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Some Pointers and a Beginner’s Guide to Being Among Us

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Even though Among Us has been around for quite some time, it seems to have risen in popularity overnight. Most recently, the number of players in The Last of Us reached a peak that was greater than that of PUBG for a brief period. Considering the large number of new players that are joining the game, it may be beneficial to provide a basic tutorial on how to play as well as answers to some of the issues that many new players have.

The fundamental summary of Among Us is straightforward. When a group of 4-10 (typically 10) players arrive at a place to do tasks, 1-3 impostors (usually 2) are on the scene doing whatever they can to disrupt their efforts and murder them all. The game may come to an end in one of four ways.

  • All impersonators have been eliminated. (Crew Victory)
  • All of the tasks have been done. (Crew Victory)
  • In terms of crew and impostors, there is an equal amount of both. (Impostor Victory)
  • The crew is unable to avert potentially disastrous sabotage (Impostor Win)

In games, length may vary depending on the number of participants, their abilities, and the alternatives chosen by the 

playgroup. Your starting position will be determined by your function, which will either be crew or impostors, and your objectives as well as how you attain them will alter as a result.

When I joined Us, I was allocated to a crew. What should I do?

Congratulation, you have been accepted into the Among Us Crew.’ That implies that you’re on the way to assist in the repair of this ship/station/colony. As a member of the Crew, you will be given chores that will be mentioned in your worklist for each game. On the map, you can see where you need to go to complete these chores. Complete the work by just walking over to each area and finishing it. Some chores may be more difficult to do than others, but you’ll ultimately figure them out on your own. If you need to, don’t be hesitant to ask your other crewmates for help with some of your chores; it’s all part of the process of learning on the job. There may be some impostors among us, so keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Impostors do not do things, although they may seem to do so. You may keep an eye on the task list to keep track of every work that has been performed, and if you see anything odd, you can always convene a meeting by pressing the button on the table to the right of the keyboard.

However, the majority of the time, you will not notice anything strange at all. If you find yourself alone with an imposter, you may discover yourself transformed into a ghost. However, just because you’re dead doesn’t mean your work is over, so be sure to complete your chores and rely on your crewmates to investigate your death.

What should I do if I’m given the role of Impostor Among Us?

Congratulations, you have been assigned to undermine the Among Us Crew. The responsibility for putting a wrench into their operations will fall to you, and you’ll be in charge of ensuring sure this assignment is anything but “business as usual.” While you’ll see a list of chores and their respective locations on a map on your screen, keep in mind that they are just recommendations for things to fake, not your real aim. Instead, you’ll want to focus your efforts on finding a means to isolate members of the Crew and eliminate them whenever possible. Of course, this will not be simple, and you’ll have to be sly to succeed.

Because of this, you may take advantage of the few crawlspaces that are available to you, which are often concealed by vent covers. As you take down the rest of the crew one by one, you’ll want to make use of your mobility. There are, however, various options available to you. As soon as you access your sabotage map, you’ll see that there are several options available to you. To keep the crew stranded, you may lock the doors and turn off the lights to hamper their visibility. Sabotaging their communications may also prevent them from seeing the responsibilities that they have been assigned to them. Also available is the ability to sabotage reactors, oxygen, and other critical pieces of equipment that, if not repaired, will spell disaster for everyone.

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Was a meeting arranged among Us? What should I do in this situation?

Because meetings are the sole opportunity for players to communicate with one another, they are a vital aspect of the Among Us experience. Meetings are convened when a corpse is discovered or when someone hits the button for an emergency meeting to be called up.

You should take advantage of this chance to exchange information and question suspects if you are a member of the team. Impersonators should take advantage of this opportunity to dispel suspicion and create havoc in the community. During each meeting, players have the option to vote to execute one person, and if someone receives the most votes, they will be flung out of an airlock or into a volcano. If you don’t want to vote someone out, you may alternatively vote to skip down to the bottom of the voting list instead. Please make effective use of the meeting time, since communication will be essential in assisting the crew in coordinating their efforts, as well as in preventing impostors from disrupting the crew’s activities.

Among Us, there are some more hints

A few concluding thoughts on the experience of playing Among Us. If you’re playing on voice, please make sure that you keep your discussions to times when everyone is present at the meeting and that everyone in your Among Us game is using the same voice chat. If you’re a member of the team, make every effort to present as much information as possible during meetings. Unless you’re a professional impersonator, you shouldn’t be frightened to utter crazy falsehoods or to put someone else under the bus. Avoid being enraged at other players just because they made a mistake, and do not be hesitant to call someone out if they are causing you to have a bad time in the game. It’s just a game, and nobody should be offended because they came up short. Not to mention, just because you’re a ghost doesn’t mean your story is over. If you’re a member of the team, you’ll still have responsibilities, and if you’re an imposter, you may concentrate on undermining the other members of the crew.


