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Is it Valuable Spending on Clinique? Get Detailed Insights!

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In the highly-competitive and evolving marketplace, Clinique is one of the globally-trusted beauty and cosmetic brands. With more than 50 years of experience in the Beauty sector, Clinique builds a strong foothold now and a huge worldwide fan following. 

As per statistics, Clinique has 3.3 million followers on Instagram and even this cosmetic brand has been featured in several media magazines and publications, like Vogue, Allure Magazine, and several others. 

Are you wondering what to spend on Clinique products, is clinique good?  If yes, you have landed in the right place. 

Today, we will take a deep dive into Clinique’s brand history, its highly rated products, pros & cons, and customer ratings. 

So, without any further ado, let’s start! 

Introduction to Clinique’s Journey! 

The brand name “Clinique” was launched in 1967, after US Vogue published an article named “Could Great Skin Be Created?” Meanwhile, the article got the attention of Evelyn Lauder (daughter-in-law of well-known Estée Lauder), who partnered with Orentreich and US Vogue publisher Carol Phillips to introduce a skin-care brand. The article highlighted the main character of the story, Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Norman Orentreich, who believed anybody could have great skin if they followed a complete beauty schedule.  

Clinique was introduced by the outcome of that partnership, which finally come out in 1968. It was perhaps one of the 1st beauty brands that encouraged a dermatological method to deal with beauty problems. Several people ask, What made Clinique different is that it kept away from any ingredients that might harm the skin or cause sensitivities, like scent. Moreover, Clinique products are free from parabens, aroma, and phthalates.

Another element that made Clinique products unique instead of a one-fit solution was the one-on-one meeting that patients would get with Dr. Orentreich’s practices. Moreover, Clinique introduced the “Clinique Computer,” which was a non-electronic presentation box with sliding handles that assisted clients determine their skin type.

The creative idea was highly-preferred amongst its targeted audience and presently Clinique is one of the globally-renowned beauty brands across the world. The customization idea is present in its products like Clinique ID Custom-Blend Hydrator Collection. It allows customers to select their hydration base and add a cartridge to mark their prime skin concern, for example, fine lines and rough skin tone.

Why should you choose Clinique?

Considered one of the prime dermatologist-drove beauties, the organization is highly-talked today for its amazing 3-step beauty practice of:

  •   Sanitizing
  •   Exfoliating 
  •   Moisturizing

The assortment of these practices provides several beauty products, focused on tons of beauty problems, notwithstanding delicate skin-accommodating cosmetics. Moreover, What compels this brand to stand apart from its strong competitors is its Clinique ID Program. This program has proved a boon for the company. With this program, clients can revamp their own beauty products in light of their particular requirements and concerns.

This has come as an extraordinary asset, particularly for the people who are perplexed as to what product to purchase, so Clinique has basically performed this duty for you.

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Clinique witnesses that their equations are liberated from unsafe elements like parabens, aromas, and phthalates. Additionally, they perform in-depth testing analysis on every product for wellbeing and adequacy before it hits stores.

As indicated by Clinique’s prime objective, it expects to offer 100 percent recyclable, refillable, or reusable bundling by 2025.

Hopefully, now you have discovered a touch more about the brand, this Clinique cosmetics survey will go over certain pros and cons mentioned below:


  • An expansive range of beauty products for people having explicit skin types and concerns, including delicate skin-accommodating products.
  • More than 50 years of experience figuring out the beauty and cosmetic products for its customers.
  • Completely free from cruel and harmful elements, like, parabens, phthalates, and scents
  • Supportable measures are authorized all through its creation line.
  • Clinique ID gives a 30-second skin check to assist with interpreting your outcomes into modified beauty tips. 
  • All products dermatologists and ophthalmologists tried.
  • Clinique is broadly accessible at various retail chains and magnificent shops like Sephora.
  • Free standard shipment transportation on all orders.


  • Some awful client reviews encountered with Clinique’s client assistance group

At the point when you’re initially exploring the universe of beauty care products, Clinique is normally quite possibly the earliest beauty brand to spring up in the pursuit bar. Working for over 50 years, the brand has figured out how to in any case be a competitor inside the cut-throat and evolving marketplace. 

At that time, there are many beauty and cosmetics products present across the market. Offering choices for all kinds of people, this Clinique cosmetics survey will furnish you with a determination of their top-rated formulation to assist with kicking you off.

Is Clinique Makeup Brand worthy?

Presently, you might be thinking, is Clinique worthwhile considering? In view of the tons of great positive remarks posted on the internet, this Clinique cosmetics survey is leaned to say OK.

Throughout the long term, the brand has kept on becoming well known among an ocean of many magnificence brands. Its product offering is appreciated by many returning clients, as seen through Influencer and Sephora.

The main disadvantages we found were that few clients viewed products as out of stock, while others had unfortunate encounters with the brand’s client care.

The quantity of these reports was unimaginably low when contrasted with positive tributes. All things considered, it could be something to memorize. As far as value, Clinique’s products are like other premium-quality, dermatologist brands, and costs start from $20.

Generally speaking, assuming you’re looking for a brand that is trustworthy, reliable, and powerful for a wide range of clients, Clinique could be a decent platform to start. With an enriched experience of 50 years of involvement with the business, most would agree that the brand knows basically everything there is to know about beauty regimens.

