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08 Features to consider to make the best shopping app

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The easier alternative to running to a supermarket to buy products is e-commerce applications. They took the market and the customers by surprise by providing a plethora of features that made every smartphone user to have at least one online shopping app to shop on the go. 

If you are planning to become an entrepreneur and you do not know where to start from you can go for building a shopping app. But make sure you make a good one so that your customers find your app more useful than the others. 

In this competitive world where every other e-commerce apps are adding newer features to engage their audience you have to be one step ahead to make your app a success. Here are some of the features you should consider for making the best shopping app:

1. Easier Registrations

The first step to any shopping app is the registration process. The users have to fill in their details to create a username and password but if this process is lengthy it can make your customers turn away from your application. 

Keep the registrations easier so that does not take much of your customer’s time. Make sure your application does not force your customers to divulge too much information.

2. Application notifications

This might not seem to you as an essential feature but it is. Your customer must be notified of your shopping application’s new sale or offers. You can come up with unique ways to notify your customers of new offers. 

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Push notifications also increase the sales by notifying your customers about the new products that they were eagerly waiting for. This feature has become extremely important to remind your customers about your application too!

3. Integrating the Social Media

The integration of social media platforms with your online shopping application can make the registration procedure simpler. 

The user authentication can be done when the user does the registration by clicking on any social media they are already registered with. This will also help you to promote your app as the users might post about their purchase on their social media or discount codes. This can add more customers to your online shopping app.

4. User-friendly Steps to Purchase

Do not let your customers solve a riddle to purchase. If it becomes complicated to buy products from your app people might dislike it. 

Your application must have a simple User Interface that is understandable and purchasing should be as simple as tapping a few times on the screen. You can provide a guide in the beginning too so that it becomes easier for the users to understand. 

5. The Wishlist

This is an old feature but it is really important as your online shopping app might have a lot of products. For example, if a user liked a black dress and wishes to buy it after some days but if there is no such option as a wishlist she can never find the same dress again. The wishlist helps the user to save products to buy it in the future. So, make sure your application has this feature.

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6. Sync between Application and Website

There is a possibility that you have a website as well as an online shopping app and you made some changes in the website that are not visible in the app. To solve this problem it is necessary to synchronize both the app and the website. 

If you make any changes to your website it will then be visible in the application as well. As a developer, this should be your priority as not synchronizing both of them might lead to a clumsy-looking application.

7. Your application runs even in offline mode

This can be an additional feature and an extremely important one. Your customers may be facing any network issue and are unable to access the internet. Most of the e-commerce application does not work offline this can be a major drawback. 

You can make their wishlist and other saved products to be visible even when your users open the application offline. This can make your application gain popularity as this feature is unique and also help them browse through their wishlist. If you want to build an e-commerce app with advanced features you must contact a mobile app development company or expert mobile app developer.

8. Safer transactions

This is a must for all kinds of online transactions. People will trust any application that guarantees a secure transaction because thee divulge crucial information such as their bank details. 

Make sure you provide your users with a good payment option that they already know such as some famous wallets or UPI payment apps. 

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You can also add the credit and debit card options. Encrypt your transaction to make sure you follow security measures to avoid being robbed by a hacker. 

These are some of the important features that you can add to make your application the best online shopping application.


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