Among Us, Ten Tips That Many Players Should Know, According To Us

It might be difficult at times to progress through Among Us; nonetheless, these recommendations will assist the majority of players.

At the very least, we believe it’s an excellent game. It’s swiftly climbing the ranks of hobbies that cause friendships to fall apart, joining the ranks of Mario Party and Monopoly as one of the most popular options. This unexpectedly popular title was initially published as a mobile game that appealed to aficionados of board games as well as video game enthusiasts.

Even though it has been existing since 2018, it has just lately become popular, so popular that they have recently shelved the sequel in favour of fresh content upgrades for the original. And, since so many new players are entering the game with little or no prior experience, we thought it would be a good idea to provide some pointers.

Some tasks may be completed in part

Some of the chores, it turns out, really enable players to quit them and then return to do them later on in the game. Shooting asteroids is one of these chores; players may fire a few, leap off the platform and escape when someone enters the area, then return and blast the rest once they feel secure once again. There indeed aren’t many chores that enable you to accomplish this, but keeping note of which ones do may help you live a little longer.

There are certain tasks that everyone is responsible for

It is not the case on every map, but on Polus in particular, the keys job is a pretty simple method to figure out who the Imposter is very early on. A Polus game begins with everyone spawning on the Dropship, and for the majority of the game, a player will be tasked with turning the key that will be located right behind them on the ship. If one player is assigned this assignment, all of the other players are assigned it as well. For example, if 7/8 people are clustered over keys and one person rushes away, it is reasonable to assume they are not who they claim to be.

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Even if you haven’t seen the body, you may still file a report

As a result, Crewmates can only do a limited number of activities at any one moment. They can complete chores, convene an emergency meeting, and report corpses. Was it ever brought to your attention that you don’t have to be on top of a corpse to report it? There are other instances when you may not even be required to observe it at all. As long as the report button is illuminated, you are free to click on it and begin blaming others.

Even though it isn’t the most beneficial item to know, it comes in handy in some instances. If a player is murdered in a side room that is seldom visited, the report button will illuminate, alerting you to the fact that a body is close and that you should investigate.

Impostors might pretend to be quite accomplished in a variety of fields

Even while this is something that most people are already familiar with, we wanted to add it so that new players aren’t instantly flustered when they first see Imposter and may explore a little without fear. So, yeah, Imposters can repair their sabotage, report the corpses of players they’ve murdered, and even convene emergency meetings. Sabotage of the O2 on Skeld, in particular, is very effective in separating the crew. The question is, why would an Imposter go through with any of this? They do this to dispel any doubt. Although, after an Imposter in a group self-reports their murder a sufficient number of times, people begin to question anybody who reports a corpse, and this begins to work to the imposter’s disadvantage, it is important to exercise caution.

People Who Use Webcams Can Be Spotted Visually

There’s usually one person in a group that is solely focused on the cameras, making sure that no murderer escapes their notice. The fact that they aren’t doing any of their duties will not prevent them from being on the security stream at all times. Furthermore, as an Imposter, being caught murdering someone on cams may be quite irritating unless you recall the locations of the cameras on each map on which you appear. Nevertheless, did you know that gamers can detect when someone is using a webcam? It signifies that someone is viewing the broadcast if the red light above any of the cameras is flashing continuously. Even if they aren’t on that precise camera, it does indicate that you should be a little more careful with your kills until they are removed from the scene.

Take a Snapshot of the Map

The most important piece of advice we can provide to individuals who play this game on multiple monitors is to have a screenshot of the map open on the second screen at all times while playing. If you’re in a situation where individuals are accusing one another left and right, having the names of all the venues there in front of you is quite helpful. However, an even better resource is to look up the versions of the maps that show lines connecting each of the vents. That way, if a body is discovered in Security and someone attempts to claim they were in Med-bay as an alibi, you’ll be aware that this is suspicious given that a vent runs directly between those two locations.

Be Careful With Your Bodies! Get Lost in the “Rounds”

This is simply a fast hint for players who are prone to becoming afraid when they’re alone and need to call an Emergency Meeting to gather everyone back together again. However, clicking the button causes all of the dead to vanish, thereby allowing the impersonators a chance to get away with a death or two in the process. We understand that this game causes individuals to become paranoid in the manner of the crew of Space Station 13, but Emergency Meetings are a limited resource.

Remember that one of the most effective methods to determine who is impersonating is to examine everyone’s itineraries and how they correspond to the location where a corpse is recovered. As a result, if one of those critical bodies vanishes, the Imposters will have complete freedom to fabricate anything they wish.