Diverse Product Range of Clinique

Clinique sells an expansive range of cosmetics, beauty, and fragrances for both men’s line and acne collections. It is one of the major factors that makes Clinique best-considered by its customers. The wide product range of the brand helps people expansively explore and finds the best-fit product for their skin. These are following broad categories with which Clinique is dealing:

  • Beauty
  • Cosmetics
  • Particular Treatments
  • Men’s
  • Scent/Aroma 
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Clinique ensures the best quality alongside its wide range of products that are completely healthy for skin types. And, this beauty brand offers the best possible solutions to all-aged customers, including both males and females. To explore more about Clinique’s product range, get in touch with our experts.  

Get to know about Customers Viewpoint for Clinique! 

We went to some online platforms to see clients’ opinions on the brand Clinique. Generally speaking, we found a staggering amount of positive Clinique cosmetics surveys.

On the organization’s official website, we found a large amount of 4.6/5 stars rating that witnesses the great credibility of the brand. Here are the following recent customer testimonials: 

“I have exceptionally dry skin and I decided to purchase Clinique cleaning product that is totally awesome. It cleans my skin well and abandons no buildup. You don’t get that ‘tight dry’ feeling that different chemicals have when you clean up.”   – Kiara

“I have mixed skin that usually gets very dry in the winter. This stuff has done wonders for my skin. Now, It’s gone from dull to having a great gleam to it. Highly Recommended & worthwhile to purchase.” 

“I was facing a serious acne problem and decided to go for Clinique cleanser and gel. Within a few weeks, I got unbelievable results and start getting the skin of my dream. Highly recommended and value for money.” 

“Overall, I had a great experience with Clinique products and their effective results on my skin. I have used both skincare and cosmetics and find it best-fit that add glamour as well as make my skin healthy. I will highly recommend the brand and worth-considering.” 

Moreover, another marvelous score for the brand is that the cosmetics remover has been a favorite more than 77k times!

On the other side, Influencers exhibit a stunning count of 446.3k client testimonials. Here, clients contend that Clinique formulations help to give enduring hydration. As per a lot of buyers, their purchase of Clinique facial moisturizers and creams was perfect for rejuvenating and smoothening out their tone. 

Now, after witnessing a large number of the positive side of the brand by customers. Likewise every brand, not all testimonials were positive, and a couple of negative Clinique cosmetics surveys are also circling around the market. 

As per studies by Trustpilot, the brand holds an unfortunate rating of 1.8/5 stars from more than 116 surveys. The greater part of the clients on the Trustpilot website revealed issues with the brand’s client support and conveyance. One displeased client adores the organization, yet has disliked its client support and website mentioned below:

 “I love Clinique yet requesting on the Internet is awful. I called the 800 number and it was terrible client assistance, administrator didn’t help me when I told her the website wouldn’t take my gift voucher. She didn’t take my request via telephone or live chat. I’ve had a go at requesting on the website however it’s dependably down.”

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We likewise viewed as a couple, not exactly flavorful tributes on Influencer too. A few clients expressed that their beauty products never really worked on the nature of their composition.  

Lastly by concluding the overall customer testimonial, we are glad to report that negative Clinique cosmetics audits are rare. And, there are a huge number of positive evaluations that validate the quality and viability of the brand’s line.

Obviously, cosmetic isn’t one-size-fits for everyone. However Clinique offers a large number of beauty and cosmetic products to target and covers maximum skin concerns, the brand very well could not be for you. Fortunately, the organization offers a liberal merchandise exchange. In any case, if you are unsatisfied with a product, you can return what is left for a discount or trade. We really do trust that the brand should deal with its client care support and website to guarantee a steadier and better shopping experience.


On the whole, Clinique is one of the well-known brands that is highly used but slightly talked about amongst people. Every renowned brand has its own level of hits and misses, and so is Clinique. But, the brand has the highest number of positive customer experiences that witnesses its credibility and high quality. Most of the time, Clinique products did what their customer expect and meet their requirements. 

In my personal experience with Clinique, I had overall an amazing experience with the brand and just love the interesting name of its products, like Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Moisture Surge Hydrator, and a lot more.  On the whole, Clinique is worth-considering and giving it a try once. We hope, the mentioned reading will help you make the best purchase with Clinique. To know more about Clinique, get in touch with us.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  •  Does Clinique make use of parabens in its products? 

 As per studies, Clinique products are formulated totally free from parabens, scents, and any other harmful phthalates. It is clinically tested and the best pick for the skin. 

  •  Does Clinique support Worldwide Shipment? 

 Yes, Clinique facilitates global shipment. Customers can visit the official website of the brand and choose their country from the shown directory. Afterward, check the price of the selected product, and details concerning to the location for a secure and best customer experience

  • Does Clinique provide Return Policy? 

In any case, if customers are not satisfied with the purchased Clinique product from the official website, they can easily claim a refund or exchange. The organization support both refund & exchange policy, alongside dealing with all return transportation cost. 

To initiate a such process with Clinique, customers requested to reach out to the customer support service and contact the assigned executive for a seamless process. 


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