Four Tips to Help You Customize the Best Photo Books

Four Tips to Help You Customize the Best Photo Books

When it comes to customization, a lot of factors need to be considered. For example, if you want to create custom photo books from Mixbook, the first thing you should do is explore their gallery. There are thousands of designs, layouts, and themes you can use to customize your photo book. Meanwhile, here are the five secret tips to help you design the best photo book layout.

1. Adopt a minimalistic attitude

Crowding your photos on a page in an effort to get every single photo you took in the book is not the right approach. It will make your book look messy and confusing.  Instead, it is important to choose only your favorite and the best photos. This will help focus on the beauty of each picture. You have the opportunity to create a space that tells your story, so make sure to do it with only the best pictures.

2. Define your purpose and plan

A photo book is more of pictorial evidence of the story you want to tell your audience. Imagine if you did not have it all planned out. Chances are, your audience might not capture what you had in mind. The best way to capture your viewers’ attention is to ensure they follow a specific sequence so that your audience will not get confused.

For example, if you customize a vacation photo book, ensure it tells a story without captions. Ensure each photo introduces the next image sequentially.

3. Sort and select your spreads

In a scenario where you want to place a single photo on a page, it makes sense if it is a special event like a birthday or a wedding. You want to create a lasting impression by allowing your audience to concentrate on a single photo. On succeeding pages, try to vary your spreads to avoid boring your audience. If you are planning to use one layout more than once, ensure it covers the whole book. Alternatively, you can make minor adjustments to the layout to create interest and appeal.

4. The earlier you select the best photos, the better your design will be

When designing a photo book, the last thing you want is to spend your precious time flipping through photos to determine which images ought to appear on the book. The best move to make is to edit down the number of images that tell your story. To ensure it comes out correctly, ensure you only post the pictures you plan on putting in your book using Mixbook’s software.

Designing and customizing a photo book may seem daunting, but it depends on your ability to grasp these four tips. Remember, no specific rules apply when customizing a photo book. If you are unsure how to go about it, always seek Mixbook’s customer support for guidance.

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