Crewmate confirmation is 100 percent guaranteed for visual tasks

Crewmates can execute several various “activities” in Among Us, however, they are often divided into three categories: short, medium, and lengthy tasks. However, there is a fourth identifier, which is termed “visible,” which allows other players to see that they are executing the action. Remember, imposters might seem to be doing things, but they are not capable of performing any of them (other than fixing sabotage). As a result, whether you see someone body-scanning in Med Bay, releasing trash in Storage, or firing at some asteroids, it is 100 percent certain that they are a crewmate aboard the Enterprise.

Experiment with other strategies, such as the Stacking Strat

Stacking is a popular pastime among us.

This is one that we just came across on Twitter, and it’s brilliant. In Among Us, individuals are experimenting with a variety of different techniques, but the stacking approach is simple and rather creative in its execution. First and foremost, players should choose a name that is either blank or at least similar to that of their partner-in-crime; after that, all they have to do is stack themselves on top of one another. When we say this, we mean that their characters are so neatly overlapped that it seems as if just one of them is standing there. The obvious solution is for them to remove themselves from any potential danger, and then all they have to do is wait for an Imposter to arrive and murder one of them, and, once they do, report the corpse and vote for them to be sent out. This is just one of many possible beginnings that Among Us has to offer, and our advice is to experiment and see what works best for you and your group of friends to deceive them.

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Look Up The Keys On The Mouse+Keyboard By Switching To It

In the first place, we propose that PC users alter their control scheme to Mouse+Keyboard mode instead of using a mouse. Movement is considerably more natural using the WASD or arrow keys than the mouse and being able to bring up the sabotage, map, and conversation screens with a button push make the game a lot more manageable. When switching, players will immediately realize that both the E and Spacebar interact with objects, however, importers should be aware that hitting Q will kill them far more swiftly and smoothly. Additionally, when crewmates are afraid, they may use the letter R to report the body rather than repeatedly clicking on the report button.

How to Participate Among Us as a Crewmember

To participate in a game, choose either online or local participation. You may choose whether you want to create or join a game, as well as whether you want to search for a game with one, two, or three Impostors from this menu.

  • After all, you won’t know if you are a crewmate or an impostor until the game begins.
  • To control your character, you may use either a keyboard and mouse or only a mouse, and the host can change the pace of everyone on the server. What you pick is entirely a matter of personal choice.
  • Moving around is accomplished with an analog stick touchpad on smartphones.
  • To complete jobs, you must first travel to the appropriate room and either click on the item directly or click on the ‘Use’ button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Each activity that follows is rather self-explanatory from there on out.
  • If you come across a corpse, you may report it by clicking the ‘Report’ button in the bottom right corner. This will convene a team meeting, during which you may discuss where the corpse was discovered, determine if anybody else was slain, and share your thoughts about what happened. If you come across a corpse, you are under no obligation to report it.
  • In addition, a button in the center of the map allows you to convene an emergency meeting.
  • Following the debates, you will be asked to vote. You have the option of skipping a vote. If skipping receives the greatest number of votes or if there is a tie, no one will be dismissed.
  • It is necessary to perform all chores before the Impostor murders the whole crew to win the game.
  • Following your death, you may continue to do chores to assist your team, but you will be unable to speak with them.

How to Pass as a Member of Our Group as an Impostor

To participate in a game, choose either online or local participation. Choosing whether to establish or join a game, as well as whether to search for a game with one, two, or three Impostors, is possible from this screen.

Choose one of the three maps on which you’d want to take part in the game.

  1. After all, you won’t know if you are a crewmate or an impostor until the game begins.
  2. To control your character, you may use either a keyboard and mouse or only a mouse, and the host can change the pace of everyone on the server. What you pick is entirely a matter of personal choice.
  3. Moving around is accomplished with an analogue stick touchpad on smartphones.
  4. You will be assigned fictitious duties by the game; pretend to do them to fit in.
  5. For a person to be killed, you must go near enough to them so that the ‘Kill’ button in the bottom right-hand corner illuminates.
  6. Between kills, there is a cool down period, which may be modified by the server’s administrator.
  7. You have two options: either report the corpse yourself or flee to avoid being singled out for suspicion.
  8. You may still engage in conversations and should make an effort to dispel any suspicions that may be held against you.
  9. You may sabotage the ship in a variety of ways, such as by closing off certain compartments or triggering malfunctions.
  10. Some errors, such as shutting off the lights, make it more difficult for crewmates to fulfil their jobs, while others, such as turning off the oxygen, will cause them to perish if they do not correct the problem immediately.
  11. It is possible to move about the ship more quickly by using the vents, but if someone notices you, they will suspect you are an impostor.
  12. You must eliminate the whole crew to win the game.

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