Choose Your Best Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Choose Your Best Desert Safari Dubai Tour

The best way to know about Emirati culture is to go on a desert safari. Here are our top picks for the Best Desert Safari Dubai, including quad biking through sand dunes, a sunrise desert safari and camping under the stars. 

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Desert safaris early in the morning are very memorable, and this one with The Desert safari Dubai is among the best. Inexperienced drivers have to deal with some hair-raisingly steep slopes as they travel across Dubai’s sand dunes. After you’ve recovered from the adrenaline rush, try sand boarding, where a professional instructor will teach you the basics.

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai

Sunrise desert safari is perfect for those who are looking for a private tour. A private vehicle option is a big draw for families and senior travelers who want to get out of bed early but are still up for an adventure. The drivers are attentive, polite, and safety-conscious, which is a huge help while traversing the dunes and putting passengers onto sandboards.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

There’s something special about going on a safari in the evening desert, and this one is no exception. This is the sort of trip where visitors are taken care of to the fullest extent possible. Pre-dinner appetizers, henna tattoos, and live dance performances await campers once they arrive. On our desert safaris, we’ve enjoyed some of the best meals we’ve had at a barbecue buffet (including the tastiest couscous salad we’ve ever had, as well as succulent lamb, grilled shrimp, and apricot stew).

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

The hotel pick-up in an open-top vintage Land Rover is your first clue that you’re in for a luxury safari experience like this. In the desert, your guide will tell you everything about Dubai’s history and traditions as you make your way out of the city. Once you get at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, the safari-style trip begins. As an added bonus, the camels that take you back to your tent at night are a lovely touch, and the hot air balloon ride in the early morning is just amazing.

Dune Bashing

This tour is geared at thrill-seekers. Upon arrival in the desert, you will get a quick safety training before beginning your adventure, which will include dipping and diving over sunburnt sand dunes, some of which are at a stomach-dropping 90-degree angle. Getting lost in the midst of the desert isn’t an issue since the excursion takes place in a group. A half-hour of sand boarding rounds up the fun.

Quad Biking

A quad bike ride in the desert is an experience like none other. It takes around 30 minutes to get from the hotel to the quad bike location in the desert. For those who wish to get a taste of local Arabic culture and adventure in a short amount of time, this desert safari is a great option.

4*4 Desert Safari

After a hotel pickup in a 4*4 vehicle, you’ll be taken to the desert for a four-hour tour. Itineraries are meticulously laid out by the drivers and include a sand dune drive, sunset photographs, belly dance, a BBQ meal, shisha, a dizzyingly excellent whirling dervish, and Arabic coffee so strong your spoon stands upright in it. When compared to the more common desert safari vehicle, the Land Cruiser is an entirely unique and exciting experience.

Sand Boarding

Sandboarding is a thrilling activity that involves the sliding up and down on the sand dunes by your special adapted board that is fastened on your feet. It’s just like a snowboarding activity. This activity is completely safe and appropriate for ages. 

You just need to strap your feets with a board that facilitate to slide on the dunes. It’s a 15-minute activity and your guide will give you the safety instruction before starting this thrilled activity.

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