our photographer’s work noticed and appreciated by international, national and regional press, whether this is print media, social media, blogs, podcasts or radio and TV and present a wide range of PR opportunities for our art clients.

How does Quite Great achieve arts PR ?

Our photographic PR campaigns have ranged from London installations to radio and TV interviews.

We know what we are doing and how to get you as a photographer and your work recognised and more widely seen. This includes aiming to drive more traffic to your website to view your images and this can initially be successfully created through PR, social media, blog features & podcasts. Public relations helps to promote your photography through these various media outlets, giving you more time to focus on continuing to improve your work and style.

How to create a successful PR campaign for photographers

Every photographer is different, has a different style, a different set of equipment, different subject matters, there are so many varying aspects to the work of a photographer and all these need to be understood and listened to before initiating a PR campaign.

At Quite Great we listen to our clients because your business is our business and we know that it is often the little things that make all the difference.

Whether you are an art photographer, travel photographer, nature photographer, whatever your specific skill this is your focus and talent and therefore an area we will focus on to gain media attention, because ultimately this will be what you are best at.

A successful campaign involves a variety of PR skills and experience, from blogs to print and TV media. We think of as many different angles as our clients will allow us to use. Whether personal or professional, all these PR pebbles create the complete picture of the client and this is what the media want to know, what people want to learn about – how you became a photographer, what are your influences, what are your aims, what do you want your photographs to say?

Contact us to have a chat about how we can help raise your profile in this incredibly competitive art field, with innovative and focused PR & Marketing campaigns for photographer’s and their work.

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