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07 Gadgets to make your life easier while driving

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The modern technology is only getting better and smarter, but to live a reality of safe and experienced drivers, there are some of the most important gadgets, thanks to technology, that are capable of making your driving more convenient. It does not matter what car you own and what type of driver you are.

We’ve gathered some of the most essential gadgets below that would give you the most stress-free driving experience of your life because what else they are made for besides making our lives easier, right?

1. Bluetooth car kit

Bluetooth has become one of the most important parts of our lives as they offer the most convenient and cordless experience whether it is your speakers, headphone, or Bluetooth car kit.

These Bluetooth car kits come handy when you need to use your phone frequently while driving or when you are traveling long distancing.

To do that safely, you should look into a Bluetooth car kit, it offers you;

a). Wireless music streaming

b). Make hands-free calls

c). Talk to google assistant or Siri.

d). Check and send messages wirelessly

Best Bluetooth car kit

iClever Himbox HBo1 is the best for the budget and an exceptional way to add Bluetooth functionality to your car.

2. Dash camera 

Technology never fails to amaze us. With time the improvements in the cameras have given drivers the most amazing 4 cam viewpoint. These 4 viewpoint cameras consist of mainly 4 cams, from which, some are mounted on the dashboard of your car and the others at rare and side windows to offer a 360-degree view, not to miss anything

They make your driving experience safest by offering;

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a). First-hand evidence

b). Catch up undisciplined drivers

c). Get a record of the location and routes

d). Record road trip

The most efficient dash cams come with a wide number of features that make your life easier and as safer as it could be.

a). Audible notifications

b). Spoken status updates

c). GPS embedded to track locations

d). Maintain and manage a log file

e). Default battery to safe energy used from the car’s battery

f). High-tech LED screen with touch technology

g). User-friendly navigation menu

It does not matter where you are, you can easily access your log instantly by using the drive and the storage of your dash camera.

3. Installable Heads Up Displays (HUDs)

This is a future, movie, or what?

Have you ever thought of your speedometer shown right in front of you on your windscreen?

If you have not then you must and you will never have to take your eyes off of the road to keep the speed limit. It does not only gives the speedometer projection on your windscreen but they also show map and help in better navigation along the way.

These heads up displays are designed to adjust their brightness depending on the weather and time of the day or night so that you do not lose contrast of the road when it is not day time.

a). Installation 

Not to mention that the installation is as easy as to just plug in your cigarette lighter and voila, no need for extra wiring.

b). Benefits 

Most of these support phone connectivity so the HUD (heads up display) can be used for various other beneficial features, such as;

  • Read text messages
  • Receive phone calls
  • Control your music
  • Miles-per-gallon

It gives you an experience none less than a spaceship, controlling everything on your windscreen.

4. Car charger 

There are not enough ways to keep your phone kicking, especially when you are on wheels.

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You would never want to get stranded all alone in the middle of nowhere with no power in your phone’s battery, right?

A car charger is the most important and basic necessity that makes your driving stress-free as there is nothing more stressing than a dying phone battery or that annoying battery low sound.

There are a lot of brands that offer car chargers with multiple slots, which gives more and better options to get your gadgets charged without any stress.

You can drive with more focus when there is no need to worry about your draining batteries, right?

5. Phone holder

What use is of the advancement when you have to lean over and grab your phone now and then to check what is happening. Convenience is not about fancy getting hold of all the fancy gadgets, but what is necessary. A basic phone holder is a must-have for an ultimate driving experience.

You can always put your phone holder where you can see it making everything a little, in fact, a lot better.

Phone holders come in various sizes and attachments modes like sticking on or magnetic mount.

6. Automatic car adapter 

How about Fitbit for cars?

This product combines a hardware device and your smartphone application to give realtime feedback from your driving to trip logs, vehicle diagnostics, engine check, map, showing nearby cheapest gas stations or workshops, and whatnot.

a). Installation

You just have to plug it into an OBD-II port in your car and sync it to your mobile software app.

7. Fobo Tire Plus

As much as any other factor is important for safe driving, tires are the most important of all.

No one would ever want to be left alone with a flat or punctured tire in a place where there is no sign of life. Besides this, who wants to waste dollars on just getting their tire pressure measured, that is absurd.

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Well, not anymore.

Tire plus is a straightforward tool that measures the pressure in your tires in real-time. These tire pressure measuring devices are capable of Bluetooth-enabled sensors that not only measure the pressure in the tires, but also the temperature.


It is the most convenient accessory for cars that makes your driving safer than ever as this device gives you a warning beforehand if there is any trouble coming your way.

Is not it concentration what makes the driving safer than any other thing, but if you are left worrying about the fuel, how many missed calls you have, do you have to fill your tires pressure, not able to find your phone and every other thing that keeps lingering on your mind, you will never be able to focus on what is the most important.

Where these accessories are a bit expensive, they offer an ultimate driving experience that plays an important role in giving you mental relief.

But, there is always a solution to every problem. Some brands manufacture promising products at cheaper prices as prices must not ever come in between safety.

The best investment in your car can lead you to a more satisfying and content driving, no matter you are driving your car yourself, have given it to your kids, or lend to a neighbor. You will be all covered from the log to maps, performance of your car, physical condition, and location on the go.


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