How to Wash Your Clothes and Reusable Shopping Bags the Eco-Friendly Way?

How to Wash Your Clothes and Reusable Shopping Bags the Eco-Friendly Way?

Washing clothes has significant influences on the environment, so the world is looking for ecological ways to do it. The use of Eco-Friendly Boxes for detergents can reduce waste associated with the laundry washing. But there are a few things as well you can do to make the cleaning of your clothes and reusable shopping bags eco-friendly. Let us have a look at some pro tips for nature-friendly laundry washing.

a). Use them more than once

This tip is not associated with things like socks and other unmentionables. But to cut the impacts of the laundry, the simplest way is doing it less, right! Many people wear clothes like shirts and pants only once, and then they go into the wash. This habit can consume the energy used by the machine washing twice and, in some cases, thrice. It is an excellent way to use them more than once. Most of the time, people can wear them 2 to 3 times, but they do not know it. In the same way, the reusable bags can be used multiple times before the need for cleaning. So, consider this tip very serious about reducing the pollution associated with the use of electricity.

b). Wash by your hands

Well, it is difficult but not impossible. It can save you plenty of money on less usage of electricity. This is an excellent way of reducing the environmental effects associated with energy consumption. Washing with hands can also reduce excessive use of water if done cleverly and carefully. Both the clothes and reusable bags can be cleaned in this way. Moreover, the cleaning of specific clothes can be done better by the hands than the machine. It is a great and eco-friendly way of cleaning.

c). Use ecological laundry detergents.

The conventional detergents contain some elements that can harm marine life very severely. In many places, the wash down drains also gets mixed with crops. In this way, toxic chemicals can be consumed by fruit and vegetables that can directly affect humans and animals. That is why search for organic detergents that do not contain phosphates. Eco-friendly packaging ones are great instead of petroleum-based. For that, look at the labels that provide information about the nature-friendliness of the products. Considering this tip important can reduce the environmental effects drastically, especially for water.

d). Hang them to dry

Dryers consume a lot of electricity. Avoid the use of dryer whenever possible; at this time of the year, it is quite easy to do. Long live Summer! It makes drying the cloths pretty easy. But how is it right to avoid it? It is useful in two ways. One is that it saves you money by reducing electricity consumption. Secondly, it can protect the environment from the effects of electricity up to some extent. Bonus benefit! Dryers can severely damage the quality of the fabric, drying them by hanging can prevent this damage.

e). Use cold water to wash

Many people use hot water for washing clothes and reusable bags. According to research, 90 percent of the total energy is consumed in heating the water, whereas to power the motor, only 10 percent is required. According to another study, 34 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions would be saved if every U.S. household use only cold water for washing clothes. These studies show the importance of cold water for cleaning. Moreover, it can save the quality of the fabric as well, making it more durable.

f). Detergents with green packaging

Many businesses use packaging made up of plastic for the detergents due to their disposable nature. But imaging the waste associated with this as the consumption of these products is huge worldwide. This can be saved by the use of Eco-Friendly Packaging for the detergents. It can save the environment from many hazardous in the present and future. Contribute to this by purchasing the items with these ecological packages and not buying the ones with a plastic bag. This will force businesses to use eco-friendly shipping boxes for product packaging.

g). Maximize the machine’s efficiency

If you cannot wash laundry with your hands, it is advised to use energy-efficient settings on the machine. It may take more time to wash but can immensely reduce electricity consumption. Due to this, you can reduce the waste associated with the use and production of electricity. This tip is only for the people who are shy of washing the clothes and reusable bags with their hands. It is the need of the hour to use eco-friendly measures for cleaning the clothes. Because it is a necessity and is done frequently, making it nature-friendly can reduce bad environmental effects drastically. The aforementioned tips are some of the best from our experts. But the best one n our perception is the use of Eco-Friendly Boxes for detergents.

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